3 Steps To Setting The Perfect Mood

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Whether you’re coming home from a hot date night planned or just want to get yourselves in the mood for sexy fun, it’s worth putting in the effort to enhance your experience. Not only does this show your special someone you’re willing to go the extra mile for them, but it’s also a great way to get both your minds and bodies excited for what’s ahead!

Dress to impress

Is there anything better than feeling as hot as you look? If there’s an outfit you know you rock, don’t be afraid to strut your stuff, for both you and your lucky audience to enjoy. It could be anything from a dress that shows off your knockout figure to a smart button-up shirt that brings out the colour of your eyes. Even better, if there’s something your partner has said they like seeing you in, just dress up in that and watch their eyes light up!

If this happens to be lingerie, you can walk into the boudoir already wearing it, or hide it under your everyday clothing as a sexy surprise for later. Sexyland has got you (un)covered with plenty of sexy women’s and men’s lingerie options to boost your confidence, and your heart rates… 😉

Create an alluring ambience

Sure, not all of us can have ready-made bachelor or bachelorette pads, but there are simple things you can do to make your space feel more sensual:

  • Ensure your space is clean and organised — we’re all guilty of being a little messy from time to time, but if you’re expecting company, it’s best to give your place a once-over before they arrive. Clear away the clutter and remove obvious signs of mess like clothes on the floor, piles of paperwork, and dishes in the sink (we’re looking at you, pan that’s been ‘soaking’ for days). If you know certain items will be making an appearance like massage oil or adult toys, it’s worth having them ready to go for seamless transitions.
  • Vibe to some sensual tunes — whether you’re into R&B or rock, there’s something to suit everybody’s music taste. Pick your favourite songs and slow dance together, do a sensual strip tease, sing along to suggestive lyrics, or just use it as background music.
  • Indulge the senses — there’s nothing like walking through the front door and being welcomed by an enticing scent in the air. For a low-maintenance aromatherapy option that’s always ready to go, a reed diffuser with some essential oils is an easy addition to any room. Alternatively, you can light a scented candle when you get home and enjoy a stronger fragrance!
  • Light it up — speaking of candles, the flickering flame and dancing shadows can go a long way to setting the scene. Some of Sexyland’s candles even double as massage oils once they melt so you can treat each other to a relaxing rubdown too! If open flames aren’t your thing, you can use dimmable lights, moody lamps, string lights, or even a smart lighting setup to create your desired aesthetic.

Prepare your sex toys & accessories

If toys are your thing and you’re planning to use them, make sure they’re ready to go when you are, or you may just be met with disappointment in the heat of the moment.

Picture this: you and your special someone are all revved up and ready to go. You fall into bed in a tender tangle of limbs and sheets as the aforementioned rose petals scatter all around you. Eyes locked with your partner, you reach into your bedside drawer to get one of your favourite sex toys and, ugh, hang on, where is it — you have to fumble around to find it. Totally not sexy. To make things even worse, imagine pulling out your toy only to find that the battery is dead 😭

The easiest way to prevent both of these scenarios from happening is to have your toy out in the open with a topped-up battery at all times. Of course, this means your toy needs to have a subtle design that doesn’t give the game away. Luckily for you, Sexyland has toys that are as discreet as our delivery!

One of our favourites that ticks all the boxes is The Feather Vibrating Tickler from Deia™, a luxury brand known for their high-quality adult toys. This flexible feather-shaped toy vibrates in 10 modes for you to enjoy brushing over your external erogenous zones or a partner’s. It comes with a magnetic charging dock that looks just like a discreet glasses case so it won’t look out of place in the open. Even the Feather itself has a completely unassuming appearance, and the beautiful navy silicone and rose gold details are sure to look lovely on your nightstand.

If you’re ready to step up your mood-setting game, pop into one of Sexyland’s adult stores near you, or shop online for 2hr Delivery on our most popular items! Our range of erotic scented candles, massage oils, hot lingerie, and sex toys is sure to spice up any sensual moment…


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