There’s No Business Like O Business — The Marilyn Monroe Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator Launches At Sexyland!

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There’s No Business Like O Business — The Marilyn Monroe Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator Launches At Sexyland!

Just as Womanizer™ became one of the most famous sex toy brands by changing female sexual pleasure forever, so too did Marilyn Monroe™ leave her (beauty) mark on the face of history, sexuality, and empowered womanhood. Game recognise game, and when it comes to unashamed originality, it’s no wonder that this adult toy brand has chosen the sexy starlet Marilyn Monroe as the face of their Special Edition Womanizer toy!

What is the Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Womanizer toy?

Womanizer became a famous brand in the industry of adult sex toys by pioneering contactless clitoral stimulation with the original Womanizer, which is now enjoying the spotlight as a more recent iteration, the Womanizer Classic 2. The Marilyn Monroe Special Edition sex toy has been designed as a beautiful tribute to honour the free-spirited blonde bombshell and is modelled off the Classic 2 design, now in 4 new gorgeous shades as glamorous as Ms. Monroe herself:

  • Black Marble with a predominantly black body and white marbled streaks
  • White Marble with grey to black marbling over its sleek white body
  • Vivid Red to evoke Marilyn’s signature lustrous lipstick colour
  • Mint Green like Marilyn’s favourite Emilio Pucci dress

The Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe clitoral stimulator uses Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air™ Technology, which emits a pulsating sensation through fluctuating air waves. This creates balanced changes in air pressure to pamper your clitoris with a contactless massage, preventing the sensitive nerve endings and clitoral tissue from being overstimulated. Not only does this result in a new kind of toe-curling orgasm that feels different from the sort of orgasm you’d achieve with a clitoral vibrator, it also means you can enjoy this type of orgasm as often as you like! The soft silicone chamber encircles your clitoris and surrounds it with 10 different intensity levels of air pressure and suction, mimicking oral sex for your pleasure…

What are the Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe toy’s special features?

Aside from the Pleasure Air Technology, Womanizer sex toys are packed with other wonderful features that make this clitoral stimulator a joy to use from start to mind-blowing finish.

And speaking of explosive finishes, if you’re the kind of person who loves basking in the afterglow and soaking up those feel-good chemicals, the unique Afterglow function is the sex toy feature you never knew you needed! It’s ideal for bringing you back down to Earth gently — just give the power button a quick press and the Marilyn Monroe Womanizer will instantly revert to the lowest air pulse setting to help you enjoy a relaxing end to your orgasm.

As for the build quality, the Womanizer clitoral stimulator is made from smooth-touch, body-safe ABS plastic. The velvety smooth ergonomic curved design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can hold it against your clitoris without worrying about hand cramping. It’s also totally waterproof so you can spoil yourself in style everywhere from the shower to the sheets, or even during an ultra-refreshing soak in the bathtub! It’s also easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner once the fun is done for easy care and maintenance so your Womanizer sex toy can keep you satisfied for ages to come. Afterwards, the magnetic charger snaps itself into place like magic and brings the 3-hour battery life back up to full power in only 2 hours — just aim the cable at the metal charging points, click and charge!

How to use the Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Womanizer clitoral stimulator

To ensure you start your journey with a Womanizer clitoral stimulator just right, each toy comes with two silicone stimulator heads in different sizes to cater to more vulva-owners’ unique body shapes. The size of the head can also affect the intensity of your fun — the smaller head has less empty space, surrounding your clitoris more closely for stronger sensations and vice versa. Once you’ve attached the head that fits over your clitoris most comfortably, you can experiment with leaving your clitoral hood in place or gently pulling it back to tailor how intense the toy feels. Explore each of the 10 perfectly balanced air pressure patterns to find the one that suits your mood and coast your way to an incredible climax! It can often take just minutes, or even seconds to orgasm with the contactless clitoral stimulation, so we’ll let you see just how many climaxes you can get out of that 3-hour long battery…😉

How much does the Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe clitoral stimulator cost?

This special edition Womanizer sex toy is available to buy for $199.95 from Sexyland, either in our adult shops or our online store. Our friendly Fun Specialists are always happy to help and give you the advice you need to live your best sex life and embrace own your pleasure in style, just like the vintage silver screen’s most celebrated actress!


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