Fleshlight Universal Launch — The Self-Operating Masturbator of Your Dreams!

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For men and people with penises, masturbators are still the most popular personal pleasure toys. They are often the go-to pick over other male sex toys like cock rings and prostate stimulators, as well as gender-neutral toy options. This is likely down to the fact that this is how people with penises most often learn to masturbate, and who are we to knock a tried-and-true classic?

Of course, while there’s nothing wrong with manual stroking, modern sex toy technology has opened the world of pleasure possibilities beyond doing it by hand. These days, not only do we have sophisticated masturbators made from lifelike materials with wicked textures inside, plenty of them vibrate, rotate, suck, and even thrust! Automatic stroking units like the Fleshlight® Universal Launch™ are the newest wave of high-tech men’s adult toys and offer even more stimulation than our ancestors could ever have dreamed of (and we know they were dreaming of masturbation since their rock paintings are full of it)...

What is the Fleshlight Universal Launch?

This leap forward in sex toy technology is an automatic stroking simulator and turns any compatible hard-cased stroker into a self-operating masturbator! This is great for folks who enjoy stroking sensations but can’t necessarily make stroking motions on their own due to injuries, disabilities, or disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s also good for people who want to experience more than what their bare hands can offer, such as vibration, rotating, warming, and suction (depending on the masturbator model they pair with their Fleshlight Universal Launch).

How does the Fleshlight Universal Launch differ from other masturbators?

Strictly speaking, the Universal Launch isn’t a masturbator itself but rather an automatic stroking simulator. Compared to other self-operating masturbators like the Kiiroo Keon (which many believe to be the main competitor to the FUL), Fleshlight’s Universal Launch isn’t as technologically advanced due to the fact that it doesn’t have adult content integration capabilities like syncing with porn in real-time over Bluetooth, nor can it sync with VR (virtual reality) or AI (artificial intelligence) content like the Keon can. However, for users who don’t want all the high-tech bells and whistles, prefer longer-lasting stroke sessions, or are more focused on the hands-free stroking functions rather than the immersive user experience, the FUL’s lower price point is a worthy tradeoff.

In terms of customisable stroking options, both of these intimacy gadgets let you adjust stroking speed and length. The FUL uses an intuitive, illuminated 2-way rocker system to control both speed and length (up to 250 strokes a minute), and also lets you choose from 3 pleasure zones (base, shaft, or tip) with a Position button so you can concentrate the pleasure where you want it. Meanwhile, the Keon uses up-down buttons and has LED lights on the side to indicate what level you’re on for stroke length and speed (up to 230 strokes a minute).

The build design for both units is quite different, with the Kiiroo Keon sporting a more compact and smooth design that looks and feels sleeker but is reportedly harder to use while standing up due to the rounded shape. On the other hand, the FUL has a rocket-shaped body with built-in handholds that make the unit easy to hold while standing, sitting or laying down. The Fleshlight Universal Launch also has a trio of smartphone mounts included for horizontal or vertical content viewing, or you can even start a video call with a partner for your own private live show during phone sex!

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is also one of the few sex toys that can be operated when it’s charging thanks to its Active Launch Mode, which is automatically enabled so there’s never any downtime, even if your FUL has used up its 1-hour cordless battery life — your toy is always ready to go whenever you are! Your Fleshlight Universal Launch can even come with you on all your international adventures since, in addition to its AU wall plug, it comes with wall adapters for the EU, US, and Asia.

Can the Universal Launch be used with all Fleshlight models?

The Fleshlight Universal Launch comes with a regular-length and extended-length ratchet strap to accommodate hard-cased strokers of different sizes, including:

The ratchet straps can also be adjusted to fit other third-party masturbators in hard cases, but just be aware that using any third-party hardware product in combination with the Universal Launch will void your warranty with Fleshlight.

Is the Universal Launch smartphone mount compatible with all smartphones?

The Universal Smartphone Mount adjusts to fit devices from 5cm–9cm (or 1.97"–3.54") in width, which is not the same as ‘screen size’ as this refers to the largest diameter measurement of the screen across its diagonal axis. At the time of writing this article, the biggest non-folding smartphone in the world is the Huawei Mate 20 X (5G), which has a screen size of 7.2” (18.29cm) and a width of 3.36” or 8.54cm, meaning even if you’re rocking the biggest phone currently on the market, the Fleshlight Universal Launch’s smartphone mount can handle it. As for folding phone users, sorry folks, but you’re probably going to have to watch your content in its default narrow form like the rest of us!

Ready to launch yourself to new heights of pleasure? The Fleshlight Universal Launch is available to buy online at Sexyland with 2-hour Delivery, or you can browse our extensive range of men’s sex toys and see what else tickles your fancy…


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