3 Thrilling Ways To Have Finger-Lickin’ Good Sex!

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Your mouth is one of the most important players involved in satisfying sex, from kissing in foreplay to teasing and pleasing your partner during oral sex. So, why not treat yourself to a sensual smörgåsbord of scrumptious flavours?

thrilling ways with finger lickin good sex

Food and sex have a lot more in common than you might think - both are nourishing, full of variety and nobody can ever get enough of the real good stuff. There’s even been increased interest in incorporating food in sex as part of wet and messy play in the advent of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s internet-breaking song, WAP.

Flavoured goodies are a fantastic addition to bedroom fun and can be a glorious way to enhance the eroticism of a steamy situation! After all, why should breakfast be the only socially acceptable meal to eat in bed (especially when the yummiest snack in the boudoir is you)? If you and your lucky lover are keen on the idea of mixing the culinary and the kinky, here are our tasty tips for transitioning from à la carte to ooh la la!

The best sexy foods to use during foreplay

If you can’t help but think of Ali Larter’s infamous whipped cream bikini scene from Varsity Blues or Chris Evan’s recreation of it in Not Another Teen Movie, you’re on the right track! Whether the idea of piling fluffy whipped cream on your nipples and genitals turns you on or makes you LOL, you can’t deny that it would be fun AF. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with laughing at yourselves during an intimate moment – it may even strengthen your bond together. You don’t have to place the cream in that exact formation though – why not try sucking it off each other’s fingers, or spraying a trail across your body and having your partner follow its path with their tongue? You can also do the same with melted chocolate, ice cream, maple syrup or honey, though we recommend warming them up beforehand to help them become easier to drizzle over the body.

Solid fruit is another popular choice because it’s sweet, light and small enough to feed each other. Its watery juices also help you avoid a sticky sensation that comes with thicker syrups if they’re not slurped up fast enough, or you can try using a plain ice cube for that dripping wet feeling with none of the mess. You can even use the fruit itself as part of temperature play - try popping a bundle of grapes in the fridge or freezer and holding one against the nipples or clitoris for a chilling tingle that will send shivers up and down the spine! We also love the idea of adding some sensory deprivation into the mix and blindfolding the taster before delicately placing a juicy strawberry or pre-pitted cherry on their waiting tongue...

Pamper your partner with edible massage oil

As if being spoiled with a sensual massage could get any better, right? Did you know that this whole time you’ve been breathing in the heady aromas of scented massage oils and candles, you could have been eating them too? Okay, maybe not all of them, but there are definitely a fair few flavoured massage enhancers that have been slept on who deserve a chance to shine!

The key to a truly wonderful massage that makes all your troubles and tension melt away is to use something that helps the giver’s hands glide smoothly across the receiver’s skin. This is an essential for any stress-relieving rubdown as too much friction can irritate the skin and a lubricating barrier of some kind will help to reduce painful tugging and pulling. Massage lubricant can come in various forms, including the classic slippery oil, melting massage candles, thick creams, moisturising gels, and absorbent lotions. Each has their own pros and cons but all of them will provide you and your partner with an irresistibly slick glide.

Edible versions of massaging lube elevate your pleasure to new heights, especially for the giver as they can now lick, kiss and nibble their way across your body while kneading out your knots. Our top pick is the Luxury Body Oil by SHIATSU, which comes in 8 mouth-watering flavours! There’s something to suit everyone’s taste, from the refreshing zing of Japanese Mint to the intoxicating combo of Coconut & Pineapple to whisk your senses away to a sun-kissed beach somewhere in the tropics...

Take oral sex to a whole new level

Don’t forget that there’s an all-star selection of erotic oral sex essentials, like condoms, lube, and even special extras like stimulants! These add a new element of sensation and fun to your fellatio or cunnilingus, especially if you or your partner want to enhance (or mask) the taste of bodily fluids or latex. You can even get experimental with recipes like you would in the kitchen and create unique tasting profiles by mixing and matching flavours! Internationally renowned sexual wellness company JO® has published their own guide to flavoured lubes, along with several recipes involving delectable combos of their own fruity and dessert-inspired concoctions.

How to Enjoy Food & Flavoured Fun During Sex

Why not indulge yourself without the guilt or calories with a tantalising treat from JO’s H2O Gelato lubricant range? Not only is it free from calories and sugar, it is also water-based for condom and sex toy compatibility. Sexyland customers love the decadent Crème Brûlée flavour best and we believe variety is the spice of life, so get the best of both worlds with the JO Gelato Tri Me Triple Pack! It comes with the luscious trio of Salted Caramel, Crème Brûlée, and Mint Chocolate that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

As a general rule of thumb, sugary or glycerin-filled foods and fluids should not be inserted (or allowed to trickle) into the vagina or urethra as this can lead to a yeast infection, plus it can upset the V’s pH balance. It also doesn’t hurt to put some towels down to keep your sheets clean and to have some baby wipes on hand if you don’t like feeling sticky but also don’t want to interrupt the fun to jump in the shower. Other than that, the rest of the body is fair game in your frisky flavour-fest!


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