Satisfyer Pro 2 — The Next Generation of Satisfaction

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Satisfyer Pro 2 — The Next Generation of Satisfaction

The internet is BUZZING with thousands of glowing reviews about the Satisfyer Pro 2, but navigating all those reviews can be exhausting, and as the age-old saying goes, ain’t nobody got time for that! The Fun Specialists at Sexyland have put together a one-stop guide to the bestselling Satisfyer Pro 2. Now you can see for yourself why people love Satisfyer adult toys so much.

Why are Satisfyer sex toys so popular?

Across Sexyland’s entire range of Satisfyer toys, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a particularly popular choice, not just in the clitoris stimulator category but across all of our adult toys. The Satisfyer Pro 2 (as well as the next-generation Satisfyer Pro 2+ with vibration and Satisfyer Pro 3+) uses Air Pulse Technology to create pulsing air pressure waves inside a hollow silicone chamber. This chamber goes over your clitoris, encircling it with contactless stimulation for all-new sensations that feel like puffs of air rapidly sucking and blowing against your clitoris. With contactless clitoral toys, you can achieve touch-free orgasms that can feel totally different to those you get from a traditional dildo or vibrator. The pulsing air waves stimulate the sensitive clitoral tissue without overwhelming you with sensation, meaning you can enjoy the orgasmic pleasure more frequently!

Of course, this isn’t to say that using vibrating sex toys too much will desensitise you, that’s just a myth — in fact, the next-generation Satisfyer Pro 2+ combines the contactless airwaves with vibration around the clitoral area for even more pleasure. Like the airwaves, the vibrations surround the clitoris without actually making direct contact so you can still enjoy gentle stimulation that reverberates deeply into the clitoral tissue.

Not sure which of the Satisfyer toys is the best one for you? Check out Sexyland’s comprehensive comparison of the Satisfyer Pro 2 & Pro 2+!

How to use the Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral stimulator

On both the Satisfyer Pro 2 and next-generation Pro 2+ clitoral stimulator toys, there is a white silicone chamber at the top of the device. Place this silicone head around your clitoris, surrounding it on all sides without touching it. Once the toy is in place, press the dedicated on/off power button to activate the air pulses. The air pulses will start at the lowest level of stimulation — from here, you can use the +/- controls to adjust between the 11 air pressure intensities in either direction. This makes it easy to switch up the stimulation when you feel yourself getting close to climax, whether you want to give yourself that extra push over the finish line or hold off and edge yourself! Once you’ve finished luxuriating in your post-orgasm afterglow, you can turn off your Satisfyer Pro 2 by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

How to look after your Satisfyer Pro 2 toy

The Satisfyer Pro 2’s beautiful rose gold body isn’t just ergonomic, it’s also totally waterproof for wet and wild fun in the bath! It’s also a cinch to clean — just rinse your toy under warm running water and follow up with a spritz of toy cleaner to get your Satisfyer hygienic and sparkling clean for the next round.

 Need a power top-up? The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a magnetic charger to make recharging between play sessions a snap, literally. Line up the cable with the metal charging points at the end of the handle and watch everything click itself into place like magic! A red light will flash on and off behind the silicone control buttons when your toy is charging and will stay solid once it’s done. The Satisfyer Pro 2 takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge and offers up to 90 minutes of play. That said, some of Sexyland’s customers have left Satisfyer Pro 2 reviews saying they experienced squirting orgasms within seconds, so you’re sure to get plenty of mileage out of that 90-minute battery life!

Curious about contactless clitoral stimulation? The Satisfyer Pro 2 costs $64.95 to buy online or in-store at Sexyland’s adult shops. Alternatively, you can browse our whole range of other Satisfyer sex toys to satisfy all your desires! Best of all, many of Sexyland’s Satisfyer toy range is available on our 2hr Delivery Service so you can see what all the fuss is about in a flash!


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