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When it comes to sex toys for couples, the industry has come a long way in the cultural awareness and acceptance of gender pairings beyond male and female, as well as genital pairings beyond penis and vagina. After all, sex toys don’t discriminate — they’re made for anyone who wants them, and everyone deserves to be able to fulfill their sexual desires.

Sexyland has always been proud to provide gender-inclusive toy options that cater to everybody and every body. Here are our top toy picks, which we’ll be discussing in the context of anatomy. If you don’t fall under a toy’s particular marketed sexuality, don’t let that stop you from exploring if something sounds like it could be up your alley! Often, the only difference between toys marketed to straight people and those marketed to queer folks with the same genitals is the marketing itself. If you’d like specific sex toy advice, our Fun Specialists are always here to help, both in-person and over our online chat function.


Best penis sex toys

Couples can enjoy all the following sex toys if at least one partner has a penis. 

Open-ended masturbators

Many masturbator toys either have a close-ended design or only have a small opening at the very end for cleaning the toy between uses. This makes sense in the context of encompassing the entire penis in the sleeve for stroking pleasure from tip to base, but this doesn’t leave a whole lot of leeway for a partner to get involved in the fun.

Enter the open-ended masturbator (literally) — the aim here is to pick something that lets the head of the penis protrude out the end, like the Fleshlight® Quickshot™ Vantage. The compact size leaves room for a partner to tend to the head of the user’s penis, either with their hands or mouth. The added benefit of this particular model from Fleshlight is that the textured sleeve has clear colouring so both of you can see the action up close and personal!

Anal plug & cock ring combos

It has to be said: anyone with a prostate can have a prostate orgasm. Giving the backdoor a little more attention while also working the front is a fantastic way for people with penises to experience more intense sexual pleasure as it layers the sensations across multiple erogenous zones. 

That’s why we love toys that combine penile and anal stimulation, like this (aptly-named) Ass-Kicker Vibrating Butt Plug & Cock Ring from the Anal Fantasy Collection® team. This is perfect for someone who enjoys penetrating their partner since the cock ring portion traps blood in the wearer’s erection to keep them harder for longer. This delays and intensifies climax on top of the extra stimulation from the vibrating ring and plug!

Alternatively, for someone who enjoys the sensation of a cock ring and anal vibration while also being penetrated, The Vibe Perineum & Prostate Vibrator With Cock & Ball Ring from Rocks-Off® is a must-have toy. It has a seriously unique design that provides all the benefits and feeling of a cock ring while also vibrating against the perineum and inside the anus. The insertable anal arm is flattened to make room for a partner to penetrate the wearer, and this partner will be able to enjoy the vibrations once inside as well!


Best vulva sex toys

Couples can enjoy all the following sex toys if at least one partner has a vulva.

Strapless strap-ons

Unlike traditional strap-ons, these L-shaped toys don’t use a harness to support them against the wearer’s body. Instead, they have a short, insertable end that the wearer holds onto with their pelvic floor muscles while the other shaft extends from their body. This makes the strap-on feel more like a continuation of the wearer’s body and also offers them some penetrative pleasure as they thrust into their partner. These sex toys are suitable for lesbian couples or couples where both people have vaginas, as well as couples who are into pegging (a sex act where a vagina-having person anally penetrates a partner who has a penis).

One of Sexyland’s favourite strapless strap-ons is the 2 Become 1 Remote-Control Strapless Strap-On from Evolved®, and when we say this thing does it all, we mean it does it all. The large insertable head has a phallic ridge and upturned design to hit the G-spot or P-spot just right, plus a motor with 10 vibration modes. For the wearer, the insertable head vibrates in another 10 modes, and there’s also a 10-speed clitoral stimulator with a flickering tongue inside to simulate incredible oral sensations!

Double penetration toys

Double penetration (DP) is an umbrella term that describes when two or more penetrating objects (like toys or body parts) are inserted into one person. This can be through any combination of oral, vaginal, and anal penetration, though in this case, we’ll be discussing it in terms of vaginal with anal penetration.

Vagina + anus DP is possible with one person accommodating two penetrating partners, one penetrating partner with an additional penetrative aide (like this Double Diver DP cock ring), or completely solo with a specially designed toy like this rabbit vibrator with anal beads. There are even toys that fit into both orifices while still letting a penetrating partner join in, like the Cocktail Vaginal & Anal Plug Vibrator from Rocks-Off! This unique sex toy has a ribbed butt plug and a slim, flexible neck connected to a flattened head that sits inside the vagina. This leaves room for a partner to penetrate, either with a penis, another toy, or fingers, while the 10 vibration modes dance against the wearer’s inner walls…


Best gender-neutral couples sex toys

Couples can enjoy all the following sex toys, regardless of what genitals either partner has.

Double-ended dildos

If you and your partner enjoy penetration, a dual-ended dildo is a simple option to please you both! It’s basically a long dildo with two phallic heads at either end, which you can enjoy vaginally or anally. Most double-ended dildos have a straight shape that is easy to grab in the middle and slide back and forth between partners. Flexible options like the Colours Double Pleasure Dual-Ended Dildo can be bent so you can experiment with different positions. For extra versatility, this one’s ends are different thicknesses so you can choose how filling your stimulation is!

Egg vibrators

Egg vibrators are compact and easy to slip into a vagina or anus for internal stimulation anyone can enjoy. Remote-controlled or Bluetooth options like the Lovense Lush 3 are great for wireless, fuss-free play. If the vibrator is quiet enough, you can put your poker faces to the test and experiment with some cheeky fun in public!

Egg vibrators normally have a tail of some kind for easy removal, but of course, remember to be sensible if your sex toy doesn’t have a flared base and you want to use it anally. Always leave enough of the tail sticking out so you can grab it and take the toy out. 

Wand vibrators & massagers

Everybody can appreciate the tension-melting magic of a good massage, and a strong vibrating wand is perfect for all-over body use by anyone. With a wand that plugs into a wall outlet like Bodywand’s™ Original Plug-In Vibrating Massager, you’ll never have to worry about the vibrator running out of juice before the job is done. Alternatively, there are rechargeable options like the Winyi Klaus for a cordless experience that let you easily navigate the wand anywhere around your bodies. If the moment is heating up, consider an accessory like this wand-holder arm that secures the wand in position and leaves your hands free for, well…we’ll let your imagination take care of the rest 😉

No matter who you love, Sexyland has something real sexy for everyone to enjoy. Come visit an adult store and see Sexyland’s range of couples sex toys for gay, lesbian, and straight couples, or shop online and enjoy 2-hour delivery on bestselling couples adult toys!


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