Get To Know the Satisfyer Pro, the Oral Sex Toy That's Serious About Pleasure

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Get To Know the Satisfyer Pro, the Oral Sex Toy That's Serious About Pleasure

If you’ve somehow missed all the viral reviews of the Satisfyer Pro sex toys sweeping the internet or are just new to clitoral suction toys in general, the Fun Specialists are here to shake up your sex toy box! The Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 2+ are among Sexyland’s bestselling toys of all time, and once you’ve experienced the mind-blowing clit-sucking, it won’t be hard to see why...

Are the Satisfyer Pro sex toys worth the hype?

If the reviews from thousands of breathlessly satisfied clitoris-owners weren’t enough proof for you (seriously, this happy customer even says the Satisfyer Pro 2 gave her better skin), let’s talk about how the Satisfyer does what it does and why it feels so good.

Clitoral stimulators like the Satisfyer Pro range have a soft, silicone head that surrounds your clitoris and encloses it within the chamber to deliver touch-free pleasure via air pulses and pressure waves. Unlike a traditional vibrator, these air waves don’t make contact with your clitoral tissue for contactless orgasms that won't overwhelm the sensitive tissue, meaning you can enjoy wicked clitoral orgasms with the Satisfyer Pro sex toys endlessly! Of course, if you’re still attached to your vibrator, don’t worry. The idea that using vibrators too much can desensitise you is just a myth, and in fact, the Satisfyer Pro 2+ combines the pulsating air waves with the sensation of vibration for an all-encompassing pleasure experience your clitoris will love!

Get To Know the Satisfyer Pro, the Oral Sex Toy That's Serious About Pleasure

And speaking of the Satisfyer Pro 2+...

What’s the difference between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2+?


Both the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 2+ have 11 air pulse intensities for your clitoris to enjoy, but the Satisfyer Pro 2+ has a second motor that adds 10 vibration settings on top of that, giving you over 100 unique combinations of clitoral pleasure! The buttery-soft silicone head delivers these vibrations to the surrounding clitoral area for an extra layer of stimulation that still lets the contactless pressure waves be the star of the show.

The head

Both models have the same size head with a hollow chamber that gently encircles your clitoris, though the opening is larger on the Satisfyer Pro 2+. This accommodates more body shapes and sizes, making it great for women with larger clitorises. It can also reduce the intensity of the air pressure settings since the chamber fits less closely around the gland.

The body

The Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 2+ both come in a refined shade of matte rose gold with a creamy white silicone head atop a straight handle with an ergonomic contoured shape. The Pro 2 + has a slimmer handle for a more comfortable fit in the palm of your hand, as well as a slightly different control interface due to the different functions. Both Satisfyer sex toys are designed to be totally waterproof so you can enjoy a super hot and steamy experience under the shower stream or in the bath!

The control buttons

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a 3-button interface, with a dedicated on/off power button and +/- controls to adjust between the 11 air pressure setting intensities. Each of these buttons responds with just a single press, no holding required!

The Satisfyer Pro 2+ has an identical 3-button interface in terms of layout, though the buttons do slightly different things to account for the added vibration function. To turn the Satisfyer Pro 2+ on or off, you hold down the + button at the top of the intensity control pad for a couple of seconds. A single tap on the +/- buttons switches through your 11 air intensity settings, just like the Satisfyer Pro 2. The separate dedicated button now controls the vibrations – hold it for a couple of seconds to turn them on and off, and tap the button to cycle through the 10 vibration modes.

How to care for & clean a Satisfyer Pro

Once you’ve spent an appropriate amount of time luxuriating in the afterglow and come back down to Earth, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a cinch to clean up after yourself. After all, who wants to follow up a toe-curling orgasm with a complicated chore straight off the bat? The sleek rose gold body of the Satisfyer Pro doesn’t just look sexy, this toy is also completely waterproof for easy cleanup under a warm water rinse and a spritz of toy cleaner. 

You also never have to worry about your Satisfyer running out of juice the next time you play thanks to the easy magnetic charging system! You can top up your toy’s power in a snap, literally – just line up the magnetic cable with the charging points on the back of the Satisfyer’s handle and watch it all click into place like magic!

Keen to give contactless clitoral stimulation a try? Check out Sexyland’s Satisfyer toy range, available to buy online or in-store! Best of all, since the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 2+ are among Sexyland’s top toys, they’re both available for our 1–2 hour Quickie Delivery Service so you can satisfy yourself tonight if you just can’t wait!


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