Lockdown Essentials for 35-45 yrs - Sexynews #33

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Make Time for Your Needs:

As a busy person juggling the daily grind of working, parenting, and managing relationship(s), satisfying our sexual needs typically falls last on the list of priorities. That’s if it even makes the list. While this fact isn't new, the frustrating truth is that we do find ourselves feeling horny at times that aren’t always convenient. When we’re busy with work and family, finding time can be a struggle. When we do make time, we’d rather “get the job done" and done right, in order to save ourselves time and energy. Thankfully for us, there are quite a few powerful, portable, and top drawer friendly sex toys that can satisfy us from head to toe, solo or partnered, and in a timely manner. We can then curl our toes with the big ‘O’, straighten our hair and get on with our duties with a smile on our face.

Fun in Disguise:  

We all know that sex toys are amazing, but in the wrong hands they can be just a teeny bit embarrassing. With inquisitive kids in the house, the chances of your buzzy friend being discovered and waved around for all to see, is higher than you’d probably like. Especially with lockdown and homeschooling keeping them indoors and more bored than usual.

Don’t let this stop you from having your much needed fun! Outwit your little crotch goblins by choosing sneaky Sex Toys that can pass off as everyday objects. Our selection of Gender Neutral toys might be your best bet as they rarely look like your traditional toy and will probably easily pass as a simple shoulder massager or something less obvious.

Sneaky Toy Ideas:  

It’s all about being creative, and we’ll give you some ideas with our list of sex toys you can disguise if your offspring should ever discover them.

  • Who doesn’t own a stick of lipstick? This completely unassuming nifty little toy, the Hide And Play Rechargable Lipstick looks just like the real thing but better! It has 10 intense functions of vibrations, it's compact and discreet and also rechargeable.
  • There’s nothing unusual about keeping an interesting piece of art on your bedside table! The Tenga 3D Series - Polygon Masturbator Sleeves not only look great, but these pleasure sculptures can also be inverted to make the external designs, the stimulating interior details! You won't get caught out having an innocent sculpture with an artsy embellished surface to decorate your bedroom! See the full line of Tenga 3D Masturbators for other designs!
  • The We-vibe Pivot is a high quality cock ring that provides clitoral stimulation during sex and enhances pleasure for both partners and looks just like an innocent key-ring. 
  • Everyone owns a corkscrew right? This Lovense Hush Anal Probe sits nicely between the cheeks when in use but to the unassuming eye, looks like a corkscrew encased in a child proof container. Chances are, this little toy won’t get much notice if found… but won’t be easily ignored during sex play!
  • This nifty little gadget, if I didn’t know any better, looks just like a computer mouse set. The Lelo Lyla 2 is a premium vibrating Bullet-style massager with a wireless remote. It offers you secrecy, pleasure and excitement, whenever you want and wherever you go. Have a look at our full range of Bullet and Egg Vibrators that with a little imagination, could easily pass off as an everyday, innate object! 
  • The absolute best thing about Gender Neutral Sex Toys, apart from being suitable for everybody, is that many of them don’t take the form of male/female genitals, so they can easily be passed off as an innate object, should prying hands happen upon them. Take the Essential Bullet Vibrator for example, it has a mega 9 functions of vibration and has a max run time of up to 1 hour with a charge time of 2 hours. Using the Essential Bullet Vibrator in the shower is also possible as it is water resistant and it looks just like a Bluetooth speaker.
  • There’s absolutely nothing unusual about  keeping a torch light in your top drawer, in fact, it would be unusual not to have one! The Satisfier Men Classic Masturbator is an elegant masturbator designed for men. It will stimulate the whole penis from the tip to the shaft so that no inch will be missed and it most definitely is a torch light IF found by adventurous little people. 😏
  • Not torchy enough for you? Try our Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Masturbator, the original discrete male toy in disguise. No nosey little rugrats are going to work out what this toy really is! Just don't let them switch it on!
  • If you’re anything like me, you have all kinds of replacement remote controls for gaming devices and TV’s hidden away, right? The Fun Factory Layla 2 is everything you've been fantasising about. Laya's versatile shape is perfect for a long indulgent solo session or a wild night with a partner and could quite easily be explained away as a replacement gaming control or TV remote. Just don’t let your little people make you prove it. 😅

Self Love is Self Care:  

The longer that lockdowns continue, the more people struggle with the isolation, lack of normality and caring for our families around the clock. For our own mental health, it’s vital that we take what time-out we can for our own self-care. You might be feeling run down and have trouble getting into the mood. Try our Sexual Enhancers & Stimulants for that added boost. The mainstream idea of self-care is yoga, meditation, and pampering your outer self, but we forget one of our basic need for mental and physical health is sex. Do yourself and your partner a favour and get yourself some well deserved Sex Toys, it’ll benefit everyone in the long run.

Stealing Some Time Out:  

If by some stroke of good luck or good time management, you do manage to claw yourself some time out to relax with your partner, you might want to consider a sensual massage. We offer a large range of divine Sensual Oils and Creams that will surely help you unwind. Some are designed to inspire sensuality and sexual arousal in both men and women. When preparing for a sneaky moment of romantic pleasures, you want to make every moment count. Many couples benefit from adding scented oils, creams, candles and other aphrodisiac and pheromone infused elements into their romantic plans.

Avoid the Baby Boom!  

We've said it before, but we'll say it again! If you’re not keen to be a part of the 2021 Covid Baby Boom, you might want to invest in some condoms. We carry a huge variety (no exaggeration there) of Condoms that will be the right fit and pleasure sensation for anyone. Our choices include everything from flavoured to textured, coloured and glow in the dark condoms. Don't be silly, wrap that willy!

Make Every Night a Good Night:  

If you're able to get an hour or two of peace and quiet when the sun goes down, make sure you pour yourselves a glass of wine, turn up some music (helps disguise the sounds of pleasure) and enjoy your moment of bliss. If you need an added boost to enhance those feel-good hormones, try some of our Pheromone Enriched Products. It's not often we get some time out when the house is always full of lively chatter. So get those kids to bed, turn out the lights and have some fun!


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