Lockdown Date Night - Sexynews #37

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Sexynews #37 | Lockdown Date Night

Date Night Plans Cancelled?

Being isolated at home doesn't mean you have to put away the romance and forget your date night plans. Let’s face it, date nights don't just happen. They require conscious effort and planning and a sexy night out someplace new and exciting. The only thing missing is the exciting places we are able to go. So what does a couple do for date night when you’re stuck at home? Turns out, there are plenty of fun ideas! Let’s talk about some fun things you can do to make your date night stand out from the monotonous boring nights in.

Movie Night:  

So maybe every night has been a movie night and you might be a little tired of the usual boring movies on the couch. Why not try switching things up a bit and try a few unique ideas to make your movie night at home more exciting? First, make sure you pop some popcorn and put together all your favourite yummy treats. May I recommend something that’s naughtier than the sugar in it, our Edible Candy Bra or Edible Candy G-String. We also have an Edible Posing Pouch for him. Next, get out your extra blankets and pillows or beanbag chairs and build a blanket fort! Now kick back and relax all cosy and warm in each other’s arms while you watch something hot and sexy on TV. This might even be a fun way to watch some adult movies together for a little extra inspiration. Don’t forget to wear some sexy Lingerie or Menswear to spice things up a bit and be sure to invite all of your favourite Sex Toys to the party so nothing gets left out!

Drive-in Movie Night:  

While we can’t actually go to a drive-in movie during lockdown, you can always create your own drive-in theatre at home! If you have a movie projector, try aiming it at the garage door, get cozy together in your car with your favourite movie snacks and sit back and enjoy the show. A Drive-in movie the perfect way to get out of the house, and have a few quiet moments alone to yourselves, while the kids are fast asleep inside. For those more adventurous, this is also a perfect opportunity to make a little noise. Who doesn’t get turned on by the thought of having sex in the back seat of the car? Now if you're looking for some delicious snack ideas, you'll definitely want to wear the Lovers Candy Bra and G-string to your movie date night. Our Pussy/Pecker Patch Sours or Candy Cock Ring is also a fun way to add some naughty treats to nibble on while watching the movie. Check out our massive range of fun and naughty Edibles. I bet they'd go well with a bit of popcorn! *wink*

Game Night:  

Games have the unique ability to make every occasion a fun one. Pour yourselves your favourite drinks using our rude Shot Glasses or if you’re more into stubbies, our rude but cheeky Stubby Holders might be more your thing. Get out a deck of cards, your favourite board games or make do with what you have available and have some old fashioned fun. Truth or Dare is always a great game for couples to play and you can make it as PG or X-rated as you want. Nobody’s watching… go for it! We recommend trying an Adult Sex Game for couples who really want to kick things up a notch. Our selection of games covers a wide range of sexy fun, including sex dicenaughty card gamesraunchy board gamesdrinking games and more. Nothing drives you over the edge faster than a bit of competition with your partner. Some games are meant for winning and some are more fun when lost!

Bonfire Cuddles:  

With the chilly nights still lingering, you might not be game for a midnight cuddle under the stars. Fortunately, you can always light a small bonfire to help warm up the night. If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit that you can cook on, make this a dinner date while you’re at it! There’s always something magical about laying in each other’s arms, looking up at the stars. Don't forget to roast some marshmallows!

Backyard Camping:  

Camping in the backyard can be ‘intense’…. oops… we meant in tents of course... You could also make it fancy and try Glamping... by making it a romantic outdoor setting. Backyard camping is the next best thing when you can’t leave your house for those winter camping trips. We know some of you love feeling the warmth of your partner snuggled next to you in a fluffy, warm sleeping bag through the long winter nights. It might not be out in the bush by the beach or a river, but on the positive side, you'll have all your creature comforts nearby for easy access! You won’t even have to lug around all your camping gear and it’s much easier to pack away when you’re ready to return to the warmth of your own home. If you have kids, this is a great way to get away without leaving them on their own. You can find some solitude and not have to worry about being too loud when things heat up under the sleeping bag!

