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Combating Mismatched Libido...

Over half of Australian women (58%) said their libido was highest between the ages of 18 and 24.

Far fewer men are peaking at the same age (42% say they desired sex most between 18 and 24). Only 19% of men said they peaked between 18 and 20.

Recent results of 1,418 Australians surveyed.

The new findings challenge previous research suggesting that women take longer than men to reach their sexual peak - with 30s being accepted as the decade when female desire was highest.

In fact, female desire appears to tail off a little with age - just 11% of women said their libido peaked between 28 and 33 compared to 17% of men. Male libido is higher throughout their 30s too - 20% of men said it peaked in this decade compared to just 15% of women.
The results appear to show that sexual compatibility is more important to women than men in a relationship: a mismatched libido has caused problems in a relationship for 51% of women compared to 43% of men.
Here are some ways to combat a mismatched libido, to boost your libido by spicing it up in the bedroom and make your sex life more interesting:

1. Take up some erotic fiction

Fifty Shades of Grey $9.95

Erotic fiction is by far one of the more superior ways to help you get in the mood for sex. Reading in a calm relaxed environment allows you to turn off external distractions and concentrate on your body. The stories also give some great ideas on what you and your partner can get up to. The bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey is filled with exciting and unbelievable sex scenes. 

2. Experiment with sex toys

Tokidoki $24.95

Sex toys are an amazing way to add a new dimension – whether you're masturbating alone or having sex with a partner. The tokidoki series 2 mini vibrators are non-intimidating toys to introduce into the bedroom as they are brightly coloured and emblazoned with fun characters such as unicorns. The mini vibrator makes for incredible external stimulation. 

3. Mix up your routine

Satin Restraints $34.95

Mixing it up  a bit is a sure-fire way to keep things lively and fresh. You don't need to be swinging from the chandelier every session – however, trying something new occasionally has proven to increase your overall desire and, in turn, boost libido. The Fifty Shades Satin Wrist Ties, bind your partner’s wrists or ankles together or to furniture for safe, secure and exciting play, enhancing sensory excitement and satisfaction. 


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