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Stay at Home Essentials for 25-35 Year Olds

Where to Begin?

Many twenty year olds are just beginning to experiment with sex toys as they learn more about their bodies and what they do and don’t like. Dipping your toes into the vast pool of sex toys can be overwhelming at first. You can’t try before you buy so you need to be sure that you’re buying the toy that best suits your wants and needs. The best way to figure out which toys would be most suited to you and/or your partner is to know your own body. Start by considering what sets your heart racing and what types of stimulation gives you maximum pleasure to reach the big ‘O’.

Who Uses Sex Toys?  

The stigma of sex toys being for single women or unsatisfied housewives is quickly wearing off. Women of every age and relationship status can hold their Rabbits and Stimulators proud and get loud! In fact, more people of every age group and sexual affiliation are discovering new ways of incorporating toys into their sex lives. It’s especially true now with community access and in-person dating being limited by lockdowns. More men are using sex toys today than ever before and with an increasing supply and variety of toys, there is guaranteed to be a perfect toy for just about anyone. Masturbators & Cock Rings are among some of the favourite sex toys men enjoy.

Safety First:  

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re shopping around is what material the sex toy is made of. This is essential when it comes to VibratorsAnal Toys or anything else that you'll be putting inside your body. While materials like jelly and rubber might feel nice, they also tend to be porous which makes them harder to clean. Some people opt to use a condom on toys with porous materials and this option works quite well. Silicone is a favourite because it not only feels good, it’s very easy to clean and is non-porous. 

It’s even more important to ensure that you clean your toys properly to minimise a potentially toxic situation. We carry Toy Cleaners, specially formulated to sterilise and clean your toys so they are hygienic for your next use. Toy cleaners are recommended as they are dermatological tested to ensure they are safe and gentle to both you and the toy.

Ladies, Start Small:  

Some of the sex toys on the market can seem huge and daunting to a younger newbie and some are well...downright unsettling. Of course, there is also the chance that bigger might be more attractive when the truth is, size really isn’t the most important feature in sexual satisfaction. One thing is for certain, most women find they orgasm a lot easier with clitoral stimulation so you will not go wrong with a Stimulator or a Finger Vibrator. These are small, quieter, vibrators with buzzy vibrations that only focus on one area. They are a great way to enjoy clitoral orgasms and coupled with penetrative stimulation, you might find yourself having an explosive happy ending.

The Rechargeable Frisky Finger bullet is a great addition to any solo or couple play and will definitely hit that right spot. Elegant, highly powerful and crafted to absolute perfection the Chaimo has been exquisitely designed to drive you to the ultimate climax and is compact enough to carry discreetly in a handbag. Ladies, this is especially useful if you’re lucky enough to get out of the house!

These Toys Really Suck…. No Really!  

When you’re looking for a toy to stimulate your clitoris, you’ll want to ‘cum’ across a nifty little gadget called a Suction Vibrator. These aren’t vibrators as such, they use air to create a mind blowing suction on your clitoris. The Womaizer Duo features the best of both worlds with its Innovative Air Technology combined with intense vibration functions. It will stimulate your G-spot while simultaneously tantalising the clitoris! We dare you to resist the orgasmic sensations!

Guys, Don't Miss Out on the Fun!  

If you’re new to the idea of trying sex toys, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the many ways you can satisfy yourself, with or without a partner. When you’re stuck at home and unable to get out to meet the ladies, the next best thing to the real thing is our diverse range of Male Masterbator sex toys. Masturbators, also referred to as strokers or pocket pussies, are sex toys for men that mimic the feel of a vagina, anus or mouth. They are tube-shaped sleeves, built into a shell for hand-held masturbation. Many come with textured interiors for increased pleasure sensations and most have either one or two openings for penetration. The CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer Multi Sensations Pussy and Ass offers the most realistic experience imaginable. 

More Fun for Men: 

There are many other exciting ways men can have fun with sex toys. Anal Toys are fast becoming a favourite for men of all sexual orientations. More men are realising the added health benefits to prostate stimulation and lucky for him, it’s also very sexually satisfying! And if you’re lucky enough to be isolating with a partner, you might want to grab a vibrating Cock Ring to add to the fun!

Up the Ante:  

When life is busy, you want things done quickly and you want them done well. When it comes to a satisfying sex life, your personal pleasure is no exception. Using a good penetrative VibratorDildo or Dong, either solo or with a partner is essential. The Original Waterproof Jack Rabbit is one of the top selling sex toys and ‘the go to’ for women on the go. Thanks to a dual-stimulation design, this powerful vibrator pleases internally and externally, simultaneously, to get the job done. Although, many of us aren’t going anywhere very far these days, there’s nothing stopping us from getting our groove on. If you’re working from home, you’ll really appreciate some down time, in between the gruelling task of work, to pleasure yourself. This might just be the thing you need to alleviate stress and finish the day... with a huge smile on your face!

Party for Two:  

If you're rocking the lockdown with your partner and need something fun and exciting to heat up the bedroom, we’ve got the gear to help break the momentum of the boring, same old-same old. When you’re youthful and vibrant, keeping it new and refreshing is a must. We have a vast range of sex toys For Couples that will make playing together even more erotic! The Pretty Love Tiffany can be worn by itself or during love making and will be sure to satisfy all of your desires.

Long Distance Sex Play...or When the Cat's Away:  

For couples who are in a long distance relationship or unable to see each other due to lockdown restrictions, we feel your pain. There’s never been a better time to invest in sex toys that allow you to play together, even when apart. We carry a diverse range of We-Vibe toys that use the We Connect app for long distance play. These are a must have for couples who need to feel a sexual connection when physical contact isn’t possible. The We-Vibe Wish is especially perfect as it can be used by anyone.

Put Some Flavour on that Vanilla!  

If your sex life has been feeling a little...vanilla these days, it may be time to try some other flavours in the ice-cream shop. And by ice-cream shop, we mean your bedroom, and by other flavours, we mean, kinky sex. When you’re youthful and adventurous, getting kinky makes playtime so much more exciting!

What is Kinky Sex?  

Kinky sex covers a whole host of sexy activities, from BDSM and Fetish to role play and more. Kinking things up often involves the use of CuffsRestraintsAnal Toys, and Whips and quite possibly some really sexy Fetish Wear and costumes for him & her. Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to put the topping on your ice-cream. Shop today!

Sex Toys are Essential:  

Sex toys open the door to new adventures. They embolden you to try new sexual positions and techniques to achieve the mind blowing climaxes that can be hard to achieve via conventional sex alone. It’s important to choose the right toy(s) that will suit your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong toy when it comes to your pleasure!


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