Swing Into Action This Spring With a Sex Swing!

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Swing Into Action This Spring With a Sex Swing!

Sex swings may sound like the kind of sex furniture that only the most dedicated of kinksters with private BDSM rooms would indulge in, but we promise they’re not that scary 😋

Sex shops like Sexyland carry a wide range of sex swings, plus other positioning aides and sex accessories to help you and your partner find the perfect angles for the ultimate pleasure. They’re one of the best sex furniture items you can add to your play area, whether you have got a dedicated BDSM room (lucky you) or you’re just trying to spice things up in a small space. They’re sure to enhance any couples’ sexy fun and are loads of fun for loads of folks, regardless of whether you’re into kink and bondage or not!

What is a sex swing?

Sex swings, lovemaking swings, love slings…whatever you call them, the name is generally pretty self-explanatory: it’s a swing to use during sex. People use sex swings because they’re good at helping you find that perfect pleasure angle, increasing flexibility, aligning partners with significant height differences, assisting people with limited mobility, and supporting larger bodies against gravity so everyone can enjoy more versatile sex-ploration! They let you try new sex positions and angles that you just can’t hit in bed or when both people are constrained by gravity. Sex swings are ideal for standing sex positions, as they alleviate the need for one partner to hold the other one up, meaning you can work smarter, not harder in the bedroom. There are lots of models that range in intricacy and intensity so there’s always a sex swing out there that’s perfect for you and your experience level!

How to use a sex swing

How you use a sex swing can vary between models and designs. There are several different types of sex swings available to suit your needs, including:

Traditional sex swings

The classic sex swing has the most versatility to let you try out pretty much any position you and your partner could dream of! It usually comes with adjustable body straps that are wide enough to support the user’s chest, pelvis, thighs, and/or back, plus adjustable stirrups to support the limbs at the wrist and/or ankle, depending on the sex position you’re attempting. They offer the greatest range of movement in 360° glory, let the swing user be seated upright or lying down, and also allow for either the receiving or penetrating partner to be the one who is standing — these sex swings are the OG design for a reason!

Still, this flexibility and range of motion means classic sex swings almost always require installing into a sturdy ceiling beam or doorframe with the provided screws and hooks, so be sure to always check the instructions for information on how to safely set up your sex swing and any weight limits the swing may have. It’s also worth knowing that this is one of the more permanent models of sex swing to set up, making it less discreet to have assembled and more difficult to pack away, which is something to keep in mind especially if you don’t have a sex room or other private area in your house. If you have the space and privacy for it, the Fetish Fantasy Series® Fantasy Sex Swing™ is a top pick thanks to the extra-wide padded straps for the user’s body and ability to adjust to suit any height.

Sex slings

Rather than keeping the person in the swing upright, sex slings look more like a hammock to let the user recline backwards or forwards, almost in a lying down position. Sex slings offer comfortable full-body support, meaning you can experiment with new sensations like zero-gravity sex!

Sex slings usually come with a heavy-duty carabiner clip connecting the straps, which you can clip to a freestanding sex swing frame, or attach to a structural household beam or ceiling rafter. In terms of difficulty with setup and dismantling, the sex sling is sort of a middle-ground option, with a bit of an unwieldy process but easy, discreet storage once you take it down and fold it up. As always, check the instructions and ensure you install the hardware in accordance with any safety advice and weight limitations.

Over-the-door sex swings

No private BDSM dungeon or sex room on hand? No problem! An over-the-door sex swing turns any closeable door into a pleasure playground with its user-friendly design and is the easiest kind to set up, use, and pack away — just loop the weighted straps over the top of the door, close it, and you’re ready to rock and roll! Similarly, just unloop the weights to disassemble the swing between uses, perfect for quickly getting the house in order in the event of last-minute guests.

In addition to being the easiest to set up and take down, over-the-door sex swings are also great for small spaces so you can enjoy gravity-defying sex without needing a whole lot of space. One of Sexyland’s favourites is the Scandal® Over-The-Door Sex Swing because it fits standard and oversized doors and has double-padded straps for the arms and thighs for maximum comfort during play! 

Ready to swing into action? Check out Sexyland’s collection of sex swings, as well as other furniture and accessories to help you build your own sex room! Our friendly Fun Specialists are always happy to give you tailored advice on your sex swing needs, either over our Live Chat online or in-person at Sexyland’s adult stores.


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