X-Rated Rainy Day Activities For Adults Only

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X-Rated Rainy Day Activities For Adults Only

When the rain is lashing at your windows, it’s only natural to want to stay in, rug up, and avoid the gloomy downpour. Now that winter is here, you’ll have plenty of rainy days to binge Netflix for hours, so why not spend some quality time with yourself or your special someone instead? If you’re in the mood to ditch the screens, here are some sexy ideas for things you can do to make waiting out the storm a little more exhilarating!

Break out the adult board games

Rather than letting Monopoly ruin your relationships with the people you love, why not try something new with your boo and grab something more exciting (and less likely to end in tears) from the games drawer? Sexyland carries plenty of adult card and board games, with options for couples looking to get intimate, and even groups of friends who just want casual fun (either in person or over Zoom). Keep things simple with straightforward but sexy dare dice, have a laugh (and maybe a cheeky bevvie or two) with mates, or go for something more complex that will spark engaging conversations! There’s a game to suit everyone, whether you’re in the mood for some easy entertainment or love getting stuck into the nitty-gritty details of a thick rule book!

Get into character with some sexy roleplay

Just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can’t still get dressed up! After all, what better time is there to flirt with a fantasy than when you’re both craving something fun to do? 

If you’re not into the idea of playing pretend in bed, that's perfectly fine, though studies have shown that being bored out of your mind makes you more creative, so you never know! You might just find yourself putting that creativity to good use and brainstorming sexy new scenarios…

Roleplay can be a fun way to escape from reality and explore the edges of your comfort zone in a safe environment with people you trust. When all parties involved are on board, it can provide excellent opportunities for you to experience intimacy on a different level, so it’s important to have open communication about it all. Establish safe words, limits, and expectations before you start, and make sure to give each other some TLC once the scene is over. Good aftercare is important after all kinds of sex, not just BDSM, and being awash with the afterglow lends itself wonderfully to positive communication and reflection about the experience.

For those of you who are keen to discover and indulge your desires, consider what characters you would like to become with your partner(s). There are roleplay scenarios to suit anyone’s tastes, whether you like both partners to be on equal footing or prefer a submissive/Dominant power dynamic. Looking the part can go a long way when you want to get yourselves in the headspace to act out your fantasies, and you can bring plenty of characters to life by buying sexy adult costumes for nurses/doctors, maids/butlers, and more.

What’s hot right now is the Teach Me Sexy School Girl Costume by Forplay – our online customers have been buying this sexy schoolgirl outfit like crazy! From desperately needing to pull up your grades to the headmaster/mistress giving you detention for violating the dress code with your revealing uniform, we’re sure your professor will find some reason to keep you after class…

Start a new sexercise routine

While some people may enjoy the refreshing spray of rain on their faces as they run, not all of us are willing to weather a drenching for the sake of our workouts. However, that’s no reason to skip your gym sesh, especially if you’re keen to feel that satisfying soreness the next day! In terms of how many calories sex burns, sure, it’s not the most intensive workout you could do, but it’s definitely the most fun. Wanna see how many calories you and your partner are burning together? Check out this sex workout calculator, courtesy of Dr Felix Pharmacy.

You can spice up your sexercise and work out different muscle groups with a sex swing, like the Fetish Fantasy Series® - Fantasy Door Swing™! This nifty swing converts any door into a whole new kind of gym for you and a partner to get acquainted in, and you can easily try new positions together that would make any Pilates instructor proud. It has padded loops to offer comfortable support while you two are, ahem, pumping iron, and it’s as easy to pack away as it is to set up – no screws, no tools, no holes in your ceiling, all you have to do is open and close a door!

Missing a gym buddy doesn’t mean you have to miss out either. Maybe you’d rather work on your endurance in private and improve your performance to impress your next gym partner. The best piece of gym equipment to work out that, er, muscle, is the Fleshlight - Stamina Training Unit! This masturbator has nothing but glowing reviews from our customers and is perfect for men who want to make the switch from sprinting to marathon running!

Soak away your stress & troubles

Whether you’ve worked up a sweat with these other ideas or your ideal rainy day already involves a luxuriously long soak, there’s nothing quite like a nice hot bath. Accompanied by relaxing tunes, luscious bubbles, and scented candles, you’ve got a surefire self-care recipe for yourself (and maybe even a partner too if your tub can accommodate a pair). For extra help unwinding, why not turn bath time into sexy time with an adult toy that’s waterproof like the We-Vibe® Wand? This wand vibrator is great for full-body massages, including those hard-to-reach spots and your intimate areas for the ultimate hot and steamy experience...


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