My Lover Muchka - Bedroom Fantasies #81

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My Lover Muchka - Bedroom Fantasies #81

Let me start by describing Muchka, my lover, and best friend.

The first thing that draws you in is her face: childlike and impish, with big brown eyes that are so expressive, beautiful long hair which could be blonde, pink, brunette, or a mixture depending on her mood, and a cheeky grin that can appear at any time. Muchka’s eyes have a light that reflects who she is inside. She is kind, caring, generous, mischievous, and if she is honest, kinky.

She is of Italian heritage, with a small but totally rocking body that is yoga fit: toned and flexible, with dark olive skin offsetting her look. Muchka often wears fitted clothes, showing off her taut legs, butt, tummy, and the inviting curves of her lovely breasts.

I long to experience an intense and prolonged lovemaking session with her, where I focus on her pleasure and witness her orgasm time after time. I would love to see Muchka tied and blindfolded, toyed with and teased until her body is shaking and she is screaming to cum.

It would start with a glass of wine. She loves wine. And a foot rub. We’d share some small talk, a few quick kisses, some suggestive comments. I’d pour Muchka a second glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, sit behind her while she sipped, and rub her shoulders. As she consumed the wine, I would exaggerate the hand movements, increasing the pressure applied by a little, before pulling her back against me and biting the right side of her neck.

That would be the sign that it was time to move to the bedroom. Leading her by the hand, I would walk her into our room where the scent of aromatic candles would rise to greet us. The blinds would be drawn so that the soft moonlight helped to illuminate the room, and the lamp turned down for a soft, ambient glow.

At this point, I would turn her around, take the blindfold I had placed on our bed, and fix it across her beautiful face so she entered the darkness. 

I would slowly unbutton her blouse, then release her jeans and peel them down. Next, I would position her on the edge of the bed, her hands taken and cuffs placed around her wrist. In silence, I would lay her on the bed, arms overhead and then tied to the headboard. 

Prior to coming in, I would have made sure the room was at a comfortable temperature for her because she is going to be in this position for a long time.

I would walk away, leaving her to become accustomed to the darkness, her other senses heightened as she lay on our bed. Muchka can become impatient. This would be the time to break that trait in her, to please and fuck her for as long as I could manage, and to ignore her pleas for something more, or for me to pull away.

Eventually, she would hear me return. I cannot believe I am here; she is so arousing, this goddess, naked before me. She would hear me, but there would be no speech. The first thing she would feel would be the tip at the end of the leather whip we own, circling her breasts. First, I’d drag across her right boob, then the left. The whip’s head moves down her tummy and drags across her thighs. She would feel the cool of the leather against her warm skin, moving agonisingly slowly over her.

A sudden move of the arm and flick of the wrist and Muchka would feel the sweet sting of pain through her left tit as the whip quickly flicks her nipple. She would wince slightly but revel in the pain and anticipation of what will follow. The tip of the whip moves down her ravishing body once more, placed between her legs and dragged up to her inner thigh. First one side and then the other. A flick of the wrist and she would feel the sting of the whip as it connects with her pussy. Following this would be several more light love taps with the whip before another hit on her pussy, forcing her to breathe deeply and refocus on what is at hand.

With Muchka’s legs spreading apart, the whip would work on her inner thighs, occasionally touching her pussy, but mostly being guided over the skin on her legs. And when Muchka is not expecting it, my wrist would finally go to work and her pussy would feel the sting of pleasure on her clit. What a lovely scene: Muchka with her legs apart, blindfolded, and restrained, the crack of the whip cutting the air as it connected to her pussy. Not forcefully, but repeatedly across her vagina, bringing the blood to the surface of her skin, the pain bringing pleasure to her clit as her excitement rose.

I would replace the whip with a wand, the head purring gently against her clit to begin with. As her hips gyrated in response to the pleasure she was enjoying, I would turn the power up and hold it against her clit and cunt. Muchka would buck in response to the sensations. Her moans become more obvious until the powerful orgasm ripping through her body overwhelms her. As she writhes to get away from the wand due to her sensitivity, I’d pin her hips with my hand and hold the head of the toy on her now soaking pussy and aching clit, making her cum again, and then doing the same thing for the third time.

By now, Muchka would beg me to stop. It enflames her entire body with passion and pain as the wand purrs away, obediently buzzing her clit and continuing on its mission to make her cum for the fourth time. She would squirm, scream, and cry for relief. Each orgasm would be more intense than the last. Muchka would now be a sweaty mess on the bed, feeling spent but invigorated from repeatedly cumming with such intensity.

With Muchka laying on the side of the bed, I would stand next to her head and stroke my fingers on her lips. My other hand would free my cock and stroke the shaft as my eyes feasted on this beautiful woman before me. With my cock now ready, I would climb to the other side of the bed so I could kneel next to her, take the head, and then stroke it over her lips. My thumb and index fingers would form a ring at the base of my cock shaft, squeezing firmly as I moved the head on her lips, then across her cheeks, down to her chin, then back to her mouth. I would push my hips forward a little, and Muchka would open her lips slightly to take the head into her mouth. The tip of her tongue would flick the slit on the end of my cock, and then, with another move of my hips, she would feel the shaft slide into her mouth, the head now rubbing against the back of her throat. 

With her mouth slightly ajar, my hips would rock back and forth to fuck her beautiful face before taking the cock out and getting her to suck my freshly shaven balls. While Muchka took my smooth balls in her mouth, I’d stroke the shaft, before holding her head, putting my cock back into her mouth and fucking it. Her mouth, warm and wet against my engorged shaft, would cause me to shiver from the pleasure I felt. I can hear her lips working on my cock shaft as it goes back and forth. Just before I climax I remove my cock, tell Muchka to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, and then I would stroke a load of my cum into her mouth and across her face, moaning heavily and trembling as I did so.

Now it is time to make this fantasy a reality…

Submitted by Miles Deep from Cronulla, Sydney, Australia

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