Lockdown Date Night for Couples Living Apart - Sexynews #38

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Sexynews #38 | Lockdown Date Night for Couples Living Apart

Long Distance Date Nights:  

Who says you can’t have date nights when you’re unable to be together in person? One of the best ways to keep the romance alive and interest from fading is by making time for each other and spending time together even when you can’t physically be together. There are many great ways you can do this. 

Play Together or Apart:  

Not long ago, the idea of using a sex toy together from afar seemed like a sci-fi, distant reality. Nowadays, you can play together no matter the distance via app controlled sex toys. The invention of Bluetooth has opened up a whole new world of possibilities that we now integrate into our everyday lives so taking this to the next level with intimate pleasure was an inevitable next step in pleasure technology. Pleasuring ourselves and each other has never been easier. Smartphone apps enable us to have more control over our sexual experience and provide us with a more customizable experience. Most apps come with a touch-sensitive feature that allows for precise control of the toy's vibrations through finger movements. Handing the controls over to your partner can be a really intense experience. The suspense alone can leave you breathless and quickly on the verge of an explosive orgasm. Even more exciting is playing together while apart.. Imagining what your partner might have planned next could easily take you over the edge and beyond.

Recommended App Controlled Sex Toys:  

Most app controlled sex toys allow you to have control over the vibration settings from your smart phone, allowing more fun with both close-range and long-distance control. Have a look at our great range of App Controlled Sex Toys that will join you in pleasure, regardless of the distance between you.

Toys for Him:
Toys for Her:
Toys for Anyone:

Virtual Candlelight Dinner:  

Arrange to spend the evening chatting over a candlelight dinner. Choose the same menu and cook simultaneously while on video call, that way you’ll feel like you’re in the same room. Add some naughty fun and make some shots and cocktails together, and shoot them down with our Rude Shot Glasses. Don’t forget to light some Candles and play some romantic music while you enjoy your meal.

Read Love Letters & Sexy Stories to Each Other:  

Write your partner a sexy love letter and next time you chat, read it aloud. Hearing your voice reciting words of love can hold so much meaning. Another fun way to share with each other is by reading Sexy Novels to each other before bedtime. Sharing an intimate story together can really set the mood and before you know it, you might be writing a story of your own. Our Bedroom Fantasies, written by other Australians, will give you some exciting reading material to share together right now. This can be a very erotic but intimate way to share with one another.

Netflix Party:  

So maybe you can’t kick back on the couch together and watch TV as easily as you could under the same roof, but why should you let that stop you from having a movie night? Netflix Party is an ingenious new way you can watch movies and shows together while chatting and spending time together. It allows you to synchronise video playback and host long distance movie nights with anyone online. While you can easily invite others into the party, you can also use this for more intimate evenings together with your partner. If you’ve seen every movie on the Netflix menu, which is easy to do while in lockdown, binging on a TV series can be a fun way to have a common connection while apart. You can send each other text commentary in real time. Grab yourself some popcorn and naughty Snacks and give it a try!

Phone Sex / a.k.a. Sexting:  

Keep the fires burning by sending each other sexy messages throughout the day. It's a great way to remind each other that you're thinking of them. Sexting can be as clean or dirty as you want it to be, depending on how far you and your partner want to go with it! Snap a sexy pic of yourself in a cute and sexy Outfit and keep your partner wanting more! This is especially useful when you’re having a busy day but want to connect with your long-distance partner. When the day is over and you're home alone, pick up the phone and finish the night off with some erotic phone sex. There’s nothing sexier than hearing your partner's heavy breathing and panting as you orgasm together. Don’t let a small matter like distance stop you from enjoying each other sexually. Get him a Masturbator, her a Vibrator, close your eyes and let the sound of each other's voice take you back to your partner's arms as you imagine they’re right there with you.

Video Chat:  

Take the fun to the next level by using video chat! Get out your favourite sex toys and tell each other every dirty thing you want to do to each other… or whatever it takes to get each other to the finish line. Seeing the sexual tension building up on your lover’s face while he or she reaches orgasm makes it even more exciting. To really add some excitement to your video sex play, take your phones into the bath with you for some steamy hot sex play. Nothing gets your lover hot and bothered faster than watching you bathe in a hot tub with your favourite sex toys. We have an amazing range of waterproof sex toys for Her and for Him to choose from. Just make sure you set your device somewhere safe before you play! With so many amazing video chat platforms available, there's no reason not to take advantage of this amazing resource. Some popular programs you might want to consider trying are Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Webex.

Online Games:  

If your idea of a fun date night involves gaming, you could always try some online game platforms. Many couples have met this way and there’s no reason couples can’t rely on this type of entertainment to spend their evenings together. With so many different types of online games to choose from, you’re never without options. You can explore role-play games together, play scrabble, card games and so much more. The important thing is that you’re connecting and spending time together but make time for more romantic endeavours too!

Virtual Reality Platforms:  

There isn’t enough that can be said for this type of online dating! There are numerous amazing virtual reality programs out there that make online dating so much more exciting but our favourite is Second Life. You can explore unlimited virtual worlds together, dance under the stars or anywhere for that matter, listen to live bands, have actual date nights where you visit beautiful lands and plan erotic adventures… Best of all, YOU CAN HAVE VIRTUAL SEX!! Being in the arms of your loved one, even if it’s just a visual representation, is a wonderful feeling. You’ll want to make sure you have your Sex Toys on hand to help get you to the finish line after all that hot, steamy virtual sex. Your level of participation in a virtual world is completely your choice but there are unlimited possibilities for anyone adventurous enough to try it. During a time when we can’t really spend time together or get close to one another, this is one way we can connect with others without boundaries.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder:  

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder but sometimes distance can make us feel like we are further apart than ever. The most important thing to remember is that this is only temporary. Working through this together and utilising the technology at our fingertips to stay connected is easier than ever. Don't let a potential date night slip by because you're unable to connect in person. Make the most of the resources we have available and discover new ways to share intimate moments.


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