Top 5 Reasons Women Have Trouble Climaxing - Sexynews #81

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Top 6 Reasons Women Have Trouble Climaxing - Sexynews #81

Sexual arousal depends on a combination of physical stimulation and mental or emotional aspects

For many women, sexual arousal depends on a combination of physical stimulation and mental or emotional aspects, and there are a variety of factors that can impact your satisfaction. Experts believe that only about 10% of women can achieve climax easily, so if you're part of that other 90%, don't worry. You're not alone in your struggle to reach the big ‘O’.

"Why can't I orgasm?" - Top 5 reasons women have trouble climaxing

While every woman faces her own challenges with sexual dysfunction, some of the most common reasons you might be struggling to get off include:

  1. ​​Intimacy issues - these can stem from problems in past or current relationships, such as lack of attraction or feeling unappreciated. Don't be afraid to have an honest talk with your partner about how you both feel and what steps you're both comfortable taking to overcome any obstacles together.
  2. Anxiety/overthinking - do you often find yourself 'getting in your head' during sex or masturbation? There are a lot of mental barriers that can get in the way of enjoying sex, including feeling self-conscious or societal narratives that guilt or shame people who take pleasure in their own bodies. Learn to confront these thoughts and remember that not only are you allowed to feel connected to yourself, you're allowed to love yourself too. 
  3. ​Stress/emotional distress - life is full of things that can, will, and have gone wrong. Dwelling on sources of stress can distract you from the heat of the moment and bring you down, so it's important to try and let go. Deep breathing exercises and practicing mindfulness can help you relax and make it easier to go with the flow when things are getting frisky. 
  4. Changes to your health - from feeling under the weather to hormonal fluctuations, your physical wellbeing plays a big role in your ability to enjoy yourself in bed. If you suspect your sexual satisfaction is suffering because of an underlying health problem, see a medical professional. 
  5. Lack of stimulation/boring routine - now this one we can help with! Whether you're tired of the same old sensation or you need something that hits the right spot, Sexyland has just the thing for you. From Female Enhancers & Stimulants that intensify sensations to exciting new Sex Toys For Women, you're bound to find something that adds the right spice to your sex life!

The G-spot and clitoris - gateways to ultimate bliss

Ah, the female G-spot. The myth, the legend, the magical pleasure zone that turns your knees to jelly when stimulated just right. While many people refer to the G-spot as its own separate erogenous area inside the vagina, it may actually be an extension of the clitoris. The root of the clitoris reaches about 6 inches inside your body, so if you really think about it, all orgasms are clitoral orgasms! The visible portion of the clitoris is called the 'glans', and stimulating this external clitoral area can generate intense orgasms that spread throughout her entire pelvic region, sending her G-spot into a frenzy of erotic pulsing and throbbing. Why not try something from Sexyland's impressive line of Clitoral Stimulators? These toys offer vibrating, licking, sucking, and more sensations that will have you toppling endlessly over the edge of ecstasy!

How to orgasm through penetrative sex

Now that you have a better understanding of the female G-spot and the clitoris, you might want to reconsider focusing purely on penetration. Some women are always going to struggle to cross the finish line through penetration alone, no matter how hard they try. Instead, focus on building arousal by stimulating the external clitoral region simultaneously while having penetrative sex. You're far more likely to ‘ring that bell’ if you stimulate yourself where your body craves it, inside and out.

Sex toys that stimulate the entire clitoris (including the G-spot)

  • Rabbit Vibrators: Named after the iconic bunny ear shape of classic models, these toys are designed to stimulate you internally and externally, all at once. They feature a phallic shaft with a bulbous head for internal G-spot stimulation while a shorter arm or 'rabbit' extends from the base to stimulate the external portion of your clitoris. This delivers those sweet vibrations from top to bottom, so get the best of both worlds and see what our range of Rabbit Vibrators​ can do for you! 
  • Vibrating Couples Rings: Also known as 'cockrings', these toys are worn at the base of the penis (or strap-on) and instantly transform your partner’s shaft into a human vibrator! Plenty of cockring models have extensions designed to give the clitoris some extra attention during penetrative sex, so get your vibe on and shop our range of cockrings!  
  • Couples Toys: Shake things up in your partnered play with toys that are designed to be worn or used together! From wearables to remote control devices, a couples toy could be the perfect clitoral complement to penetrative sex with your partner. Browse our collection of Couples Toys and have more sexy fun together!

Orgasm hacks that will send her to the point of no return

  • Keep your legs closer together - While spreading your legs wide open might be easier (and more desirable) for him, it's probably making it harder for you to climax. C​ontrary to popular belief, deeper penetration isn’t really what gets a woman to the finish line, but the ability to feel a fuller sensation around her clitoral region will. 
  • Train those pelvic muscles! - Among other health benefits, Kegel Toys tone and strengthen your pelvic floor. This dramatically improves your ability to orgasm by increasing blood circulation to the vagina, which heightens sensation and sexual arousal for an orgasmic finish! 
  • Whip out the sex toys - Some would say that sex toys are essential to every woman’s adventures between the sheets, and who are we to disagree? Whether you're flying solo or getting hot and heavy with a lucky lover, a repertoire of Vibrators is a great addition to your routine. They give you targeted vibrations precisely where she needs to be stimulated. Because she can control the intensity and speed, she’s able to apply just the right amount of stimulation and guide it to her sweet spots as only she knows her body best.

What positions make orgasm easier for women?

  • Cowgirl: Lay your partner flat on their back, climb atop and straddle their torso while allowing for penetration. Rock your body back and forth, grinding your pelvis into them. Being on top gives you more control over the pace, stimulation, and overall contact since you can better position yourself to get penetration the way you need it. You can get creative and vary up your movements, bouncing up and down, or rotating your hips clockwise and counter-clockwise - we've heard that spelling the word 'coconut' with your pelvis does wonders! 
  • Doggy Style with Clitoral Stimulation: Deeper penetration? Yes please. Add in some form of clitoral stimulation and you have the recipe for mind-blowing sex! While bent over the bed, a counter, or on all fours, have your partner enter from behind while stimulating your clitoris by hand or with a toy. 
  • CAT (a.k.a. Coital Alignment Technique): Start off in a missionary position and have your partner pull their body up so their pelvis aligns higher on your body than usual. Have them grind against your pelvis instead of thrusting - the friction of their pubic bone rubbing against your clitoris provides external stimulation while you both enjoy the internal penetrative stimulation, giving you the best of both worlds!

What positions make orgasm easier for women?

Every woman’s needs are different so it may take some experimenting to find the techniques that work best for you or your partner. Relax and have fun with it - you're doing this for your pleasure after all! It might also help to align sexual encounters with your menstrual cycle as women reach their sexual peak around ovulation. If you’re concerned about unwanted pregnancies, grab some Condoms so there’s nothing standing in the way of your erotic escapades!


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