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Is the BDSM Lifestyle Right for Me?

Many Australians take great pleasure in spicing up their sex life with a bit of bondage and we offer a wide range of Fetish Sex Toys to help you make your BDSM sexual experience as powerful and pleasurable as possible.

Why do people like Bondage?

Discipline Sadism and Masochism you ask? Is it for you? It could be! For many couples, bondage alters the balance of power. A usually dominant individual may enjoy shifting the balance and engaging in submissive sex play.

For many people, allowing one’s self to play the submissive provides a welcoming avenue of emotional, sensual and creative possibilities while others take pleasure in asserting themselves as a dominant, taking control and doling out pleasure and pain to the submissive. This can provide empowering and freeing sensations.

For many couples, engaging in BDSM helps to build and strengthen trust. Being restrained can be both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. It forces you to succumb to the will and desire of another person, someone you willingly give control to. Some couples find it opens an entirely new world of dark pleasures they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced with one another. This can have a riveting effect on one’s sexual desire for the other.

For others, it can provide a psychological release. A healthy BDSM relationship is always consensual but it can also serve to meet a deeper need. Some people feel it helps them cope with PTSD and trauma, while others simply revel in the feeling of control or submission to another.

Beginners to BDSM

For first timers, keeping an open mind is vital and will allow you to better embrace the BDSM lifestyle. It isn’t for everyone while others are shocked to find they thrive on it. Many couples find adding fetish sex toys into the mix makes the fun even more exciting.

Whether you’re the dominant or submissive, you’ll find the perfect accessories to satisfy your craving and add to your sex toy collection. We offer fetish toys ranging from nipple clamps to restraints to whips and more. Browse our exciting selection of fetish toys and discover new ways to get kinky!

Shop Today!

We offer a huge selection of bondage toys and accessories that are guaranteed to make your experience with BDSM as painfully pleasing as you want it to be. We carry an assortment of choices that cater to both the newcomers looking to explore a bit of light bondage to hard core BDSM enthusiasts who know what they want and are looking to add a few new toys to their fetish sex toy collection.


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