Sexynews #2 - His Sex Toys

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Ever Wondered Who Actually Uses Male SEX TOYS?

The answer is EVERYBODY! The love experts have debunked some of the male sex toy myths floating around out there...and there are a few!

“Only single men use male sex toys.”

NOT. TRUE. Men are just as likely to use a sex toy with a partner as on their own. In fact, in a 2014 survey conducted by FHM, 69% of men said they would let a woman use a male sex toy on them. Cock rings are a great way of bringing a male sex toy into the equation - when men bring one of these bad boys home, they are clearly thinking of how they can make their partner happy too.

Wireless Rockin' Rabbit $29.95

Exhilarating! Achieve total ecstasy with simultaneous orgasms thanks to this soft, stretchy, comfortable enhancer with fluttering rabbit ears and teaser tail. Enhance your sexual encounter in a way you'll never forget.

"They're all really realistic and graphic."

There's no doubt about it. Some of us want our sexy gadgets to look like the real deal. But for every lifelike sex doll and smackable, shakeable prosthetic butt, there's a sex toy that wouldn't look out of place among pots of protein shakes or in your bicycle repair kit. Sleek, functional or modern, there are tons of cutting-edge sex toys out there.

Fleshlight Quickshot $59.95

Less than half the size of the original Fleshlight with unique, fully exposed orifices at each end so you can enjoy extra stimulation during oral sex, or solo masturbation. Enter via either end and take Flight until climax, with your end result landing wherever you direct it.

"There's no point in using them when you just have a hand."

Saying male masturbation toys are pointless when you have hands is like saying you’d never bother trying any other burger because a McDonald’s cheeseburger is just fine. Sure, it gives you what you want; but there’s always a way it can be made better. Texture. New sensations. Epic orgasms. Using a toy opens you up to a whole new world of play. And better still, most of them can be seamlessly worked into a sex session with the other half.

“Male sex toys aren't for straight people.”

Men (and women) of every sexuality can enjoy anal play, both with a partner, or on their own. Guys have a huge advantage over ladies when it comes to anal play: the prostate. This hyper-sensitive gland is located on the wall between the bladder and the anal canal, and the easiest way to stimulate it is - you guessed it - through the anus. When stimulated properly, many men can experience intensified orgasms, or can even reach climax without touching their penis. Hello, prostate massager.

Flexi Anal Teazer $19.95

If you've never tried anal play, the Fun Flex Anal Teazer is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. Start with the smooth tapered shaft before graduating to the beaded shaft. The Flexi Anal Teazer  bends with your body’s contours to hit just the right spot.

"There aren’t many to choose from."

We could literally sit here all day and talk about the amazing array of toys now available. As well as the usual strokers, sex dolls, and cock rings, there are butt plugs and prostate massagers, strap-on dildos, male vibrators, penis pumps, penis extenders and sleeves, VR headsets, urethral sounds, and much, much more.


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