Warming Toys, Lubricants & Stimulants To Heat Things Up This Winter!

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Warming Toys, Lubricants & Stimulants To Heat Things Up This Winter!

Baby, it’s cold outside, so why not add some hot winter warmers to your bedroom routine? From warming lubricants to sex toys that heat up to body temperature, there are dozens of ways to keep the flames of passion alive when the frost is nipping at you! Chilly winds are blustering, and the drenching rains are pouring down outside — there’s no better excuse to snuggle up in bed with a playmate or take some me-time for yourself under the covers… 🔥🔥🔥

How do warming sex toys work?

Sex toys with heating functionality have a warming unit built in to bring the toy to body temperature or slightly higher, usually at the insertable section or the section designed for the user to insert themselves in the case of masturbators. Some multi-function toys offer separate control of the heating element and the other stimulation settings like vibration and rotation while others keep it simple and combine everything into the one motor. There are even ways to enjoy temperature play without the sex toy being heated electronically or from within — certain adult toy materials like glass, ceramic, and metal are particularly good at retaining cold and heat when chilled in the fridge for a few minutes or dipped in warm water. You can put your toy in a zip-lock bag or wrap a warm towel around it if it’s not waterproof, or use a dedicated sex toy warmer, such as the Fleshlight® Sleeve Warmer Stand for warming masturbators. For an added bonus, during the cooler times of the year, the higher degree of contrast in temperatures between your body and your toy makes the effect even more noticeable!

Can using warming sex toys help increase arousal & pleasure during colder weather?

Absolutely. You know how your fingers and toes go numb when you’re cold? The rest of your body operates the same way, and that includes your genitals. The cold causes decreased blood flow, which can ‘desensitise’ your intimate areas the same way it does to your extremities and also impacts genital size. Furthermore, when your body is shivering, not only is this distracting when you’re trying to get down to business, but the normally sensitive tissue down there can be less responsive to the touch, which often increases the time it takes to orgasm (and possibly the difficulty too). This effect also applies if you’re trying to use a room-temperature sex toy (read: cold) — the first contact between your skin and an ice-cold toy (especially one made from silicone, metal, or glass) is sure to send a jolt through even the bravest winter-lovers! 🥶

Heated sex toys are here to save the day, though! Not only will warming sex toys create a toasty-warm feeling for you to enjoy, they increase blood flow to the genitals, which relaxes the muscles to help alleviate soreness and stress, all of which help elevate levels of arousal. The warmth can also replicate the natural body heat of a human partner for an experience that’s more realistic, especially if you’re using a dildo or a masturbator with an anatomically accurate design! Even if your toy doesn’t resemble a particular body part, the extra warmth can add another element of stimulation to keep your fists clenching and your toes curling in their warm fuzzy socks

What types of heated sex toys are best for use during the winter season?

As mentioned before, you can warm many sex toys through external means like hot towels and heating stands, but if you like the sound of adult toys that warm up on their own, here are some of our favourites: 

Best heated masturbators

  • The Aphrodisia Vibrating Stroker With Warming Function —  the flexible winged design has an open end to surround the user’s penis in a gently ribbed silicone interior, complete with a warming function and 10 vibration modes to keep things interesting!
  • The Lovense Calor — this warming masturbator has a soft, silicone body that has a squeezable design and innovative depth sensors that alter the vibration strength depending on how deep you thrust yourself. The deeper you thrust yourself, the stronger the vibrations become, and you can also pair the Calor with the Lovense Remote smartphone app for more ways to play solo or with a partner!
  • The Maxtasy Suction Master — the mouth is one of the warmest parts of the human body, and this realistic oral masturbator is sure to blow more than just your mind! It hosts a thrilling combination of 10 patented super suction pulses, 10 vibration modes, and warming that reaches a realistic inside-the-mouth body temperature in just 60 seconds.

 Best warming vibrators

  • The Pillow Talk® Sultry Dual-Ended Warming Massager — this vibrating wand has two heads for double the fun; the vibrating head sits on top of a flexible neck while the tapered, insertable shaft rotates and warms to give you maximum versatility.
  • The Nu Sensuelle Aluminium Point Bullet Vibrator — this vibrating bullet is made from heat-conducting aluminium metal and delivers 12 powerful vibration modes in a compact little package, complete with a tapered tip for precise pleasure!
  • The California Dreaming® Palisades Passion — a rabbit vibrator with a bulbous, ribbed G-spot head is nothing new, but did you know that the clitoral arm swings instead of just vibrating? The side-to-side swinging is sure to put a spring in your step after the fun is done… 

Curious about non-toy warming options? Wax play is also a thrilling way to experience heat on targeted areas of the skin, though as with all BDSM play, it’s important to always have informed consent and your safeword ready. Sexyland also recommends you warm up any particularly cold skin with a relaxing rubdown before breaking out the BDSM drip candles so that the sudden contrast between your body and the wax is less extreme (though if you’re into the pain and you know your limits, go for it). You can also heat things up with warming lubricants or warming stimulants, which you can apply just to your most sensitive erogenous zones, or all over your body, depending on your desired effect and intensity.

Keen to bring the heat to the bedroom? Shop online or at your nearest Sexyland adult store and get ready to fire up your engines this winter…


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