Australian Self-Lovers Rejoice: The VUSH Vibrators Have Landed at Sexyland!

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Australian Self-Lovers Rejoice: The VUSH Vibrators Have Landed at Sexyland!

Whether you’re run off your feet with post-COVID catch ups or still living (and loving) the lockdown life, it’s never a bad time to treat yo’self, and who better to help with that than VUSH™ Stimulation? VUSH are officially one of Australia’s trendiest sexual wellness brands and they pride themselves on open, honest conversations about pleasure and breaking down the stigma around masturbation. Just like Sexyland, VUSH is an Australian company that believes that there ain’t no shame in the self-love game! It’s time to celebrate your body and how good it can make you feel, so no more stowing away those toys deep in the darkest corners at the back of your sock drawer! That being said, the newest VUSH vibrators in Sexyland’s lineup look so good, you won’t want to keep them hidden for long...

The VUSH Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

From full-body massages, foreplay, or getting yourself to the big finish, the VUSH Majesty 2 is sure to be a loyal subject of your court for ages to come! Vibrating wands have plenty of tricks up their sleeve and this one is no exception. Packed with 50 possible mix-and-match settings (10 patterns in 5 intensity levels each), it is ideal for those looking for more rumbly and powerful vibrations you can really feel under your skin! All of this clocks in at a whisper-quiet volume under 50 decibels (quieter than a normal conversation) so you can enjoy yourself without letting the entire kingdom know what’s up.

For a wand vibrator, the VUSH Majesty 2 is quite compact, and it’s cordless too so it’s easy to navigate around all your sweet spots (or a partner’s) for fun that’s as versatile as you are! It’s the magic wand that knows how to treat you right and give you orgasms worthy of royalty. In fact, it’s already shared some screentime with the Queen of Rap herself – Cardi B – getting a coveted feature spot in her Up music video (which is on the cusp of a whopping 200 million views on YouTube as of writing this)!

And speaking of queens...

The VUSH Abbie G-spot Vibrator

VUSH and Australia’s official favourite Gemini – Abbie Chatfield – have collaborated to bring you a G-spot vibrator that is as bold, powerful, and fun as its celebrity inspiration! Abbie’s presence as an Aussie reality TV icon and on social media goes far beyond her nationally televised heartbreak on The Bachelor in 2019, and she has used her newfound recognition to become an advocate for self-care and self-pleasure, the importance of mental health, and many more topics that make her a perfect fit for a vibrator from a wellness brand like VUSH.

Abbie codesigned this G-spot vibrator with VUSH to deliver stimulation both internally or externally, but what it really shines at is G-spot play thanks to its bulbous head, ergonomically curved neck, and a one-of-a-kind orchid pattern for extra stimulation. With VUSH’s signature whisper-quiet motor for discreet play and 25 unique setting combinations (5 patterns in 5 intensities each), it’s a lot to enjoy!

The VUSH Rose 2 Precision Bullet Vibrator

Why not give yourself your own rose tonight with the Rose 2? This bullet vibrator by VUSH is a twist on a classic sex toy staple and is the perfect vibe for someone who’s new to the world of things that go buzz in the night or an avid collector who just wants to add a pretty little peachy number to their repertoire. Unlike most other bullet vibrators, VUSH’s Rose 2 has a flexible body with a comfortably rounded handle and is topped by a bulbous head that tapers to a point for precise internal or external stimulation. VUSH has also adorned the head with a subtle flower petal texture for a unique shape that looks like a rosebud about to blossom, giving this vibe its stylish edge and sweet namesake! It can deliver 5 pleasure settings in 5 intensities each for 25 toe-curling combos, all of which are whisper-quiet so you can let your orgasm bloom on the down-low...

All of these goodies from the VUSH Stimulation range are made of soft and smooth medical-grade silicone for a silky glide against your intimate areas, especially when paired with a water-based lubricant. Not only is this material body-safe, it’s also totally waterproof so you can enjoy yourself everywhere from the bed to the bath for an extra hot and steamy experience! All the VUSH vibrators are magnetically rechargeable so you never have to worry about running out of juice or fumbling around in the junk drawer for spare batteries in the heat of the moment. Just aim the charging cable at the magnetic charging points on your toy and watch it snap into place all on its own!

It’s official: VUSH knows self-stimulation can make us feel like our best selves and that we’re all worthy of high-quality, good-looking sexual wellness products that take our breath away. Whether you’re a beginner in the self-love world, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in-between, there’s a VUSH vibrator for you, so check out the range of VUSH toys at Sexyland! They’re all available on our 1–2 Hour Quickie Delivery Service so you can jump straight into enjoying those ~good vibrations~ and end your week with a bang!


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