Testing the Waters? How to Choose an Unputdownable First Sex Toy That’s Perfect For You

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Testing the Waters? How to Choose an Unputdownable First Sex Toy That’s Perfect For You

Whether you’re a solo sex-plorer or a curious couple, your first shopping spree for adult toys should be a fun and exciting experience – whether you’re browsing our range of sex toys online or doing some in-person shopping at Sexyland’s adult stores! There’s plenty to choose from in the massive range of orgasmic sex toys for men and women, so the Sexyland Fun Specialists are here to show our first-time shoppers the adult toys that are sure to have you coming back for more.

What to look for when shopping for adult toys

Just like any other purchase, it can help to make a mental checklist of personal preferences and expectations to help you narrow down your options when shopping. Adult toys can stimulate more parts of the body than just the genitals (seriously, there are so many other erogenous zones), and there are penetrative and non-penetrative options for both men and women. Sex toys also offer way more stimulation types and sensations to experiment with than just vibration, such as thrusting, suction, rotating beads, and more! In fact, one of our all-time bestselling sex toys for women is the Satisfyer Pro 2, which uses air pulse and pressure wave technology to stimulate the clitoris, all without making direct contact with it for orgasms that won’t overwhelm the sensitive tissue. One of the exciting new additions to our online collection of male sex toys is the VēDO™ Hotrod™ Masturbator, which provides a warming sensation in addition to vibrations that are sure to bring you to a knee-shaking climax as you stroke!

Only you know what's right for your body (or bodies if you’re planning to play with a partner), so have a think about what usually gives you sexual pleasure and use this to decide what you want more of.

Then of course, you’ve got the nitty-gritty specs that influence how user-friendly your toy is. For example, waterproof toys are great for adults-only fun in the shower or bath while the material your toy is made of affects how it feels, how easy it is to clean, and whether it can be used for temperature play. In general, non-porous body-safe materials like silicone, glass and metal are best as they are the easiest to keep clean with warm water and toy cleaner. Rechargeable sex toys are easy to keep at the ready without the hassle of replacing batteries. Whisper-quiet toys offer sexy sensations in peace and privacy, and you can even play discreetly in public! Details like these can impact the toy’s versatility and how comfortable your user experience with it is, so if you’re after truly fuss-free play, don’t forget to consider your sex toy’s performance beyond the sheets.

Finally, there’s aesthetics. Many sex toys for men and women resemble female and male anatomy to varying degrees of realism, so if you prefer adult toys that are non-gendered or just look less obvious, we have plenty of subtle options to suit. The newest online range of adult toys to hit Sexyland’s stores is California Exotics’® Chic™ collection, which delivers delicious vibrations people of all genders can enjoy, both in and out of the water. These sleek and sexy toys are made from silky-smooth navy blue silicone and complemented by glam gold hardware for a luxe look that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on your nightstand or bathroom counter! For a more straightforward sex toy, males can enjoy non-gender specific stroking stimulation with something like The Good Time by Cheap Thrills! This masturbator features a plain opening for super simple stroking fun, complete with a unique texture inside for even more pleasure.

On the other hand, if you like sex toys that look and feel like the real deal, there ain’t no shame in grabbing the veiniest, ballsiest dildo you can find, or a masturbator that’s moulded directly from the body of your favourite pornstar!

Types of female sex toys

If you have a vagina, the best pleasure zones you can stimulate are the G-spot and clitoris. You can tease and please them separately depending on if you’re comfortable with penetration or the sort of sensation you’re after, and you can even stimulate them at the same time to experience a blended orgasm!

With so many different shapes, sizes, and functionalities to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of different types of female sex toys women might want to choose from when starting out:

  • Vibrators – the sex toy staple in bedside drawers around the world! G-spot vibrators almost always have bulbous heads and angled or curved shafts to help the end of the toy reach your G-spot while rabbit vibrators have an insertable head and an external arm that stimulates your clitoris. Some models even let you control the G-spot head and clitoral rabbit separately for a fully tailored pleasure experience, like the EveryGirl vibrator by Rocks-Off, which has 10 modes of vibration in both dual motors for a whopping 100 pleasure combinations!
  • Clitoral stimulators – these sex toys are great for women who prefer to keep their pleasure external, and are also great for stimulating other sensitive exterior areas like the nipples! Our customers are loving the We-Vibe® Touch 2 Clitoral Massager, which is compact and easy for beginners to use.

