What's the Buzz About? Everything You Need To Know About Vibrators

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What's the Buzz About? Everything You Need To Know About Vibrators

When you think of ‘sex toys’, vibrators are probably one of the first ones that come to mind, and with the huge variety you can buy in 2022, it’s no surprise that vibrators are still one of Sexyland’s bestselling sex toys! From vibrators with realistic phallic designs to wearable vibrators that you can take on the go with you, there’s sure to be a vibrator for you.

What is a vibrator?

Vibrators are adult sex toys that you can use on your body’s erogenous zones to create sexual stimulation with vibrations and pulses. They can be used solo or with a partner, internally inside the vagina or anus. You can also use vibrators externally on the penis, vulva, clitoris, and perineum, so people of any gender with any anatomy can enjoy vibrators!

How do vibrators work?

Here’s how vibrators work — all vibrators contain at least one motor that moves somehow to pleasure you. Depending on the toy’s shape, design, and intended body part, the motor can vibrate, rotate, thump, thrust, or even provide contactless suction-like sensations! Some vibrators are battery-powered, some are rechargeable, and some plug directly into a wall outlet to deliver maximum power that won’t give out in the heat of the moment. If you buy a vibrator with multiple functions, there’s also a small circuit board to let you choose what setting you want to experience. If you’re into high-tech sex toys, Bluetooth vibrators open up lots of new ways for you to play, on your own or with a partner, including custom patterns and long-distance control so you can play from across the dinner table or from across the world!

What are the types of vibrators?

Rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have an insertable shaft that usually has an ergonomic, curved shape with a bulbous head to target the G-spot, plus an external arm that stimulates the clitoris to offer both internal and external sensations. This dual stimulation can provide a unique kind of orgasm known as a blended orgasm, which is a great way to climax on its own but especially if you (like most women and people with vulvas) need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Want a rabbit vibrator that’s guaranteed to suit your body? The ultra-sleek Lilac Perfect Fit Rabbit Vibrator from California Exotics’® Chic™ collection has a streamlined design with both arms following each other’s shape to ensure a closer fit that is better at maintaining constant contact with your G-spot and clitoris! A single press of the luxurious gold buttons will send one of 10 synchronised vibration modes reverberating through your sweet spots, and that luxe navy silicone is waterproof so you can enjoy yourself in bed or in the bath.

Clitoral vibrators

The most common type of orgasm for women and people with vulvas is the clitoral orgasm, not penetrative, so it makes sense that there are lots of clitoris-focused vibrators out there! These sex toys are generally quite petite in size and very portable since they only need to target a small area of the body. Some clitoral vibrators provide contactless stimulation that won’t overwhelm the sensitive tissue, like the We-Vibe® Touch X Lay-On Vibrator and the ever-viral Satisfyer Pro 2, while others offer traditional vibration if that’s what you prefer. The Pretty Love Rose Lover Vibrating Clitoral Licker has a dual-ended design that lets you use the precision stem and the tongue-like flicker for different sensations if you love variety!

Bullet vibrators

These compact adult sex toys might look tiny, but they can pack just as much punch as their full-sized counterparts! They’re also easy to take on the go with you for satisfaction anytime, anywhere, and their petite shape makes them easy to use anywhere on your or your lover’s body. This includes small erogenous zones like the clitoris, nipples, and perineum if you want to apply the pressure and pleasure with precision!

Want more out of your bullet? The Sensuelle Point Plus 20 Function Bullet Vibrator comes with 2 textured tips to provide more versatile sensations wherever you use it!

Wearable vibrators & panty vibrators

These vibrators are hands-free so you can take them everywhere with you, and the whisper-quiet ones are also great for playing in public if you want to spice up date night! Wearable vibrators typically insert inside the vagina for G-spot stimulation and have external arms that help to anchor the toy in place. The external arm can sometimes offer clitoral stimulation if you love dual stimulation! Meanwhile, panty vibrators stay put inside your underwear either by fitting into the gusset pocket, or with wings that fold over the panty sides. Panty vibrators typically specialise in clitoral stimulation, though some can also stimulate the vulva and vaginal entrance.

Since these toys can be hard to reach once they’re in place, plenty of wearable and panty vibrators are Bluetooth-compatible or remote-controllable for easy setting adjustments, solo or partnered. Both are great for short-range distances such as across the dinner table, and the Bluetooth vibrators work through smartphone apps or private websites to work from anywhere in the world! Our bestsellers during lockdowns included the Lovense Lush 3 Bluetooth Wearable Egg Vibrator and the SVAKOM Neo Phoenix Interactive Wearable Bullet Vibrator, and the cult-favourite Lovense Ferri Bluetooth Panty Vibrator for all-day wear… 😉

Finger vibrators & tongue vibrators

These fun adult vibrators give you all the travel-friendly benefits of bullet vibrators with the extra precision of attaching directly to your finger for more precision, or over your tongue for some oral fun! They’re super-easy to use, even for beginners who are new to vibrators, and are gender-neutral for everyone to enjoy! Sexyland customers love the Screaming O VibrOman Better Sex Kit, which comes with a disposable vibrating tongue ring, finger ring, and cock ring so you can enjoy three times the ways to play and the easiest cleanup ever — none!


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