Are You Game? Erotic Adult Games For Two (Or More) To Play

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Are You Game? Erotic Adult Games For Two (Or More) To Play

Deal the cards, roll the dice, and get ready to strategise if you’ll play naughty or nice! These fun adult sex games are sure to boost your bedroom intimacy as a couple, or even bring you closer than you ever imagined with your friends. With 15% off all adult games at Sexyland this winter, these fun sex games are the perfect R-rated way to spice up a night in 🎲🎲

Erotic adult games for 18+ parties with friends

Truth or Drink Extra Dirty NSFW Expansion

This racy expansion pack is an addition to the base Truth or Drink game from Cut’s hit YouTube video series (which has 2 billion views and counting), though it can also be enjoyed on its own. It contains 400 not-safe-for-work questions that get real personal if you and your friends think you can handle knowing that much about each other’s sex lives and deepest desires, and if you can’t, you can always wash down the truth with a stiff drink instead of giving away your secrets. Only the most satisfying, revealing, or brutally honest response wins the round! Truth or Drink is a great way to get to know your friends better, all while revealing saucy details of your past and exploring spicy hypothetical scenarios…

Dirty Doodles Naughty Hands-Free Drawing Game

This easy-to-play game for 2–10 players comes from the creators of the hit game What Do You Meme?® and is sure to get the giggles going within the first round! Each round only lasts 60 seconds so it's quick to set up and play, and players can join or leave whenever they like.

The game is simple — one player from each team is nominated as the artist, mounting the marker to their waist while another player is the canvas. The canvas player uses the spinner to determine where they'll be attaching the whiteboard for the artist to draw on (waist, butt, forehead, or the artist's choice). The artist moves their hips to draw one of four items listed on their chosen prompt card, ranging from easy to expert difficulties, so they can flex their art skills and their sweet moves! The rest of the team tries to guess what each image is — the team with the most correct guesses after 60 seconds wins!

Cum Face Pump Action Penis Game

Party games don’t get much funnier or sexier than Cum Face, a game that puts your money where your mouth is and shows once and for all who’s the best at shooting their load early! Players fill up the game’s penises with their favourite beverage of choice and employ their most enthusiastic handjob techniques, racing to see who can get their penis off first by pumping it the fastest. The loser gets squirted in the face, so it’s best if the players are all prepared for that possibility and pump their piece with their mouths open. Play Cum Face on raunchy nights in with friends, at hens' parties, or if you and your friends like working up a thirst…💦

Sex Games To Play With Your Spouse/Partner

OSG: Our Sex Game Board Game

Plenty of erotic games for couples are designed with heterosexual couples in mind, but this 2-player game is the world’s first gender-neutral erotic board game to suit all couples! Both players write down a secret sexual fantasy at the start of the game, which becomes the winner’s prize at the end of the game. The game board spells out the word ‘sex’, and as you progress across each letter, you pick up special OSG cards depicting scenarios and actions that players perform on each other, which escalate in raciness, resulting in a different sex-perience every time you play. Our Sex Game encourages turning over every stone with stimulating conversation and erotic experimentation that’s sure to build both players to an explosive finish!

Weekend In Bed™ II Tie Me Up Game Kit

Want something a little more hands-on? This sexy adult game’s another bedroom favourite among Sexyland customers and a great way to introduce light BDSM to your routine, including light bondage and sensation play. The Weekend In Bed Tie Me Up Game Kit comes with feathery nipple clamps, 3 red satin ties, self-sticking bondage tape, a massage oil candle, and a discreet satin travel bag to pack it all up in, either for safe storage or taking with you on romantic getaways! It also comes with several decks of cards to put a spin on playtime together, including 10 suggestion cards, 10 illustrated how-to bondage position cards, and 20 cards that inspire how you can play with all the accessories…

Naughty Or Nice Adult Card Game

This sex game is actually 3 adult games in 1, including a trio of unique card games that keep things feeling spontaneous and sensual. Flip the poker chip and roll the die to decide whether you're going to be Naughty or Nice tonight — the 'Nice' suggestions are great for getting romantic date night ideas and creating tender moments, while the 'Naughty' suggestions tempt, tease, and tantalise you with kinky ideas and erotic surprises!

Ready to spice up adult games night once and for all? Shop Sexyland’s range of the best adult sex games to play as couples or with friends and get 15% off the whole collection, whether you’re shopping at one of Sexyland’s adult stores or online. With free delivery on all online orders and 2hr Delivery for just $20, it’s always time to play!



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