Love In Store - Bedroom Fantasies #82

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Love In Store - Bedroom Fantasies #82

"You must be joking! I wouldn’t be caught dead in one! Just check it out online and choose something to buy – just do that!" exclaimed one of my friends when I mentioned my desire to go to a sex shop. I thought that one friend was a total extrovert when it came to sex, the way she always spoke about sex, sex, sex; she was a walking encyclopaedia on it. Obviously, she wasn’t. A couple of other friends in the group also hesitated when I suggested the idea to them.

"Just order something online and you’ll get ya’self a quickie!" one friend grinned. We all glanced around the room at each other and then burst into hysterics! Hilarious! I knew it would be easy to order online, but how do you choose lingerie? I really wanted to go to one but I couldn’t go by myself, could I?

One overcast evening in the middle of winter, I actually snuck into an adult store. I popped on a black hoodie pulled up high on my head to hide my long blonde hair, sucked in a huge breath, and cautiously entered the large front door. I was so, so nervous going into an adult store – alone. I was only 20.

I quickly scanned the vast space and noted several couples in store. There were about five singles in there too and nobody had noticed me come in the door as it closed silently behind me. I was amazed at rack after rack of sexy lingerie, a massive wall, and shelves full of vibrators, dildos, clitoris stimulators and even a giant fist; this store made me feel rather tentative and yet extremely moist in just a few short moments. This, also, was the tame zone in the store.

I headed towards the wall that housed a rainbow expanse of latex and rubber; dildo after dildo, vibrator after vibrator lined the wall in sealed plastic packaging. Pictures of luscious women covered the boxes and all were clearly priced. There were slim ones, extra-long ones, red, pink, chocolate, and blue ones, with 10, 25, or even 100 vibrational sequences. My mind was just spinning thinking about all these options. I was getting hot and really just wanted to make my transaction and get out. I considered several for a few minutes and decided on 'the average', a 7-inch hot pink vibrator with 25 vibrating variations and made my way towards the counter.

"Would you like some luxurious chocolate body oil to go with that?" the young, blue-eyed brunette purred from behind the counter.

I shook my head, "No thank you."

"Perhaps one of our half-price pairs of panties on that rack to your left?" she pointed towards the rack with a deep, seductive tone in her voice. I was definitely tempted, but I just wanted to finish off now and head home, quickly. I merely shook my head.

"Would ya like to sign up for a membership? You’ll get sales info, special events, and a big, big bonus ten percent off all ya purchases today." She paused. "It’s free."

"Oh? Really? Wow!" I couldn’t go past all that could I? "I’ll have a bottle of the oil then, thanks." I searched for my purse in the bottom of my bag. Around and around I scrounged. I glanced up and realised she was looking at me, but not just looking,; she was admiring me. And I realised she had a cool haircut, I mean the absolutely coolest short haircut. It was so fresh, like it had only been cut yesterday.

"Sure, it’s fabulous – makes me come every time I use it!" she mentioned winking at me. I winked back at her. What? What did I just do? Did I just wink at her? Oh no, I didn’t really mean to… or did I?

Before I had time to worry about what it all meant, I was reeling off my address and phone number for my membership. She slipped a brochure into the bag for me and leant forward with my receipt, pointing out $10 off the next in-store purchase. All I could focus on were her huge, beautiful breasts lunging out at me. They were like a pair of awesome cantaloupes, swelling above her white broderie anglaise singlet top. Geez, I’d love to caress her hard, upright nipples pressing through her sheer layers.

Oh fuck. I was still so damp from earlier, I felt like a puddle would pool between my feet on the ground right here at the counter. I caught a glimpse of her flame-red bra peeking through too. Fuck, what an absolute turn-on! Now I knew why she was wearing that red-hot lipstick; it set her entire body off. She was actually one very sensational woman. I hadn’t realised how much I wanted her. I'd never thought about another woman but there was something about her, something almost cheeky.

I couldn’t leave without saying something more. Okay, so I hadn’t enacted my usual ‘three drinks, make a move now’ motto play. However, she would be worth every word to risk asking. If nothing came of it, then so be it. But if it did…?

"Excuse me, Cinnamon?" I asked (I had glimpsed her name badge while perving at her breasts). "There’s no time frame on this pass, is there?"

Damn, why didn’t I get straight to the point!?

