Spice Up Your Festive Season With Sexyland’s Adult Christmas Party Games!

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Spice Up Your Festive Season With Sexyland’s Adult Christmas Party Games!

The holiday break is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy yourself with the people you care about. Why not have a laugh with your friends over some fun adult party games, or get a headstart on making Santa’s naughty list with a partner? Sexyland has adult games galore for casual parties among friends, as well as sexy, erotic games for couples! Oh, and did we mention that they’re all 25% off as part of our Boxing Day sales? Here are some of Sexyland’s favourite adult board games and card games for you to have a very merry Christmas indeed…😉

Dirty Doodles Naughty Hands-Free Drawing Game

This fun and easy-to-play game for 2–10 players, comes from the creators of the hit game What Do You Meme?® . It’s sure to get the giggles going in just a single round! Each round only lasts 60 seconds so it's a quick game to set up and play. Players can join in or leave whenever they like.

 The game is simple — one player from each team is the artist, using the marker mounted to their waist, and another player is the canvas. The canvas player uses the spinner to determine where they'll be attaching the whiteboard for the artist to draw on (waist, butt, forehead, or the artist's choice). The artist moves their hips to draw one of four items listed on their chosen prompt card, ranging from easy to expert difficulties so they can flex their art skills and their sweet moves! The rest of the team tries to guess what each image is — the team with the most correct guesses after 60 seconds wins!

The 12 Games of Christmas Series

These box sets include 12 classic games like Truth or Dare, charades, and more, each with a Christmas twist! They come with everything you need to play all of the games, including dice, a spinner, a dreidel, game tokens, and rules for each game. They come in an Adult Party Games of Christmas version for cheeky fun amongst friends, a Drinking Games of Christmas version for boozy delight, and a Sex Games of Christmas version for couples to get frisky under the mistletoe!

The Truth or Drink Card Games by Cut®

These adult card games are an expansion pack to the base Truth or Drink game from Cut’s hit YouTube video series (which has 2 billion views and counting), though they can also be enjoyed on their own. They’re the perfect way to get to know your friends better, all while revealing saucy details of your past and exploring spicy hypothetical scenarios! Of course, you can always wash down the truth with a stiff drink if you feel like keeping your secrets to yourself…

Truth or Drink Sin Expansion

Skip the small talk and really drill down to the core of who your friends are with this 7 Deadly Sins-themed expansion pack! The game has 252 questions themed around the Seven Deadly Sins of Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and of course, Lust! Each card has two questions on it. The person who drew the card nominates another player to answer one of the questions, and they can either divulge the details of their sinful behaviour or swallow the truth and gulp their drink. Questions are open-ended and require more than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, meaning the answers are guaranteed to be juicy. There’s also the added benefit of not risking outing yourself if you choose to take a drink instead of answering!

Truth or Drink Extra Dirty NSFW Expansion

This racy expansion pack contains 400 not-safe-for-work questions that get real personal if you and your friends think you can handle knowing that much about each other’s sex lives and deepest desires. Players take turns being the dealer, drawing a card from the pile and picking 2 other players to ask each other the questions printed on the card. The nominated players can either answer, forfeit the round and take a penalty shot, or use a With A Twist card to mix things up. If the nominated players answer, the dealer awards the Question Card to the player who gave the most satisfying, revealing or brutally honest response. The first player to get 5 Question Cards wins!

Boudoir Promises

This elegant boxset is the perfect couple's gift and comes in a beautiful gold patterned box that looks great as it is, or you can wrap it in your favourite paper. It includes 30 embossed cards with sensual, romantic ideas to make you both feel special and strengthen your bond. You can open the box in bed together and read the cards one by one, or create a couple's Christmas scavenger hunt by hiding them around the house or in each other’s bags and pockets! The Boudoir Promises cards come in a Romantic and Sexy edition to suit how you’d like to pamper your partner.

No matter what you’re celebrating this festive season, Sexyland has all the fun games you want to take your adult gatherings to new heights of hilarity or spice up time spent with a partner. Shop our range of the best adult games at 25% off as part of our Boxing Day sales and pick up something fun for everyone!


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