Elevator Ride

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I’m dressed to the nines in a slinky dress with nothing underneath. 

Tonight I’m going out with my partner for a romantic evening. There are plenty of flirtatious touches and looks. But I need to make my intentions clear. I guide his hand beneath my dress and invite him to touch me as we sit discreetly at the table in a restaurant, letting him know just how cheeky I want to get. 

He coughs and clears his throat, his collar suddenly very tight against his neck as he struggles to drink from his water glass. Knowing he’s as turned on as I am in such a public place only makes it more thrilling. My lower half throbs with delicious desire.    

After dinner is finally through, we sneak into the elevator. We are the only occupants. I push him firmly against the wall and kiss him fervently, letting him know I want him there and then. Unable to wait any longer, he takes control. Grabbing my hair in his fist as he walks me backwards, up against the elevator doors. He yanks my dress up to my waist and heaves me up so my legs are around him, my back pressed back against the doors for support.

He unzips himself with one hand and pulls his big cock out through his pants, and in one swift motion, he slides his dick into my wet pussy. I’m gasping with pleasure as he pounds into me over and over again, my orgasm building as the elevator rises.

Submitted by Breeana from Bayswater North, VIC, Australia

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