Easy Winter Warmers To Turn Up The Heat In the Bedroom (Literally)

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Easy Winter Warmers To Turn Up The Heat In the Bedroom (Literally)

Baby, it’s cold outside, so why don’t you come on in and warm up with these hot tips, courtesy of the Sexyland Fun Specialists! Winter brings chilly weather and drenching rains, and there’s no better excuse than that to snuggle up by the fire with a lucky lover, or get cosy under a blanket and take some me-time for yourself...

Create your own warmth around the room

Since you’ll be spending most of your time inside, it might not be feasible just to crank the thermostat (unless you’re ready to come face-to-face with a huge heating bill), and not everyone is #blessed enough to have a fireplace. Instead, opt for thick, plush textures around your home like a woollen throw draped over an armchair, velvet pillows scattered across your house, and a sheepskin rug at the foot of your desk or bed. Not only do these add visual warmth and look luxe AF, they’re also super cosy materials to help you feel nice and toasty.

Another easy but effective heat trick is candles! They cast beautiful flickering light and shadows with their flames and can really add to the aesthetic of your home. With such a huge range of colours, shapes, and scents on the market, you’re sure to find something that suits your interior décor and personality. Add in the incredibly romantic ambience they can create and you’ve got yourself a sexy winter-ready wonderland! We love the Eye of Love - Arousing Fragrance Massage Candle range with their delicious pheromone-infused aromas. Oh, and did we mention that these scented candles pull double duty? You can dollop out some of the melted wax onto your body to use it as a massage oil! And speaking of massages...

Give yourself a warming rubdown

If you think about it, an erotic massage is just the sexier version of rubbing your hands together to warm them up. It can help to relax your body and get you more in the mood, or it can just be a pampering sesh for you or a partner. Whether you’re treating yourself or a lucky lover to a little piece of full-body bliss, dry hands will maximise friction and warm up the area faster, though some people may find this less comfortable since it involves more tugging of the skin. Some sort of massage lubricant will go a long way to making the massage smoother and more sensual, and there are plenty of amazing massage therapy oils, lotions, creams, and gels available to suit your preferences. Using moisturisers like these is also a great way to prevent dry winter skin and keep your skin looking and feeling its best!

For a complete massage experience, the JO® All-In-One Massage Kit is a beginner-friendly way to recreate a spa-worthy rubdown at home. It comes with a tealight candle to set the mood, an ergonomic massager tool, and a warming massage glide to help relax your muscles with gentle, radiating heat.

Enjoy a warm drink before oral sex

Temperature play is always hot, and now it’s even hotter! The contrast in temperatures between your tongue or the inside of your mouth and your partner’s genitals is normally already pretty pronounced, but the effect will be even more noticeable when it’s cold out and you’ve just taken a sip of something warm. Mulled wine is a delicious winter favourite if you’re feeling fancy and love rich and spicy flavours, or you can keep it simple with a classic cuppa. To dial up the stimulation, make your brew a peppermint tea for a tingly menthol element that will have your partner’s toes curling harder than ever before…

Cruisin’ solo tonight but still want that warm sensation down there? Here’s a hot toy tip you might not have known about: you can get toys that warm on their own, like the Pillow Talk® Sultry - Luxurious Dual-Ended Warming Massager! This vibrating wand has two heads for double the fun, one atop a flexible neck and a tapered insertable one for versatile pleasure! The shaft rotates and warms to give you all the stimulation you could ever want, which you can control with just one press of the dazzling Swarovski® crystal control button.

You can also heat things up yourself with warming lubricant or other methods to try out temperature play with toys! If your toy is made of a waterproof material and free of electronics, you can put it in a large container or pot and cover it with warm (not hot!) water for a few minutes until it’s at the right temperature for you to enjoy. For non-waterproof toys or toys with motors, put them in a zip-lock bag before dunking in the water, or you can try wrapping a hot towel around the toy until you’re happy with the temperature. With this nifty little trick up your sleeve, you’re sure to be getting hot (but not bothered) under the covers!


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