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LOVE Play for ALL

We at Sexyland understand that love can be fun and adventurous for all couples! Make the magic between you and your lover more exciting by exploring every part of each other. Communicate what feels good. Ask your partner what they like. Don’t get stuck in the same routine. Change things up and always try something new. Get to know one another’s erogenous zones and target those areas during sex play.

Love is All Around Us:

Whatever your sexual orientation is, we all share a common need as a human being…. to feel good and to experience love. Feeling good starts with self love. Loving yourself prepares you to be loved by others. Take the time to learn what pleases you. Explore your body, understand your needs. This will help you better communicate your needs when engaging in sensual play with someone else. There is no right or wrong way to love one another.

Erogenous Zone:

What is an erogenous zone? An erogenous zone is a very sensitive part of the body that elicits sexual arousal when stimulated by touch or other means. These areas tend to have a high concentration of nerve endings that connect sexual stimulation between the brain and the genitalia. An erogenous zone can be found anywhere on the body and can vary from person to person. The fun part about sexual exploration of one another is experimenting and trying new things. You never know what new erogenous zone you might find!

We're All Different:

Your body is unique to you and only you. Regardless of your sexual nature, your body’s response to sexual stimulation will vary from person to person. While we may all share similar erogenous zones, the way in which we process our body’s response to stimulation to those zones is going to be inherently different from another person. Think of your nervous system as your body’s internal wiring. Not everyone is wired the same, therefore, not everyone is going to experience the feeling of arousal the same way.


Sexual stimulation can come in many forms. The art of seduction is to find out what specifically turns your lover on and apply this technique in a way that keeps sex fun and exciting. Changing your routine up helps too. Some people are turned on simply by suggestive innuendo while some might get turned on through intellectual conversation alone. Not every erogenous zone is stimulated through physical contact! The mind is a very powerful and important part of sex play. It’s very important to include mental stimulation into your sex life.

But let’s face it… actions speak louder than words and when the heat gets turned up, bodies start connecting and then you never know what will happen next.

Women vs Men:

Women and men respond to sexual stimuli differently primarily because we have different sexual organs. This doesn’t mean we can’t share many of the same erogenous zones. The trick is to find what parts of the body feel good when stimulated and which parts push you closer to orgasm and experiment with different techniques to push that experience to new heights.

For women, some of her more well known erogenous zones include nipples, lips and of course her clitoris. Similar to women, men are often aroused through his nipples and lips but his penis, prostate and scrotum are especially sensitive. But don’t let the fun stop there! The entire body is full of sensitive spots that connect the mind and body to sexual arousal.

Sensual Massage: 

One of the best ways to explore each other is through a sensual massage. Not only can physical touch be an incredible form of arousal, relieving stress throughout the body helps to relax your partner and prepare him or her for a more erotic experience. You’re more likely to discover hidden erogenous zones as well. We have a large variety of massage oils & accessoriesmassage candles and vibrating body wands that can help any couple get into the groove with a good massage.

Sex Toys:

As you explore, you might find it helpful to include sex toys for additional sensations. Vibrators are particularly favoured in that they allow you to apply vibrations to erogenous zones to intensify the response. Sometimes, all it takes is a slow, sexy rumbling sensation brushing gently along the body’s skin to increase arousal. Some people prefer powerful vibrations that could shake a house down. Whatever your preference, we have everything you will need. Masturbators are a perfect choice for men in that they offer stimulation with both vibration and non-vibrating functions that help him reach climax faster.

Toys for Everyone:

May we suggest some less traditional sex toys, perfect for any couple or individual that are especially useful for targeting those erogenous zones:

Female Stimulators:

Male Masturbators:

Gender Neutral Stimulators:


Sexyland is happy to introduce our new navigation structure that provides a more user friendly experience. We’ve listened to our customers and have included some new options that weren’t there before to help you find what you need faster. We welcome your feedback and hope that our changes make your shopping experience more enjoyable.


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