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Redefining Male Sexuality

When many men think of sex toys, they often equate them with the pleasures of a woman, however, why should the ladies get to have all the fun? Men too have a wide variety of sex toys specifically tailored to their needs.

Sex toys for men are no longer the taboo topic they once were.

Most men immediately think of the penis pump when considering a sex toy for himself. Of course, these pumps are great products and can really help a man get that bigger, thicker penis he usually desires but there is so much more to try. Many men love using cock rings as they can both prolong ejaculation and make reaching orgasm more explosive and satisfactory. Take it a step further and get a cockring that vibrates and both he and his partner will be in orgasmic bliss. There are other wonderful sex toys like cock sleeves and penis extenders that add length and girth to a man's shaft that help prolong orgasm while enhancing pleasure for both partners.

Stimulating the Male G-spot

Stimulating the prostate gland can give blokes some of the most amazing orgasmic experiences of their lives.

Breaking the Barriers & Experimenting with Anal Sex Toys

Many men who have broken the barriers and tried experimenting with sex toys for men find that the prostate massager can help him reach explosive orgasms unlike anything else. Many men describe prostate orgasms as being up to ten times stronger than regular ejaculation and despite the stigma often associated with anal sex play, it can be enjoyed by both heterosexual and gay men or with a partner. Anal beads are a great way for beginners to explore the pleasures of anal stimulation. Before experimenting with anal play, be sure to have some good sex lube on hand as it will make anal insertion go smoothly. Personal lubricants come in a variety of formulas for different uses and it's really a personal choice but many men find that using a lube specific for anal sex play works best.

Ejaculation has a positive psychological impact.

When a man ejaculates, he experiences an increase of dopamine and oxytocin which helps improve his mood.

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation not only feels good, it is also very healthy and reaching ejaculation should be a regular part of every man's life. There has been growing evidence to suggest that the more a man ejaculates, the lower his chances of developing prostate cancer become. Research as shown that men who ejaculate regularly reduce their risk of prostate cancer by at least 20% and the more they do it, the less likely they are to get it. Because it strengthens his pelvic floor muscles, he also reduces his risk of erectile dysfunction & incontinence.



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