Types of male sex toys

  • Masturbators – these sex toys for men are also referred to as 'strokers' and simulate the feeling of penetrative sex. They come in a variety of forms including vaginal, oral, and anal openings, plus non-specific orifice designs, and often have textured interior chambers for extra stimulation. This Reusable Vacuum Cup from TENGA’s Air-Tech line offers superior suction and the sleeve slides out from its case for easy cleaning so you can go again, and again, and again!
  • Cockrings – these toys slip around the base of your penis and restrict blood flow away from the area to keep your erection harder for longer and intensify your orgasm! There are vibrating versions and models with protruding elements for clitoral stimulation for female partners, and even some that offer perineal stimulation for you while you thrust like the Screaming O® - SwingO™ Sling!
  • Prostate stimulators – these male sex toys are elongated and angled to help reach your ultra-sensitive prostate, which is sometimes called the ‘male G-spot’. The sensation of a prostate orgasm is different to that of a penile orgasm, and even if you don’t orgasm, prostate massage in and of itself feels awesome. For something that’ll really knock your socks off, try this prostate stimulator with a rolling ball! It’s remote controllable for easy hands-free fun once the toy is in position, and you can build up to the intensity of the rolling ball by starting out with the vibrations!

Unisex adult toys for men, women & non-binary people

Pleasure is for everyone, so we’ve made it easy to find inclusive options and gender-neutral sex toys online and in Sexyland’s adult shops! While many sex toys may have been originally designed with a specific body part in mind, there’s no reason why you couldn’t repurpose it elsewhere on your body – after all, who doesn’t love a versatile multitasker?

  • Stimulators – these toys are typically designed to stimulate specific parts of the body and usually offer more functions that just vibration, such as suction, pulsing, and even licking sensations that rival the best oral sex of your life. Toys of this type can stimulate you internally, externally, or both depending on what you or your partner like. Why not try a beginner-friendly finger vibrator for all-over body versatility?
  • Bullets & Eggs – the mini but mighty vibrators that you can carry in your pocket, bag, or wear in public for discreet fun! These are great for precise stimulation of external erogenous zones such as the nipples or clitoris. They won’t reach very deep for internal stimulation, but don't be fooled – these petite devices are powerhouses of pleasure that can bring out your O-face like any of the bigger buzzing beasts. The Sensuelle Point - 20 Function V2 Bullet is one of the strongest rechargeable bullet vibrators on the market, but with 20 modes to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options to work your way up!
  • Strap-ons – these harnesses are designed to be worn with a dildo or dong for penetration with a partner. They can come with toys built-in or as combo sets with interchangeable attachments, and are also available in solid, hollow, and strapless designs to suit the anatomy of any wearer. One of our bestsellers is the Universal Hollow Strap-On by Adam & Eve®, which is firm enough for use with or without an erection!
  • Dildos & Dongs – these phallic toys are designed to be inserted for internal stimulation and are available with or without vibrating functions. There’s a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and looks, including ultra-realistic designs, squirting versions, and thrusting models. Many of these toys come equipped with suction cup bases so you can enjoy hands-free riding, and some are compatible with strap-on harnesses for standard or even double penetration! Sexyland’s customers are big fans of the Dillio 6” Please-Her, which has a bulbous end for delicious G-spot or P-spot stimulation!
  • Anal Toys – these toys are designed for internal use in the anus and can include butt plugs and anal beads. While butt stuff can seem intimidating or taboo in general, many people love the full feeling anal toys provide! A starter kit like the Pretty Love - Beginner’s Mini Anal Kit is great for backdoor beginners and you can work your way up at your own pace.
  • Body Wands – these adult toys are powerful, multi-purpose massagers that deliver deliciously deep vibrations all over your body, and we do mean all over your body. Vibrating body wands are often fan favourites thanks to their incredible unmatched strength, and cordless versions like the Lelo - Smart Wand 2 in the Medium size are easy to navigate anywhere you like on your body!

There are no right or wrong sex toys for men or women to start with since everybody is different and it all depends on your willingness to try new things. For those who want to ease themselves into (or onto) sex toys, we recommend starting with toys that are less intimidating such as bullets and eggs, mini vibrators, graduating anal beads (if you’re trying backdoor play), or masturbators (for men). For more information or advice, the Sexyland Fun Specialists are always ready to help you pick out the perfect adult toy, in-store or online!


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