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Many Mothers have been tasked with the gruelling job, of balancing caring for their children, while working from home. Now with school back in session and kids learning from home, her job just got even more complicated. With the pressures of homeschooling, working from home, running a household and being unable to get out and visit friends, she finds herself under more duress than ever before. This Mother's Day, make it about her.

Pamper Her on Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show that special lady in your life a little love. Everyone knows that mum is the glue that holds the family together, but sometimes she needs to know how much she’s appreciated. This year has been especially difficult for everyone so while you won’t be able to treat her to a dinner out, there are still many amazing ways you can pamper her.

Effects of Stress:

Stress affects us all differently but everyone needs a day off to de-stress and revitalise. Too much stress can be very bad for us all. Stress releases the cortisol hormone which can eat away at bone density over time while lowering your immune responses and increasing the risk of mental health issues. The negative impacts of stress can be quite overwhelming. We can’t think of a better way to reduce her stress levels than to give her a day of relaxation.

Importance of Relaxation:

When the body relaxes, it helps improve functionality at a cellular level. Energy levels get a boost through improved insulin production. Self-care activities trigger the body to produce serotonin and oxytocin which in turn make you feel good while improving your mood and overall well-being. Pampering oneself helps to relax muscles, reduce pain and improves concentration.

Ideas for Pampering Her:

We all love to be pampered, especially from those we love. Pampering her will not only lift her spirits but make her feel special and cherished. There are heaps of affordable ways to make her day as special as she is. Mother’s Day is her day off. It’s also the perfect opportunity to lavish her with a bit of romantic fun.

  1. Start the day with breakfast in bed. Make her favourite meal, let the kids serve it to her. Choose one of these Assorted Erotic Novels for her to relax and read in bed. They’re sure to put some naughty ideas in her head for later that night!

  2. Volunteer to watch the kids so she can go out and get some fresh air. Lockdown might mean she can’t do the things she might normally do but it doesn’t mean she can’t go out for long walks, or maybe go out to the local shops for a nice break. Maybe slip a handy little Panty Vibrator into her hands just before she goes so she can have a little extra fun on her day away.

  3. While she’s out, tidy up the house and get dinner prepared. Cook her a delicious barbeque or try something more exotic in the kitchen if you’re game. Get the kids involved too!

  4. After dinner and family time, get the kids tucked into bed and then the real fun can begin! It’s Mother’s Day night when the real gifts come out and you’ll have her saying, "Who’s your mama?".

Set the Stage & Create the Mood:  

Run her a nice hot bubble bath using the luxurious DONA Bubble Bath. It’s infused with aphrodisiacs, pheromones and indulgent aromas that are sure to be irresistible. If she prefers bath bombs, try these DONA Bath Bombs that are sure to arouse her senses. While she’s in the tub with a glass of wine relaxing, prepare the bedroom for a sexy night of fun. Light some DONA Kissable Massage Candles and dim the lights. These massage candles melt into a luxurious, kissable massage wax, perfect for massaging her stress away. You might also want to try the Heavenly Nights Warming Massage Oil if melted candle wax isn’t her thing. Transform your bedroom into a playful boudoir with the aphrodisiac and pheromone infused DONA Linen Spray.

Enhance the Evening with Suspense: 

Once she’s finished with her bath, gently place this Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold over her eyes and seductively lead her into the bedroom. Be sure to touch her often, running your fingers along her skin as you do. This will send shivers up her spine and arouse her senses. Lay her on the bed and begin your sensuous massage. Use a Sportsheets Starburst Feather Tickler for a more sensual experience.

Sex Toys for Sexy Mums:  

Don’t forget the sex toys!! She will definitely be over the moon with some sexy new toys but maintain the suspense by introducing them to her slowly… while she’s still blindfolded. We recommend trying a Body Wand Massager first as it will enhance her body massage while also serving to stimulate her sexually as well. Let her feel and hear the low rumbling sensations against her skin as you run the massager over her muscles. Guide the toy along her inner thighs… teasing her sensuously as you go. This will set her pulse on fire.

More Sexy Fun Ideas:

Don’t stop there! We have heaps of erotic toys that will make her evening of sensual relaxation riveting. You’ll want to choose something that is specifically designed for her pleasure. This is, after-all, HER day!

  1. Other toys you might want to try include Rabbit Vibrators. Perfect for g-spot stimulation, these toys also offer the benefit of clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

  2. Before you dive right in with internal stimulation, you might want to first try a Finger Vibrator to stimulate her clitoris. Some finger vibrators are designed for both internal and external stimulation and are also great for stimulating her nipples and other sensitive spots. Finger vibrators give you complete control of her pleasure, enabling you to reach her sweet spots easier and more effectively.

  3. Hands-free toys like the Womanizer Duo Clitoral Stimulator are also a good choice! This toy provides a sucking and massage sensation while the curved arm provides internal g-spot stimulation simultaneously. This toy is sure to tantalise her senses and bring her to the brink of orgasm.

Lube Things Up!  

For additional pleasure sensations, introduce some JO For Her Personal Lubricant. Designed to mimic a woman’s natural lubrication while offering a delicate glide that feels as smooth as silk. Comes with both warming and cooling sensations. If you’re considering growing your family, you might want to try the JO Actively Trying Conception Lubricant. It creates a healthy environment for sperm with its optimised pH levels.

It's time to remember your partner, this Mother’s Day. Make Mother’s Day a little naughty and a lot of fun with your partner at


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