Byron Cooke Takes On Sexyland: The Trends In The Adult Industry You Need To Know

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$36.1 billion USD. That's how much the sex toy market is estimated to be worth once 2027 comes to a close - now that's a lot of orgasms!

Sexyland's own marketing maestro, Rebecca Grech, shared her thoughts on the 'adult toy boom' with former Fox FM funnyman, Byron Cooke on his podcast, The Byron Cooke Show. Together, Cooke and Grech analysed everything from the rising popularity of sex toys over Sexyland's 21 years of operation, the trendiest toys of today, to the evolution of society's attitudes on owning your sexual pleasure!

Sex toys for women are the fastest-growing retail sector for the adult toy industry, especially among singles. Online sales overall skyrocketed due to COVID-19, with Sexyland's 2-hour Quickie delivery services being hailed as a game changer. Our most popular toys are Bluetooth and app-compatible, which allow couples to continue having fun together even when they're physically apart!

So how did we get here from stereotypes of sleazy sex shops in dark and dingy back alleys?

As Rebecca put it, Sexyland has always strived to create a safe place for everyone to shop, particularly women but also those that identify with a LGBTQIA+ or non-gender conforming identity. We empower people to embrace their sexual pleasure and champion its destigmatisation. We're glad to see that the idea is quietly making its way towards becoming the norm, with global spending on sex toys overtaking what we spend on microwave ovens!

The rise of female empowerment sees a massive movement towards normalising female masturbation and sexual pleasure in a typically male-dominated space. A great example of this is pop starlet Lily Allen becoming the new face of Womanizer, one of the top players in the female sex toy market. She's teamed up with Womanizer to release her own special edition of their bestselling Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator and has gone on record as an avid advocate of shaking off society's shackles of shame!

Lily Allen Launches Vibrator Sex Toy Product | Consequence of Sound

As Cooke and Grech pointed out though, it’ll be a while before anything related to sexual pleasure isn't considered 'scandalous', particularly by mainstream media. A recent episode of Married At First Sight saw Alana Lister’s ‘X-rated confession’, admitting that she liked that her husband, Jason Engler, always gave her an orgasm during sex. In the same episode, Jason admitted that he can't keep up with Alana's wild sex drive. Both statements were met with shock, delight, and amusement on the internet.

While it's great they could talk about these topics so candidly on TV, comments like what followed on Twitter remind us that women are still judged for having any form of sex drive, let alone one that conquers a man's.

Cooke also referenced a recent 'news' article about Aussie cricketing star Shane Warne being seen exiting a Sexyland store with a mystery purchase. Why anyone thought something as nonchalant as Warnie shopping for some adult fun was enough of a shameful spectacle to make the news at all is beyond us. Not that it matters, but Shane might not even have bought anything worth the media making a stink about; Sexyland stocks more than just toys, y'know. We've got a great range of edible intimacy-enhancing treats, like melting massage candles and popping candy oral enhancers, as well as adult games and novels! Why not shop with us and see what kind of sexy adult fun you can treat yourself (or a lucky lover) to?


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