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What’s more exciting than experiencing your favourite sexual fantasies? Sex can get boring and dull if you don’t try new things to spice it up. Everyone has their limits to what is acceptable when it comes to incorporating our sexual fantasies into real life sex play. Not every couple will share the same fantasies either…. but when they do, you can be sure there will be fireworks when the fantasy comes to life!


The first step in making your fantasies a reality is to communicate with your partner. Talk about what turns you on. Tell each other about your fantasies and see how they respond. You may never know if you don’t try. You might be pleasantly surprised! The biggest inhibitor in sexual exploration is lack of communication. Sometimes, just the act of communicating your kinkiest fantasies is enough to make the moment even more exciting. For some couples, this is enough. But, if you’re bold and keen to make it a reality, you need to be sure you are both on the same page and have set boundaries so that nobody gets hurt when engaging in these fantasies.

Making it A Reality:

Every couple is different. Some fantasies aren’t possible because they require a huge amount of trust between both partners and the last thing you want to do is engage in something that could cause a rift or tear your relationship apart. It’s a good thing most people have more than one fantasy! So discuss each of your fantasies until you find something you both get turned on by. If you’re both confident in your choice, have fun making it a reality!


Role-playing is a common fantasy many couples have. It enables you to abandon all inhibitions by getting into character and acting out your sexual fantasies. Pretending your partner is someone else can be an incredibly hot turn on. Who hasn’t fantasised about getting it on with a firefighterpolice officersuperhero or nurse? Perhaps it’s another role that tickles your fancy? Popular role-play categories people like to play include people in positions of power, people less dominant or perhaps more docile roles like a schoolgirlpriest, or maid.

Benefits of Role-Play: 

Role-play provides you and your partner the opportunity to act out those fantasies! It gets you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to escape from reality. If your relationship values monogamy, role-play can help by bringing you closer together as it can be a very intimate experience. We have a huge selection of sexy role-play costumes that are perfect for those interested in adding some adventure to their sex play. If you’re looking for a bit of fun and inspiration, you might want to try the Sex Games guide that helps you explore how you can increase your pleasure during role-play with an array of games, toys, props, scenarios and your imagination.


Some couples are happy to branch outside of their relationship and include other partners in their sex play. Threesomes are one of the most common sexual fantasies among many couples. For some couples, seeing their partner interacting sexually with another person is an incredible turn on. Sharing your partner with someone else who also finds him or her desirable can be quite exciting. Not every couple will want to engage in making this type of fantasy a reality, but those who do it successfully usually know that rules and boundaries must be set so that this type of sexual fulfilment is good for everyone. The eroticism of engaging in a threesome can linger between both partners for a long time after.

Customer Fantasies: 

Sexyland conducted a study with nearly four thousand customers to learn more about their sexual fantasies. We enjoyed hearing what you had to say! Some of the most reported sexual fantasies and interests included BDSM sex play, anal play, sex swings, shibari, riding a sybian and having multiple partners at once. The greatest interest seemed to be in BDSM play and threesomes. Sex toys were very frequently mentioned as they were very much an integral part of the fantasies and things people wanted to try. Many people responded with an interest in travelling to exotic and public places for sexual adventures and of course, there were quite a few who fantasised about voyeuristic encounters. We received so many amazing responses! Below are a few of our favourites. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

I love roleplays! I think the best encounters always have a backstory. I mean, there is nothing less exciting to me than a partner who is teasing and playing with you, only for no real good reason at all. So. With that being said, a sexual fantasy I would love to have fulfilled begins with a role play. I imagine it starting with a basic play for power. The dominant partner telling his or her shy victim that they are in trouble. It would be possibly a misunderstanding, because I much prefer the submissive to be innocent rather than actually guilty.

The fantasy moves into the classic sexy dungeon scene. (Oh how I wish I had one) And the room is lined with high quality toys meant for torture and pleasure. The submissive teased until he or she cannot stand it anymore. And then the dominant goes a little further just for the fun of it. I suppose my fantasy is quite simple- a role play set in a well hidden, but well designed, red room.

-Submitted by Ms. F from Pakenham

BDSM: I'd like my husband to organise a sexy/dirty weekend. As soon as we arrive at our destination he tells me that during our time there I'm to be his sex slave and do as he says or be punished. First thing he tells me to do is to strip naked and says that I'm not allowed to wear any clothes for the whole weekend. He pulls out a collar and leash, puts it on me and tells me I'm not allowed to take it off. He leads me outside to the pool (our accommodation must have a pool) We get in and start making out. He sits up on the edge of the pool and pulls me towards him. and tells me to suck his cock.

After a few minutes he jumps off the edge grabs me, shoves me up against the pool wall and takes me from behind. During all this I'm unaware that a couple next door are watching us, however my husband knows they are there. When we finish he leads me inside to the bedroom, ties me to the bed, takes out our bag of toys and tells me that he is going to blindfold me and start using the toys on me. He says that we're going to play a game where I have to guess which toy he is using and if I get it wrong he gets to spank me. He puts the blindfold on me and tells me he'll be back in a minute. I wait patiently, getting more and more excited. I hear him return and rummage around in the bag, all of a sudden I feel something being slid inside me, after a few thrusts he wants me to make my guess, I guess and I get it wrong and instantly I receive a very firm slap across my backside.

We carry on like this with a few more toys, some in my pussy and some in my ass, some I get wrong and some I get right. Eventually he says that he is about to use the last toy. I feel him climbing up on the bed and I feel his cock pushing it's way inside me. With confidence I say I know this toy well and tell him it's his cock, it's then that my blindfold is taken off and I see it's not my husband on top of me, it's the guy from next door. As I look around the room I see my husband on the couch having sex with the woman from next door, he looks over at me with a big grin on his face.

-Submitted by Ms. N from Melton

More to Come!

If you’ve enjoyed these customer-submitted fantasies, we’ve got some exciting news! Starting this week, we plan to share a new fantasy with you each newsletter so you’ll have something juicy and exciting to read each week.

Statistically Speaking...  

Some of the data we looked at when customers were asked to describe their fantasies showed threesomes and BDSM to be the two favourites. Out of nearly 3,800 respondents, the term threesome was mentioned 433 times. BondageBDSM & being tied up, combined, were mentioned over 523 times. Other sexual fantasies mentioned included the use of various sex toys (such as: nipple clampsvibrators and cockrings), anal sex play, role play, being blindfoldedpegging, having sex in public and attending swingers and sex club parties.

Let Us Help You!  

No matter what your sexual fantasy is, we are here to help you find the right toys and gear to make your sexual adventures as exciting as possible. Our friendly FUN Specialist are always available in store to answer any questions you might have and to help you find the toy that is right for you. Be sure to drop in and give us a visit. We're still open for business through the lockdown! Use our online Store Locator to find a store near you and come say hi today!

We know that sexual fantasies are an integral part of sexual happiness. Everyone benefits from enjoying a bit of imaginative sex play. What ever your sexual fantasy is, we have the toys and tools to make your experience as exciting and erotic as you want.


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