Demystifying Lubricant - Sexynews #5

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To lube or not to lube? (it's not a question)

Too often during my educational workshops, I run into folks who seem to have an aversion to using lube. Here are just a few of the comments I've heard, along with some useful facts...

“Oh, I’m a good lover. She shouldn't need lube!”

*Your sexual technique may have little to do with the amount of natural lubrication your partner’s body may produce. Don't take it personally if your lover isn't getting wet- instead, incorporate lube into your play.

“Lube is just for anal sex.”

*While lube is absolutely necessary for anal sex, it's great for all kinds of sex play. From sensual massage, hand jobs, oral sex, to PIV (penis in vagina) sex, it's an amazing addition to sex of all kinds.

“I should be wet and ready for him all the time.”

*Just as men don't need to be fully erect and ready to go at any given moment, the same holds true for women. SO many things can contribute to dryness- from hormonal changes, medication, stress, breastfeeding, medical procedures and more. Everyone has their own arousal response time, and different things turn different people on. There’s no shame in incorporating a lubricant into your lovemaking.

“If I’m not getting turned on, there's something wrong with me.”

*Being 'turned on' can mean different things to different folks. Are you feeling good in the moment? Are you taking pleasure in the way your partner is touching you? Wetness isn't always an indicator of arousal. Connection and communication about sex is more important in the long run.

Ready to learn about lube? Below are some fun facts, plus a few personal recommendations to get you started.

Not only can lube reduce friction during sex and provide more pleasurable sensations, it also has medical benefits. Studies have shown that the use of lube prevents micro tears and fissures, reducing the risk of contracting STIs or other infections.
There are a few types of lubes you can choose from, and it's best to experiment! All bodies are different, and everyone has their own personal preferences.

Wicked Aqua

Water based lubes tend to wash off easily, and have a smooth feel. Wicked Sensual Care’s entire Aqua collection also has an ingredient called olive leaf extract, a natural biostatic. This ingredient has the ability to naturally encapsulate any bacteria present, to hinder its spread. Not only does it satisfy, it can also protect!

Wicked Ultra

Silicone Lube can be extremely long lasting, making them great for marathon sex sessions or water play. They may be tougher to clean up, and might stain the sheets, but if you love an amazingly slick glide, our Ultra line is for you. With only two ingredients- both of which are silicone it's the ultimate in slippery satisfaction.

Products that are petroleum based or made from other oils generally are NOT safe for penetrative sex. Not only do oil based lubes break down latex condoms, they can also foster the growth of harmful bacteria.

Wicked Creme

You deserve great lube too. Don't think about lube solely as something you use in a relationship or for partnered sex. Lube is great for masturbation and self exploration as well. Try Wicked Sensual’s Creme as a great stroking cream, or Awaken, a stimulating clitoral massage gel made from natural libido-enhancing ingredients to get you in the mood for some serious self love.

Taking the time and making the effort to explore your own likes and dislikes will make it easier to help your partner satisfy you…and that leads to great sex all around.
Article written by: Jessica Drake
XBiz 2017 Sexpert of the Year, Wicked Pictures Contract Star and Exclusive Sex Educator


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