Put Some Spring In Your Sex Life & Enjoy These Sex Toys

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Put some Spring in your Sex Life Great Sex Toys

Spring is well on its way, so it’s time to do something under the covers that doesn’t involve curling up for warmth for a change! What better way to embrace the new season than with a fresh update to your drawer of toys? Sexyland’s Fun Specialists are here to serve as your guides to adult toys, with a lust-worthy list of our top 5 most popular sex toys and 5 of the most exciting new toys to hit our adult stores, online and in person!

Bestselling female sex toys

California Dreaming™ Vibrators

Okay, this one’s kind of cheating since Sexyland carries nearly 20 of these sleek adult toys, but when it comes to sex toys for women, you really can’t go past California Exotics’® California Dreaming vibrators! This raunchy range of ravishing rabbit vibes is perfect for any lass who loves dual stimulation and chasing the unimaginable high of a blended orgasm – once you’ve had one, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it! If you know, you know...

Each of these luxe vibrators is named after a different part of California and made from waterproof silicone for the kind of wet and wild fun you can only find on the Cali coast. There have been some new additions to this line of adult toys at Sexyland stores and online, including the rippling Santa Barbara Surfer and the bulbous Tahoe Temptation your G-spot will love, so check out the entire collection of California Dreaming vibrators on our website, or shop in-store to get our Sexyland Fun Specialists to guide you through this lively adult toy range!

Womanizer™ Premium Clitoral Stimulator

This wouldn’t be a bestsellers list of female sex toys without mentioning the Womanizer Premium, the original Pleasure Air Technology™ sex toy for women that revolutionised the whole pleasure game. This adult toy has a sleek design with a clitoral chamber that surrounds your sensitive clitoris with pulsating air pressure waves for contactless stimulation, perfect for endlessly enjoying without overwhelming or desensitising the clitoral tissue! With 12 different intensity levels to choose from, the Womanizer Premium is one women’s sex toy that’s sure to blow you away!

Newly added sex toys for women

Doxy Wand Vibrators

Almost everyone has heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand, the *ahem* ‘sports massager’ that took the world by storm as one of the most popular sex toys for women back when there were hardly any non-phallic options on the market. Why not give your wand vibrator an upgrade with the luxurious Doxy wands that have just landed at Sexyland? Our Fun Specialists are seriously in love with the Doxy Die Cast models’ aluminium-titanium alloy bodies that have a super sleek brushed metal finish and the ultra-long 3-metre power cord for easy navigation around your body. The Doxy wand massagers are packed with low, rumbling motors to deliver deep vibrations that really get under your skin for superior, um…‘muscle relief’.

Don’t get us wrong, you can totally use them as regular body massagers, but with up to 9000RPM of rumbling vibrations, you can’t tell us you’re not even a little bit curious about testing them out as female sex toys…

Naughty Bits® Muah™ Mini Vibrator

Okay, but how cute is this pouty little powerhouse of pleasure? This lip-shaped vibrating stimulator from Naughty Bits fits perfectly in your palm. This sex toy is waterproof and has a comfortable grip tab on the back for secure control, even when you’re playing with it in the bath or shower. You can enjoy tender kisses all over your body in the form of 10 indulgent vibration modes as this adult toy guides you to a land of sexy fun…

The Insatiable G™ Inflatable Vibrators

If you thought you knew G-spot stimulation, think again. This new range of inflatable vibrators from CalExotics’ Insatiable G line offers a new sensation in sex toys for women, swelling up in rhythmic pulses and patterns to press against and stimulate your G-spot in a totally new and unique way. Meanwhile the Insatiable G’s rabbit models (the Inflatable G-Bunny and the Inflatable G-Flutter) feature clitoral stimulators that buzz and dance away over your most sensitive external erogenous zone for dual pleasure like nothing you’ve ever experienced!

Bestselling male sex toys

We-Vibe® Vector™ - Prostate & Perineum Massager

If you’ve never paid much attention to your backdoor, prepare to have your mind absolutely blown by prostate stimulators, one of the best kinds of male sex toys available! The We-Vibe Vector has an ergonomic shape that nestles comfortably against your body. Your O-face is sure to make an appearance with 10 toe-curling vibration modes delivered straight to your sensitive P-spot – oh, and if you’ve never tried stimulating yourself down there before, you absolutely must experience what a prostate orgasm feels like.

Screaming O® - Charged™ OHare® Cockring

This compact adult toy is perfect for sex with a partner or for solo masturbation sessions thanks to its versatile design and utility! The Screaming O - Charged OHare helps to keep your erection harder for longer and sports a pair of flexible bunny ears for a lady friend to enjoy on her clitoris during sex, making this toy one of the best ones for males and females. Its vibrating bullet buzzes in 10 intense functions to send you both soaring, and it’s fully waterproof and rechargeable for never-ending fun!

TENGA® EGG Masturbators

For straightforward pleasure without all the bells and whistles, you’ll definitely want to check out the TENGA EGG range. This collection of stretchy masturbators may be simple in design, but they’re every bit as satisfying as their larger stroker counterparts and might just be the best male sex toys around for fuss-free pleasure! These stretchy masturbators expand to cover most men’s sizes and come in a variety of different textures and firmnesses, making them one of the most versatile sex toys for men. They’re also disposable for super simple cleanup – none!

Newly added sex toys for men

Bodywand™ - Menswand

For something a little more tech-driven, the Menswand by Bodywand is sure to deliver the explosive results you’re looking for, and more! This vibrating wand is the world’s first Bodywand designed specifically for males, transforming from a standard wand massager into a masturbator sex toy for men. It comes with a cockring to keep your erection harder for longer and intensify your orgasm, plus a textured winged attachment that wraps around your penis to surround it in delicious vibrations. The Bodywand Menswand delivers 20 tantalising vibration patterns and 8 amazing vibration speeds for ultimate pleasure anywhere on your body, and we do mean anywhere since this sex toy is completely cordless – no more tangled cables or awkward tugging!

Of course, the Menswand works great as a standard massager for deep muscle relief and you can also use the textured exterior of the head attachment to stimulate other erogenous zones. Why not sink into total relaxation as your partner guides this adult toy all over your body? Sexyland’s Fun Specialists are all about that full-body bliss, so we really can’t recommend this one highly enough.

Fleshlight® Girls™ - Tori Black Torrid Masturbator

Sexyland’s online range of adult toys has recently welcomed Tori Black’s Fleshlight Girls masturbator with her signature interior texture, ‘Torrid’! This stroker is moulded directly from the vaginal opening of the brunette bombshell porn actress Tori Black, who has been gracing her fans’ incognito tabs with her svelte, leggy figure since 2007. Her Torrid texture consists of a series of tightening chambers, all lined with pleasure nodes, bumps, and ridges to massage you as you thrust into her invitingly splayed lips. Named after a word that means ‘full of passion arising from sexual love’, you’re sure to be unleashing a torrent of your pleasure inside this toy in no time!

Fleshlight is well-known in the world of adult toys, whether you shop in-store or online. Their lifelike masturbators are considered to be among the best male sex toys out there thanks to their perfectly moulded openings, wicked internal textures, and realistic SuperSkin® material, all neatly contained in discreet and durable packaging. Why not shop Fleshlight toys online and experience the pleasure for yourself?

In fact, if anything on this list tickles your fancy, shop our adult toys online or in-store with our Sexyland Fun Specialists! After all, spring cleaning is all about out with the old and in with the shiny new toys...


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