5 Fantastic Reasons All Men Should Try Anal Play At Least Once

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5 Fantastic Reasons All Men Should Try Anal Play At Least Once

Real talk: plenty of men shy away from the idea of receiving sexual attention back there, even guys who consider themselves adventurous in the bedroom. Anal play can be intimidating to newcomers regardless of sexuality, and there is still some taboo and social stigma lingering around the topic, but that doesn’t have to stop you from exploring if you’re curious! Your pleasure is your pleasure, and you have every right to learn what your body likes in your own way.

With that in mind, always remember to have open communication with your partner(s) to make sure everyone is comfortable during the experience, use condoms, and be generous with the anal lubricant – there’s no such thing as ‘too much lube’ when it comes to anal sex or toys! The Sexyland Fun Specialists recommend Wicked Jelle, a water-based anal lubricant that has a super thick jelly-like formula for a long-lasting glide and extra cushioning. The vegan formula means everyone can enjoy it!

1. Anal & prostate orgasms feel seriously amazing

Wanna know what you’re missing out on? A backdoor orgasm can make you grip the sheets tighter than ever before and it’ll blow more than just your mind! The prostate, or ‘P-spot’, has been dubbed by many as ‘the male version of the G-spot’, and for good reason. Orgasms that start here have been described as one of the most intensely pleasurable full-body sensations ever, like a volcano erupting, and like heaven. Just see what these 10 men who’ve had prostate orgasms have to say about what they feel like.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend exploring on your own at first so you can familiarise yourself with anal sensations at your own pace. If you’re having a hard time reaching back there yourself, consult a trusted partner to help out or add something new to your toy drawer, like the Aneros® Helix Syn Trident! This male G-spot stimulator is perfect for first-timers thanks to its slimmer shape, soft silicone coating, and fuss-free use. Its contoured design and perineum stimulator arm are sure to hit the right spots every time, and our customers have left nothing but glowing reviews on this toy!

‘Can I still have an anal orgasm if I don’t have a prostate?’

No prostate? No problem! Non-cisgender men and folks who weren’t assigned male at birth can still have totally toe-curling anal orgasms since the anal opening itself is an erogenous zone packed with nerve endings. The sphincter muscles are super-sensitive to penetrative stimulation, as well as softer external sensations like analingus (or ‘rimming’), and the perineum is another great spot to focus your attention if you prefer a less penetrative option.

2. Anal play can be good for your health

Sexual pleasure in general, orgasms, and ejaculation (because some men can orgasm without ejaculating) not only feel awesome, but how often a man releases sperm can affect his overall health. In addition to these broad postives, did you know that specific anal toys like prostate massagers can have health benefits? While the number of studies in this field is still growing and medical experts are still discussing their results, you can’t deny that self-care is good for your mind and body, and that includes your sexual pleasure. If the path to your happiness leads back and around there, feel free to follow it!

3. Understanding more about bottoming can help you become a better top

Obviously, communication is key to ensure all parties are having a good time, but experiencing things first-hand the way others will is a wonderful way to learn. By understanding what feels good for you, you can learn how to apply those techniques and principles to improve future partners’ anal experiences with you, whether it’s a specific finger movement, toy setting, or position angle!

4. Pegging & anal play adds new fun to your sex life

If your partner is keen to get involved in anal play with you, it can open doors to a whole new realm of never-before-experienced pleasure for both of you! You can introduce it slowly to your routine by asking your partner to run their tongue along your perineum while stroking you with their hands, or by gently running a finger along and around the area in a light massage.

If you’re ready to try pegging with a strap-on, the role reversal, shedding traditional gender stereotypes, and new power dynamics are all thrilling elements that are perfect for teaching you both to be open to new ways of enjoying your bodies! The shared vulnerability and intimacy is also sure to bring you both closer like nothing else. As an added bonus, anal play gives your penis a break if you’re feeling overstimulated or too close to the edge and wanting to pull back to go a little longer together.

5. You just might like it

We’ll say it again louder for the people in the back: anal 👏 play 👏 feels 👏 good.👏

You’ll never know if you never try, and what have you got to lose just by giving it a go? You can always shop online from the privacy and comfort of your own home and enjoy our 2-hour Quickie Delivery service on selected anal toys!


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