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The Nookii Adult Card Game is the perfect way to spend a sensual evening with your partner and gives you plenty of sexually enticing incentives! Nookii Adult Card Game is the grown up game for playful couples. Spice up your sex life, playing one of the best selling adult card games on the market!

The Nookii Adult Card Game is a game for two. The Nookii cards have been designed to generate sexy fun - you don't have to move around a board with Nookii, you move around each other! So pick your cards and prepare to play. Nookii is the fun and feisty game where everyone's a winner. There's a different happy ending every time you play and promises to prepare you for the best sex ever! 

The Nookii Adult Card Game features:

  • 90 cards
  • Two dice
  • One timer
  • A scarf (don’t ask)
  • A "do not disturb" sign
  • Playing guidelines.
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