Let’s Get It On: 3 Sexy Strategies To Set A Sensual Mood

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When it comes to ~gettin’ freaky~, few things are a bigger turn-on than a curated atmosphere that makes the other person feel like you’ve made an effort for them. We’re talking scented candles, sultry bedroom jams, the works. Whether you’re courting a new love interest or want to show a long-term partner how much you appreciate them, these tantalising tactics are sure to get both of you hot under the collar!

Turn up the tunes

Is there anything sexier than the heartfelt crooning of a lovestruck singer, or the strumming of a bass guitar that resonates deep within your soul? Probs not. Music has a huge influence on how we feel and there have even been studies showing how listening to sexy music can actually change your behaviour.

Get a sensual vibe going with something on the slower side that features groovy atmospheric processing and instrumentals. If you choose songs with vocals, your best bet is to find a singer who knows how to seamlessly melt one note into another like honey folding over itself.
For a more hot and heavy overtone, go for something upbeat with a stronger thumping beat and wicked instrumental solos, like a saxophone or an electric guitar. These sorts of songs are complemented by artists with more striking voices and a penchant for suggestive lyrics.

Sexy R&B is the most common go-to genre for getting it on thanks to its smooth style, sultry melodies, and slick lyrics. However, don’t be afraid to stick with the music you and your partner are into. After all, who wants to be thinking about how badly they want to hit skip on the current track instead of making out?

For something tender that isn't R&B, check out Stars by London-based indie band, The xx. Their dual-vocalist sound is soft, atmospheric, and minimalist, with plenty of echoed guitar, prominent bass, and light electronic beats thrown in the mix for a pensive ambience.

In the mood for something that gets you two down to business? You can't go past the 90s classic of Ginuwine's Pony! Easily his most popular song to date, the insistent hip-hop beat combined with its signature melodic slide whistle sound effect have firmly cemented this song as a staple in bedrooms, strip clubs, and dance clubs everywhere.


Set your passion ablaze

Whether you think they’re a cliché or a classic, candles are an undeniable staple when it comes to creating a calming yet seductive ambience. There’s just something oh-so-alluring about the way the flickering flame casts dancing shadows across the room and lights up your physical features. Get extra bang for your buck with a scented candle that pulls double duty as an aromatic aphrodisiac - here’s a list of the sexiest scents according to science if you really want a foolproof fragrance to get you both feelin’ frisky!

Got a whole night of pampering planned? Quadruple your mileage with an edible massage candle like the DONA Kissable Massage Candle! Not only will it perfume the air with a positively intoxicating aroma, its soy-based formula melts at a lower temperature than normal candles, making it safe to drizzle the melted wax onto your lover’s skin and use as a luxurious massage medium. Its delicious recipe invites you to erotically lick, kiss and nibble your way up and down your partner’s body. Choose from the indulgent flavours of Strawberry Souffle, Chocolate Mousse, or Vanilla Buttercream and let it glide under your palms to melt away muscle tension…

Adorn your abode

When you’re expecting company, it pays to prep your place in advance. Start by tidying up as best as you can, from big chores like vacuuming and putting away laundry to little ones such as dusting and straightening ornaments. If you’re on a time crunch, prioritise tasks involving anything that looks sloppy or is likely to produce a mood-killing odour, like cleaning dirty dishes or chucking your worn clothes in the wash.

Once your house is sparkling (or as close to it as you can get), why not try jazzing it up a little? We’re not saying you need to pull out a full-scale renovation for your date, but subtle decor touches here and there will add that extra oomph and will have any visitor asking for a tour of your bedroom. Pepper your home with some carefully selected items that are irresistible to the touch - crushed velvet throw pillows, soft woollen throws draped effortlessly over the couch, and fluffy sheepskin rugs are all timelessly enticing examples. Lush textures like these are sure to tempt your guest into a touchy-feely mood. *wink wink*

Subtlety not your thing? If you’d rather be loud and proud about your intentions, we’ve got you covered. Pull out all the stops and trust the tried-and-true method of scattering handfuls of silky-smooth rose petals everywhere, or in a pathway leading to the boudoir - romantic AF, luxe, and easy to clean up when the fun is done!

If you’re keen to unleash your kinky side, pick up one of our couples’ BDSM kits! Your lucky lover will get the idea pretty quickly once they see your selection of naughty props laid out. You can even turn it into a fun treasure hunt by hiding each individual element somewhere around the house - anything they find, they can use on you or have used on them as they wish!


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