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Gender Neutral Sex Toys are perfect for any body! These toys, also known as MX Sex Toys or Unisex Toys, can be used by everybody on different erogenous zones. They are nonspecific to a particular gender. When it comes to sex toys, there's no one-size-fits-all. Gender inclusive sex toys aren't just for the new-age generation. They really do work for EVERY BODY!

What is Gender Neutral?

You might be a little confused with all of the new terms circulating these days when it comes to sexuality. Maybe it's all new to you and you're just catching up or maybe you're in the midst of it all and know exactly who you are but you're waiting for the world to catch up. That's ok! With so many ways to identify a person's gender, it can get a little confusing but that doesn't mean finding the right sex toys has to be challenging.

Gender Neutral, simply put, is a person whose gender identity is neither male or female or anything in between. A gender neutral person can be gender fluid and shift between a male and female identity and enjoy the best of both worlds or simply wish to not be identified at all by a gender. Cultural norms are often built on gender specific expectations and many people prefer non-binary identification to avoid the stereotypes associated while many simply prefer to be a person without labels. There are many reasons a person may prefer a gender neutral identify and it's unique to each individual.

Gender-Inclusive Toys

Most sex toy businesses may be content to sell exclusively to straight, cisgendered people, but there is an increased demand for inclusive, gender-neutral designs. Sexyland recognises how important it is to be inclusive and welcoming to gender-diverse people. Also, people are becoming more experimental and less arbitrary in the ways that they enjoy sexual pleasure. A good sex toy doesn’t have to fit gender stereotypes to satisfy.

MX Sex Toy Range

Sexyland is proud to offer a range of sex toys to cater for everyone's needs. Our new range of MX Sex Toys are gender fluid and gender inclusive. The Gender Neutral Sex Toys allow EVERYONE to have sexy fun and stimulate their erogenous zones, regardless of how you or your partner identify! You might just find some erogenous zones you or your partner didn't know you had.

Built with vibrations in mind, our range of exciting and initiative MX Sex Toys are not only a way of being inclusive, but also break down the assumptions of how people's bodies should work and what kind of sensations people should enjoy. 


Traditionally, sex toys have been designed to focus on one gender. We understand many people prefer sex toys that don't follow any kind of gender binary rules. While the sex toy industry hasn't quite caught up yet, we have identified many sex toys that people of any gender can enjoy. The versatility of a sex toy is only limited by your imagination. Let's face it; there are sooooo many ways you can have fun with a sex toy!

Sex toys like the non-binary Slay #PleaseMe Wand Vibrator acknowledges that body parts don't always equate to gender. This toy can be adapted to different body parts, so you can get playful wherever and however you like, while you flicker through 10 indulgent vibrations, pulsations and escalation functions with easy-touch control buttons.

Rethinking Gender Specific Sex Toys

Toys targeted at specific body parts rarely reflect the true spectrum of sexual preferences. This doesn't mean they can't be used for other purposes. Most toys can be considered unisex with the right creative imagination.

Perfect for penetration, the unisex Je Joue Classic Bullet Vibrator is designed with a motor set to a low frequency to give our signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. Because of it's simplistic design, this handy little bullet vibrator can be used by anyone just about anywhere a little stimulation is needed.

Great for Couples

Gender fluid sex toys are also perfect for couples looking for toys with more versatility! Who needs to play by a gender specific rule book when it comes to pleasure? Gender inclusive sex toys can be shared by you and your partner.... or anyone else you invite into the bedroom fun for that matter. Imagine the endless possibilities with a sex toy everyone can use!

Introducing the innovative Iroha+ Kushi Stimulator, not only designed to be unisex, but provides the ultimate in powerful genital stimulation. The bulbous body with multiple ribs and defined edges allows for more direct stimulation of your erogenous zones, whilst the larger body is perfect for adorning the remaining areas. Its simple design makes this device even more versatile and is the perfect travel companion that you can use almost anywhere!

How to Use Gender Neutral Sex Toys

It's really not that hard to imagine all of the interesting places you can use an MX Sex Toy! Think of all the many erogenous zones your body consists of, the neck, the lips, nipples, thighs... and everything in between! Add some vibrations and a craftily shaped sex toy and you have the recipe for an orgasmic evening of fun for anyone!

The unique design of Pretty Love Eden Vibrator allows for gender fluid fun by pinpointing the curved, ridged end wherever you like! Massage Eden over your or your partner's erogenous zones and experiment with the settings by scrolling through the 12 modes of vibrations and pulsations until you find the perfect setting that will bring you to a place of unparalleled pleasure. 

Fetish Play for Everyone

Not only is Fetish Play gender fluid and inclusive, it is a whole lot of fun! With a varying range of sexy and fun products such as Bondage KitsRestraints and Strap-Ons, everyone can get in on the steamy action.

Everyone Relax!

There is no better way to connect with your partner than by starting off (or finishing ;P ) with an erotic massage. Erotic massages are in every way gender inclusive, but sometimes, shyness and self-consciousness creep in when we are not feeling confident in our own bodies – and our intimate lives can suffer as a result. 

Erotic massage can teach you to let go of inhibitions and appreciate that your body is a powerful and wonderful instrument of pleasure and enjoyment.

To help you relax and gain the full benefits of an erotic massage, we carry a diverse range of Massage and Essential OilsMassage Candles and Vibrating Body Wands.

Get it Fast! 

Available on our Sexyland Quickie 1-2 hour delivery is the gender inclusive Wand By We-Vibe.  This is an ultra-powerful, cordless body massager that is one of the most powerful massagers on the market. Its innovative design, and engineering put this wand into a class of its own. The Wand by We-Vibe is 100% waterproof, completely wireless, rechargeable, with integrated, responsive technologies including seamless intensity control, Smart Silence™ and smartphone controls via the We-Vibe app enabling long-distance connectivity.


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