Exploring Your Desires: A Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your First Sex Toy

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Imagine a world where pleasure is celebrated without stigma, a world where sexual health, pleasure, and well-being are encouraged and taught. This is a world Sexyland is helping to build and believes everyone and everybody is entitled to. Your sexual health and pleasure are inherently linked to your overall well-being; the right sex toy can have a multitude of benefits for mindfulness, stress relief, sleep, and relaxation. What more could you ask for? 

An Introduction to the World of Sex Toys

Sex toys are items that people use to enhance the pleasure of sexual activities, both partnered and solo. Sex toys come in lots of different types to suit everyone and everybody. At Sexyland, we boast Australia’s largest range, meaning there really is something for every body.  

Understanding Your Needs and Preferences

Embarking on this journey involves self-discovery; it’s about getting comfortable in your own skin and acknowledging your unique desires. Whether it's discovering erogenous zones, understanding sensitivity levels, or exploring preferred sensations, this self-awareness is the cornerstone of a fulfilling experience.

If you’re exploring toys with a partner for the first time, communication plays a crucial role. Sharing your preferences, boundaries, and fantasies with a partner fosters a deeper connection and ensures a more enjoyable shared experience.

Safety and Hygiene: What You Need to Know

Now, this is less exciting, but a little bit of housekeeping before we dive into the good stuff. Prioritising your safety and hygiene when choosing and using sex toys is essential. Ensuring that your toys are made from body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, or non-porous materials helps prevent adverse reactions. 

Regularly cleaning your toys before and after use, and following manufacturer instructions is essential to avoid potential infections or complications. Additionally, using appropriate lubrication compatible with your chosen toy and your body is crucial. Water-based lubricants are usually safe for most sex toy materials and are recommended for their compatibility and ease of cleaning.

Beginner-Friendly Sex Toys For Vulva Owners

Let’s take a closer look at the vast array of pleasure tools available for anyone with a vulva. Vibrators provide an excellent source of stimulation and come in so many exciting designs with so many different options that will leave you breathless (in the best way). We carry an exciting range of Classic Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, Body Wands and Suction Toys to suit her every whim and desire.

  • Classic Vibrators: One of the best starter toys and a classic is the Adam & Eve Velvet Kiss Vibrator. This 6-inch vibrator is a slim, straight vibrator that is great for beginners. Its sensual, silky body feels incredible against your skin, whether it's caressing your erogenous zones or sliding inside you for toe-curling internal pleasure. With multiple speeds on an easy-to-use dial base, you can go from a low-intensity teasing hum all the way to body-shaking vibration in one smooth motion. This cutie is waterproof too, so enjoy exploring with it in the bath or shower!
  • Rabbit Vibrators: These babies are a household name for a reason (not just from Charlotte’s very understandable addiction to the toy on Sex and the City.) Rabbit toys are great for beginners and offer two sources of stimulation, one internal and one external. For a sleek modern rabbit, it’s one we should all want in our collection the We-Vibe Nova 2 Constant Contact Rabbit Vibrator. If you’re keen to try something that resembles something closer to what Charlotte loved, the Adam & Eve, Eve’s First Rabbit Vibrator with Rotating Beads is a fun, reliable and exciting toy to try. Rabbit Vibrators can be used just on your vulva and clitoris, or you can enjoy the dual stimulation when you feel ready. With Rabbits, you can embrace the beauty of choice! You’re also in control of the pace, whether you prefer a wild ride or a sensually slow vibe. It’s your body, your rules; when it comes to pleasure, the ultimate experience lies in the freedom to choose.
  • Body Wand Vibrators: Body wands are great for anyone who enjoys and is looking for external stimulation. The Romp Flip is a rechargeable, cordless wand vibrator that is very beginner-friendly. With its affordable price point of $59.95, you can explore something new without having to commit to a higher investment toy. The Romp Flip is a lightweight toy with a flexible head, making it easy to maneuver around your pleasure zones. Especially for those longer sessions while you work out what feels right, extremely quiet + waterproof for easy cleaning & can be used in the shower or bath where no one's the wiser. This quiet yet powerful toy delivers 6 vibration functions and 4 pattern modes that'll have you clutching the sheets harder than ever! 
  • Suction Toys: Vulva Stimulators don't always just vibrate. Suction technology rivals the pleasures of oral sex with sonic waves that penetrate the deep tissues of the female anatomy, almost guaranteeing an explosive orgasm. Our personal favourite suction toy is the Sexyland Rose Ravish. This toy is not only a clitoral suction stimulator but also boasts a second stimulator that mimics a licking vibration with 6 modes on each option.

Beginner-Friendly Sex Toys For Penis Owners

Now, penis owners, when it comes to beginner-friendly sex toys, you’re still able to choose from multiple sensations and designs. Masturbators and Strokers are toys we can’t go past and what we recommend to begin with.  

  • Masturbators:  Whether you’re looking for a realistic vagina, ass, or something less realistic, we've got you covered. For a more human option, the Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Vaginal Masturbator is the ultimate bestseller for experts and beginners alike. Not just because we all know and love Riley Reid, but because this toy will stimulate your throbbing member like nothing you've ever felt before with its revolutionary coiled design and unique pleasure pockets full of nubby bristles.
    For something a little more discreet, the Tenga Egg Masturbator offers 6 unique masturbator textures to try. These super-stretchy elastomer eggs fit over almost any penis and are perfect for up-down stroking with side-to-side twisting so you can experiment with the sensations that work best for you. Best of all, the Tenga Egg Masturbator is disposable after a single use for the most convenient cleanup of all — none!
  • Strokers: Unlike closed masturbators that engulf your member, strokers are more flexible and open, offering a unique sensation. The Vush Sol 10-Mode Vibrating Ribbed Stroker is a great option for something beginner-friendly that feels just as good as the real thing while being more abstract in appearance. For even more pleasure, this Stroker has a whisper-quiet motor for discreet vibrations. There are 5 steady speeds and 5 pulsating patterns to pick from with a single push of the power button so you can find your perfect stimulation level. 

Making Your First Purchase

Selecting your first sex toy can be both exciting and overwhelming. Begin by researching reputable brands and reading user reviews to understand the experiences of others. Consider your preferences, whether you seek external or internal stimulation. 

Remember, your first purchase doesn’t need to be extravagant. Start with something that aligns with your comfort level and gradually explore further as you become more familiar with your desires and preferences.

Sexyland’s Fun Specialists are always here to offer tailored advice on how to choose the right sex toy for you. Chat with us live or visit one of Sexyland’s adult stores, browse and shop our huge range of sex toys online and enjoy 2hr Delivery on bestselling toys!


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