The Eco-Sex Revolution: How To Embrace Sustainability in the Bedroom

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The Eco-Sex Revolution: How To Embrace Sustainability in the Bedroom

Environmentally responsible living is something that’s gaining awareness and popularity both in and out of the home, but it’s probably not something a lot of us think about in the bedroom. However, did you know that not only are there eco-friendly sex solutions like adult toys, massage oils, lubricants, and even lingerie, but they can be just as good as conventional options? These environmentally friendly pleasure products are the perfect way for you to start or continue your journey into a more sustainable sex life so you can love yourself and the planet at the same time!

What are eco-friendly sex toys?

Eco-friendly adult toys are toys that are designed, manufactured, and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, which generally means that they prevent or contribute to pollution or help reduce pollution. Think sustainable materials, replaceable rechargeable batteries, carbon-neutral production processes, and so on. Some commonly used eco-friendly materials are bioplastic, metal, wood, glass, and recycled plastic, which are renewable, non-toxic, organic (where possible), and biodegradable. This makes them safer for our ecosystems and also body-safe for you, bringing these materials leagues ahead of their competition in terms of both environmental- and user-friendliness, which is a definite win-win in our books.

How do environmentally friendly sex toys differ from traditional toys?

Sadly, most sex toys produced are made of plastics that come from petroleum and are difficult to recycle, or silicone, which is a better, longer-lasting alternative to plastic but still not a perfect substitute. Toys that run on disposable batteries contribute to pollution, and worst of all, toys made of jelly rubber materials are chemically unstable at high temperatures (like those found in landfills). They can leach harmful toxins like phthalates into our ground-based and marine ecosystems. The environmental impact of sex toys is undeniable, which is absolutely a contributing factor to a large number of people and adult toy brands switching to eco-friendly alternatives. After all, a wicked orgasm shouldn’t have to cost the earth!

The best environmentally-friendly pleasure products to convert to

Sustainable sex toys

The Womanizer Premium Eco Biodegradable Clitoral Stimulator

This innovative device is the world's first biodegradable sex toy and sports all the same fantastic features as the internationally beloved Womanizer Premium, like 12 modes of patented Pleasure Air™ Technology for contactless clitoral pleasure and Smart Silence. The new modular design is easy to disassemble for recycling after use and is made from Biolene, the sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable sex toy material of the future. It has a rechargeable, replaceable battery, so you can extend the life of the whole toy with just one replacement part and the whole thing is built with as little plastic as possible across the toy, charger, and packaging. Currently, the Womanizer Premium Eco is on clearance sale at Sexyland, so don’t miss out on this bio-based beauty!

The Adam & Eve® Tease Me Rechargeable Metal Vibrator

This unique metal vibrator is amazingly green because its aluminium alloy body is recyclable — in fact, approximately 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today as it can be recycled endlessly without compromising any of its unique properties or quality! Best of all, metal is body-safe, phthalate-free, non-porous, and hypoallergenic, so literally everybody can enjoy sex toys made of this wonder material. The Tease Me Vibrator is a great candidate for temperature play and has a tiny spherical tip for seriously precise pleasure, perfect for delighting your clitoris, nipples, or perineum with 9 vibration modes…

Secret Kisses 7.5" Handblown Double-Ended Glass Dildo

It’s hard to believe that something as smooth as this glass dildo could come from something as rough as sand, but nature is full of surprises! This luxurious fracture-resistant glass dildo is endlessly reusable with any type of lubricant and has a curvy S-shaped shaft for incredible internal stimulation. There are two tapered plug-like ends that target the G-spot or P-spot for unisex play and you can use whichever end isn’t inside you as a comfortable handle while you play.

Organic & vegan lubricants, massage oils + toy cleaners

Drip Vegan Coconut Oil-Based Lubricant

This 100% natural lubricant was created for people who love coconut oil’s natural lubrication properties but not the hassle of scooping solidified coconut oil out of the jar it normally comes in. This silky, certified organic Australian coconut oil lubricant is essentially liquefied coconut oil in a 100% recycled bottle and has a vegan, sensitive skin-friendly recipe. It also contains hemp seed, passionfruit seed, argan, and kiwi seed oils for lusciously smooth massage!

If you’re looking for something water- or silicone-based, the entire Wicked® lubricants range is also vegan-friendly and enriched with natural ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, and olive leaf extract to add a natural boost to sex and intimate moments…

Bio Vegan Scented Massage Oil

These nature-inspired massage oils are made from ingredients sourced from 80% controlled organic farming, and all come packaged in eco bottles made from renewable raw materials. The sumptuous massage oil will leave your skin feeling nourished and silky-soft thanks to its combination of natural carrier oils like soybean, sweet almond, and coconut, which are proven to penetrate deeper into the skin for seriously long-lasting nourishment!

JO® Naturalove™ Organic Toy Cleaner

This toy cleaning spray proudly shows the USDA organic seal, guaranteeing over 95% certified organic ingredients in every bottle and giving you a natural sex toy care option that gives you a squeaky-clean finish without harsh chemicals. The new and improved soap-free formula is enriched with an organic lemon fruit extract that works to clean your toys in just 5–10 seconds. It also has no added alcohols, sulphates, or harsh triclosan, giving a gentle clean that improves the lifespan of your intimate toys.

Keen to go green between the sheets? Shop our vegan pleasure products in-store at any of Sexyland’s adult shop locations or order online and get free shipping on anything and everything!


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