"Well, not for you, you can use them anytime as long as I'm working here," she hinted with a suggestive smirk. I must have given her an odd look. "I’d love it if you just looked at something you thought you couldn’t have and I’d make it yours. Promise." She said this with the sneakiest smile on her face with the left side of her mouth raised higher than the rest, and she marked a cross across her heart in such a way that, as she finished her second slow stroke of the X, her pointer finger hooked onto her top and pulled it back to reveal even more of her bra and a huge portion of her breast. Fuck! She wanted me. No denying these slick moves.

"You’ve got my number now. Call me anytime." I couldn’t believe little old me was saying this to a girl, while sober. Was I crazy? Was I suddenly a lesbian? Had I always been one and not known it?

"I don’t need to call you, you’re here right now. I want you and your dazzling emerald eyes… right… now! Just grab yourself a sexy pair of knickers from over there and come out to my car with me. Right now. Let’s go." Cinnamon had sprinkled her magic spice all over me.

In a trance, I wandered over to the three-tiered hanger display and quickly grabbed a red-hot, lacy, crotchless pair – what else would I have when she was all dressed in red? Turning back towards the counter, she wasn’t there. What? Was this some kind of joke? I hadn’t noticed that she had left the counter and was right behind me. She grasped my arm, saying 'my treat' and we headed towards the staff area at the back of the store. I could only let her lead the way out a back door to her four-wheel drive parked outside.

I was in a dream! I was seriously in a fucking dream! This woman was the most desirable person in the world to me. I felt like I was in a movie just playing my part, yet enjoying every minute of it. She opened the tailgate of the car and helped me boost myself up and in. My hood fell down and my hair cascaded over my shoulders – I knew it looked hot like this – magic!

Inside was awesome. Darkened windows provided privacy and it was decked out with a little mini-couch – there was so much room in the back. I’d never been in the rear of a car like this before so it was all so new to me. She explained how she had this and that on it or in it or whatever; it all went in one ear and out the other at this point in time. I was slightly nervous, yet still dripping wet.

Side by side, we sat on the cosy couch, sipping apricot ciders followed by more fruity flavours, chatting and learning a little about each other. She was part-owner of a couple of stores with her two siblings. Not only did she help out with sales but she was the bookkeeper, handled all the stock ordering and sales analysis, among lots of other hats. There was certainly more to this woman than meets the eye.

I told her about my job in a bridal couture boutique in Elwood. It was fairly long hours some days but there were several days off each fortnight. She was very inquisitive and we could have talked until the early hours of the morning about anything.

However, as we spoke, she leant in towards me, held the side of my face gently in her hand and slowly kissed me tenderly. I kissed her back. It was the most luscious feeling to have a woman’s lips on your own. Mashing and mushing together, outlining her lips with your tongue and she yours, smooching and entwining tongues, feeling the inside of her mouth, saying so much without words, the intimacy gradually unfolding.

Time became irrelevant. I just wanted to explore more of her. I wanted to touch parts that shouldn’t be touched and I wanted to with my mouth. We repositioned ourselves so I was lying on my back; she had full access to my body. I felt so sensual, so sexy, so free, and so safe. Moving down my neck, she fluttered kisses all over my décolletage and nibbled on my ears.

"Oohhhh, this is heaven!"

"I know, baby," replied Cinnamon. I let out a low laugh as I hadn’t thought I’d spoken a word aloud. Heaven on earth and we had barely started. Amazing, ammmaaaazing, aaammmaaaazzzing! Cinnamon kissed my right breast, sucking my nipples, grasping it in her teeth and pulling, gently pulling, licking, flicking, and being deliciously luscious. I could only moan as she twiddled with my left breast; fingering it between her thumb and forefinger. My moans grew as I realised we were in the back of a four-wheel drive. We weren’t really doing much though – were we? Were we going to go all the way? I sure hoped so!

I was able to fumble with her two breasts too. Her gorgeous boobs gave me plenty to suck on. Delicious. It was tricky getting used to working with another girl's boobs; strange but strangely familiar. Essentially, whatever I enjoyed, she too should enjoy. I could almost copycat all her moves, at least to start with. That’s what I decided to do for the rest of the night and it truly worked!

Our lips, our feet, our hands all began to move over each other without containment. I had already feasted my eyes on her and listened to her deep, seductive voice. There was nowhere I didn’t want to feel, nothing I wouldn’t smell; I wanted to taste every orifice of her soul.

Her slender hands ran all over me as my skirt was daintily unwrapped and her cargo pants undone and removed. Up my sides, on my back, along my spine, squeezing my bum, the inside of my arms and legs. Her lips traced those lines too. Finally, I realised I hadn’t put on my pretty panties so I slipped my others off and this crotchless pair on. Enough light from the car park shone through the rear window to show off my knickers; a great choice for a quick grab moment. A tad itchy but that would be fine after a wash. I wasn’t going to let stiff knickers get in my way – not now!