At Home Day Spa:  

It’s during times like these that we really need some massage therapy and relaxing spa baths. Since we can’t really make an appointment to visit our favourite spa, why not try pampering each other at home instead? Make it a date night and plan your evening around pleasuring each other in every possible way. Set the mood by lighting some Kissable Massage Candles (you’ll want to use these later for something more…) and spritzing a bit of our Dona Linden Spray on the bed sheets. Run a sensual Bubble Bath for two, infused with an intoxicating pairing of aphrodisiacs & pheromones for added sensuality. Give him a ‘hand’ to make sure he is nice and clean with our Weener Kleener Soap. Spice things up even more with some water play, and I don’t mean a rubby ducky! (Unless that’s your thing…) The Pretty Love Humphray Rabbit Vibrator is waterproof and has a unique handle making it ideal for erm...wet conditions. The Bathmate Prostate Vibe is 100% waterproof and will add a whole new dimension to your spa date!

After your bath, give each other an erotic body massage using some of our Kissable Massage Oils. If you love the feeling of hot candle wax, you’ll definitely want to try our Massage Candles. Drizzle a bit of this luxurious hot wax onto your lover’s skin and lick every inch as you massage.  Nothing lights the fires within like feeling the sensual touch of our lovers as we receive pleasure mixed with sexual tension.


Is your partner feeling bored and in desperate need of a naughty rescue from the lockdown? Put on your sexy Fire Captain Costume or Firelady Costume and rescue your lover from boredom! Or maybe your partner is in need of a Naughty Nurse and needs a bit of TLC. Roleplay is an amazing way of acting like someone else which can take your imagination to new levels of excitement. It’s also the perfect way to pass the time while having heaps of crazy sexy fun with each other! First, you’ll need a sexy costume for Her and one for Him too. Don’t forget to Accessorise your look with a wigmasknipple tassels and all those other little details. Changing your look, even if it’s only temporary, helps you to step out of your usual comfort zone and builds the confidence you’ll need to play the role.

Karaoke Night:  

Music is always the key to a successful date night. Make it more interesting by singing to each other! Better yet, make it a duet and sing together. Karaoke doesn’t have to be complicated either. Put YouTube on the TV, find some great karaoke music or songs with lyrics included, plug in some microphones into your speakers and sing your hearts out! Make the night even hotter by wearing some Sexy Lingerie or Sexy Menswear. Go for a rock-star look! That always gets the pulse racing! Nothing gets you in the mood for tunes like wearing a sexy rocker outfit such as our Sexy Bitch Skater Skirt for her and a Poison Rose Men’s Wetlook T-Shirt for him! Have a look at our range of rocken’ Outfits for a fun karaoke night! 

At Home Wine Tasting:  

Support your local wineries and local producers of sweet and savoury delights that can be delivered to your door. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook our local producers for the convenience of our shops. We are lucky to be living in a country that grows and produces a large array of cheeses, chocolates, wines and fresh grown produce. You could order some grazing boxes from local suppliers and set everything up as it would be for an actual tasting, kick back, relax and enjoy the tasting together. Make things even more interesting by blindfolding each other for mystery tastings. This is where you can have a bit of fun and sneak in other interesting flavours from around the kitchen and see if your partner can guess what it is. We recommend including some Flavoured Lubricants in the tasting… and see where that takes you next!

Read Sexy Stories Aloud:  

If you’re a couple that likes to read, we suggest reading erotic stories to each other! Better yet, check out our collection of Bedroom Fantasies for some inspirational reading. We also have an a selection of Adult Books and erotic novels you can choose from. This is a great activity for couples isolated together and couples who are living apart!

In Closing:  

Connecting with your partner is one of the most important things you can do in a relationship. Whether you’re stuck together in the same house and unable to get out to enjoy time together or struggling to maintain your connection, there are always ways to keep the romance alive. We need each other more now than ever.


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