3 Easy Ways To Feel Sexier

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How you present yourself (whether it be the world or just your reflection) plays a big role in how you feel and behave.

what to wear to look & feel your best

Is there anything more empowering than putting on a killer outfit you know you look good in? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Scientists have even done studies on how your clothing choices affect self-image! We all deserve to feel hot AF 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, though it doesn’t always have to be about sultry lingerie looks or tight-fitting pieces to get you there (but more power to you if that’s your thing). Here are our guidelines on dressing to look and feel your best, courtesy of the Sexyland Fun Specialists!

Dress to flatter your body type & skin tone

Whether you’ve got a chiselled gym bod or you love that there’s more of you to love, nothing feels better than ~ feeling yourself ~. Your body works hard to get you where you need to go and do the things you want to do, and you’re entitled to appreciate it.

Emphasise the things you like about you, and don’t be afraid to embrace your flaws either! Maybe you’ve been blessed with radiantly tanned bronze skin that pops in deep jewel tones, or perhaps you’ve got tiger stripes to flaunt. Whatever it is, love the skin you’re in! Your confidence will shine through and elevate your appearance even further, along with what your clothing can enhance.

Choose the right underwear to build your foundation on.

Okay. So you know what to wear on the outside for other people to see, but what about the things that make you feel sexy that only you know about? Your undergarments should make you feel secure and comfortable, whether that means lace panties or boxer briefs, a classic black lingerie set, or a sturdy BDSM-inspired harness. Nobody has to know why you’ve got that smirk on your face - all they’re going to remember is how hard you slayed that presentation.

Of course, for the more adventurous types, there’s the opposite end of the spectrum where there’s a growing trend of wearing underwear as outerwear! Thanks to celebrities, influencers, and designer fashion brands, there’s been rising interest in how to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom. We especially love versatile items that can transition seamlessly from day to night because not only does it save you the trouble of having to pack extra stuff into a bag, it also cuts down on the post-work scramble in those tight toilet cubicles. Honestly, ain’t nobody got time to wait for you to shimmy into a completely different set of clothes when happy hour is calling.

One of our favourite tricks for the office is wearing a bodysuit under a daytime-approved collared shirt and pencil skirt or tailored trousers while the sun’s up, then stripping off your top when the moon comes out to play. For some extra coverage, throw on a smart blazer to protect against the chilly night air or the permanently arctic temperatures of the average office building.

All you need is the confidence to rock that outfit and that confidence comes from being comfortable! Why not get started on emulating a runway-ready look by checking out our range of sexy women's lingerie? We've got one-piece options like bodysuits and teddies if you want to tuck something into your skirt or jeans, or lingerie sets you can let peek through a sheer outfit for some extra spice!

Discover how to use sex toys discreetly in public...

It wouldn’t be a Sexyland post without toys, right? With so many wearable sex toys on the market, there are plenty of ways to get off and feel fantastic in more ways than one. There’s a massive selection of naughty little things that you can totally get away with wearing in public (unless you’ve got a terrible poker face and give the game away). We’re talking anal plugs that sit snug and comfy in your butt all day long, wearable couples vibrators that cup the vagina and clitoris, and panty vibrators that stimulate you no matter if you’re walking, sitting, or even dancing!

lovense ferri panty vibrator

Our top pick is the Ferri Panty Vibrator by Lovense, which magnetically clips onto your knickers to offer delicious vibration straight to your most sensitive sweet spots!

While we’re at it, why not get your partner involved and enjoy the thrill of being teased in public together? Lots of discreet sex toys are remote-controllable or app-compatible so you can switch up your settings on the fly without having to nip back and forth to the bathroom, and plenty of them are whisper-quiet, either softer than or equivalent to the volume of a normal conversation.

If you’d rather not keep your aesthetic sex toys hidden in your bedside drawers but would prefer to put them on display behind closed doors only, that’s not a problem either. Bedazzle your behind with a bejewelled metal princess plug that you can wiggle enticingly in front of your partner’s face, or marvel at how pretty a luxe silicone rabbit vibrator is - before it disappears inside one of you that is…

At the end of the day (or the start of it when you get dressed), what makes you feel sexy is just that - it’s what makes you feel sexy. Wear what you like, how you like, for whomever you like, yourself included. Embrace your body and don’t take snide judgement from anyone because what you wear affects nobody but you.


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