Cinnamon had undies that matched her bra and fuck, they were fucking hot! Sheer satin, strappy and, you guessed it, crotchless! I couldn’t have added Sriracha to make her burn any hotter – mmm…mmm…MMM! The time had come to explore each other even further, the utmost. I couldn’t believe it was about to happen. It was the most divine feeling. Transcendental. It wasn’t rushed like sex often can be. Tonight was solely about us. Her and I. The exploration of lovemaking by two women. Absolutely blissful.

I was contently relaxing as I thought about the night so far. Who would have thought I’d be here with Cinnamon like this? Maybe it’s not real? I pinch myself – owww! It hurts, it’s real. Cinnamon’s finger runs down my chest, over my nipple, pinching it, continuing to run that finger down my torso to my belly button and straight down, stretching forward to feel for my saturated clitoris. Oh yeah, she’s got it, whatever it is, and she knows what to do, that’s for sure. Stimulating me in slow rings around my little nub makes my whole body quiver in anticipation. I have no idea what she is likely to do as she moves over my body like an expert.

Swiftly, she pushes aside my flowing pinkness and, with two fingers, plunges in and out of me like a dolphin carves through waves on Port Phillip Bay. It’s like it’s all meant to be. Her and I, together. We could be anywhere or nowhere because location doesn’t matter right now, only that I am with her. I cannot believe this flooding between my legs. I so want this to go all night – I want to share my pleasure with her and I can tell she wants to give me every ounce of awesomeness she can.

I have never ever had someone finger me with such incredible intention and astounding meaning. I haven’t even opened up my bottle of chocolate yet! But I think I need a towel regardless. I'm slightly embarrassed.

"Cinnamon, you don’t have a towel or something like a towel do you? I think I might make one huge mess if you’re gonna keep it up like this all night long, that’s all." I was handed a soft pink towel which I laid out under my bum. She continued on. And on. And on. The intensity of all this thrusting was driving me deeper and deeper into oblivion and I let out a fuck-almighty moan of pleasure. And again and again and again.

Now it was my turn to pleasure her. I wanted to do the best I could even as I still shook from the power I had just indulged in. This one experience had proven that Cinnamon was a wonderful lover. Now I just had to prove I could be also. I started licking at her left breast, then gently sucking it and then holding it a bit harder and sucking a little bit harder as I found her vagina with my free hand. She groaned with promise so I sucked a little harder, nibbling hard. Groaning ripped through the ute’s interior. I hoped she truly liked it and wasn’t just making sounds to turn me on because they truthfully did turn me on. I bit at her other breast, getting more cat-like as her body curved upwards beneath me. She was extremely horny and incredibly hot!

My finger slipped inside her unintentionally, but it did. I wanted more, up, deep inside her so I pushed another finger up her and after a few seconds of that being saturated, I went for a third finger. My fingers were sopping wet but they slid in and out, in and out so easily. I had to taste her!

Gradually, I moved my flickering tongue from her boobs to her left side, along the crease between her torso and leg. I adjusted my body between her legs and just before that physical manoeuvre, she said, "Don’t worry about me honey, I’ll be right, let me pleasure you some more."

Shaking my head to and fro, a muffled ‘Aa-ah’ came out. With both hands, I discovered a beautiful, delicate orchid. Set amidst a cluster of pink petals, her cherry stretched up, ready for me to tongue it. Short, sharp, tickly little flickers was what I spent minutes doing to her, intermingled with little flickering swirls of oral passion. She smelt so sensual – pink frangipanis with a hint of fruity elixir. Her soft, sensitive petals were something I loved twirling around. I felt so figuratively deep inside her without actually being so literally deep inside her. Bit by bit I brought her to an almighty climax. I do hope it was something she’d never had before – but I’d never done that before so how could I know?

We kept our level of intimacy going until the early hours of the morning and did not want to part. We laid in each other’s arms just holding, stroking, talking, fondling, and pashing each other. Cinnamon was eager to continue. So was I.

Oh my fucking goodness! There was nothing, nothing I had ever experienced like what happened this night. The most captivating experience in my sexual history. At 20, I knew I had a very inspirational future ahead as long as I sprinkled a touch of Cinnamon around each and every day!  

Fact is, I've never felt intimidated entering a sex shop ever again.

Submitted by Nikki from Point Cook, Victoria, Australia

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