Serving My Mistress - #40 Bedroom Fantasies

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It’s been a quiet Friday during lockdown, COVID-19 has caused my workplace to be closed for months. My partner though, she has been working non-stop. 5:30pm hits and she walks in the door frustrated from a long week and is glad the weekend has begun. As soon as she enters the room I can already tell she’s in a dominant mood, those eyes staring me down and I already know what she wants.

Without a word aside from pleasantries, we both go to the bedroom. She walks into the ensuite and gets into the shower, whilst I lock myself into my cage for what I can only assume will be a few hours.

15 minutes pass and steam floats out from the bathroom as she opens the door. Dressed in a full latex bodysuit and her strap-on staring me down, I get to my knees, ready to serve her and relieve her stress.

I start kissing her feet as she commands, before she lays on the bed and makes me work my way up. I bury my face between her legs for what feels like 10 minutes but turns out to be an hour. But that’s enough. She stands up and forces my face down into the wet patch of the bed as she lubes up her strap-on.

She starts slowly, rolling her tongue around me before gently penetrating me with her favourite toy. She thrusts her hips faster and faster as each minute passes, but before we know it, a week of pent up anger is released. Time flies when you’re having fun, and all of a sudden it’s 7pm. Time for our weekly Zoom call with her family. She takes her strap-on off, but slides a vibrating plug into my to tease me during the call.

We get dressed, go downstairs and act like nothing happened as we join the call.

After 15 minutes, my partner tells her family she’s just got to take a work call quickly, and leaves me staring down the webcam at her family, pre-cum in my pants, caged up and a plug in my ass. She goes out of frame, then crawls under the table to slide my pants off, quietly unlocking my cage and setting me free. I knew serving her and letting her take her anger out would pay off.

She takes me into her mouth, slowly for the first 10 seconds but then she shows no mercy, she wants to see how I react on camera. I do my best to hold the conversation, but her mouth feels incredible, wet and warm. Next thing you know I’m exploding into her mouth whilst talking to her sister about pet animals. I tried to keep a straight face but I feel like it was questionable.

My partner comes back into frame and joins the chat like nothing happened, but nobody knows that I am her pet animal, and I love it.

Submitted by Jeremy from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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