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Leave reruns where they belong, on TV. Don’t let your sex play slip into the void of boring and dull by repeating the same sex positions each time! Keep it vibrant and exciting by incorporating new positions into the fun. We get it… sometimes you find that one position that really hits the mark and stimulates all the right spots but you lose a lot of the build up and suspense by sticking to the same routine time and time again. Make the grand finale more stimulating and explosive by building up the encounter. Experiencing your partner in different positions can be quite thrilling, especially when both parties are eager for a new adventure.

Premature Ejaculation:  

Changing up positions can be quite beneficial to the man who has trouble with maintaining an erection and premature ejaculation. Finding the right sex positions that will help him last longer can be a bit of a challenge but it can be done. The key to prolonging his erection is to slow the pace down and not rush it. Blood flow and the effect gravity has on it plays a huge part in a man’s ability to maintain his erection. Choose a position that promotes better circulation of blood flow. Because gravity means blood will flow downward, assuming a position that allows his penis to aim down is more likely to promote a harder erection for longer. That doesn't mean you can't try other positions. If he’s worried he’s about to ejaculate, stop and try a different position.

Additionally, including a sex toy like a cock ring into the sex play can help prolong his erection while keeping him harder and stronger. We also carry an assortment of male sexual enhancers that can help. She can also help improve her libido and add a little spice to her sexual encounter with some of female sexual enhancers. Warming gels and arousing creams can often stimulate a woman's sensitive nerve endings, helping to make those erogenous zones even more easily aroused.

Sexual Positions: 

There are endless possible sexual positions you can try when having sex and each position comes with different techniques and methods of its own to enhance the experience. Many recognise this as Kama Sutra, the art of love. Step up the game and create a sex playground anywhere you desire with the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing. The padded seat cradle and hand / foot straps allow you and your lover to easily enjoy thrilling and creative positions like never before. Below are just a few of our favourite sexual positions to spark your imagination. 

Missionary: Everyone is familiar with this position and there’s really a lot to love about it. Missionary is one of the most intimate positions. It allows you face to face contact with one another and direct access to each other’s sexual parts. There are a lot of ways to spice this position up, making it even more exciting. By changing the angle of your legs and your hips or elevation of her hips, the impact of penetration can be dramatically changed. Elevating her hips with pillows or a wedge can make it easier for him to penetrate, taking some of the pressure off of him. This variation also makes it easier for her clitoris to be stimulated when he thrusts. Another method includes her grinding up against him when he’s inside her. This enables her to stimulate her clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. Moving her hips in a circular motion with him penetrating deep inside is another way to stimulate her internally and externally. There is no end to the possibilities with this position and while it’s a common position, there are dozens of ways you can change things up to make it more interesting. Kink things up a bit with the Under the Bed Restraints System. Perfect for the couple who loves missionary sex!

How to do it: She lays down with legs apart and he lays on top, penetrating her from the top position. From this position, both partners can try a variety of different methods and techniques. Thrusting is typically done by him but she can also use her hips to move toward and away from him for a more exciting experience. 

Cowgirl: Girl on top is one of the more common positions but is also a great way of ensuring she gets maximum penetration while maintaining control of his ejaculation. She’s able to adjust the pace, rhythm and pressure to suit her needs while also helping to control when he can climax. By observing how her partner is responding, she can adjust her strategy to either slow down or speed up the process, depending on the end goal. Slowing down will help prolong his ejaculation while increasing the thrust can help to speed it up. Men tend to ejaculate quicker when being stimulated faster which can be a good thing for her. Many women like it slow and easy.

How to do it: Lay him flat on his back while she straddles him like she would if you were riding a horse. Upon penetration, she can begin moving back and forth or up and down. 

Spooning: This position is a great way to prolong his ejaculation while providing a close, intimate contact that can last for ages. This position makes taking it slow very enticing as it can be very relaxing and requires minimal effort. Spooning also makes it easier for him or her to caress and fondle her breasts, nipples and vaginal area while having sex.

How to do it: Both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction while he moves in close behind, positioning his hips just below her pelvis and penetrates her from behind. 

Butterfly: This position will leave you feeling more than butterflies! It’s a very easy position for her and relatively easy for him as well, although he will be doing most of the work. This position can be done in a few different ways, depending on what’s most comfortable and the level of penetration you’re wanting to achieve. Using pillows or wedges to help elevate her hips is always a plus as it adds a bit of comfort while making it easier for him to penetrate her without tiring too quickly. Raising her hips slightly higher than his can make it easier for him to hit her g-spot. Experiment with different elevations until you find the height that works best for you both. Make it even more fun with the Saffron Thigh Sling for a deeper, more effective penetration.

How to do it: She lays on her back on a table or bed with her bottom resting just on the edge. He then moves into a standing or kneeling position and penetrates her in a missionary fashion while she wraps her legs around his waist. Alternatively, she can position her legs to rest on his chest or a combination of the two. 

Happy Scissors: This position is similar to the missionary position but with a slight spin. Visually, it’s a bit more exciting as it leaves room for him to view the action below. This could be great if you’re a couple that likes to record your sexy fun. The Happy Scissors position is really great for deeper penetration. The Sportsheets Penetration Station Leverage Straps makes this position even more exciting while maximising the thrust and endurance.

How to do it: Instead of wrapping her legs around him, he will hold both feet up in the air to position her legs up in a v-shape, similar to a pair of opened scissors. She should elevate her hips enough so that he can kneel in front of her for penetration. It may help to use a wedge pillow to help her with elevation and comfort. 

Face Off: The face off position gives her total control when making love. Not only can she control the speed, the thrust and angle, both of her hands are free to roam and explore either her partner or herself. Since being seated offers support, this position is great for marathon sex.

How to do it: He sits on the edge of a bed or on a chair. She then straddles his lap, facing him with her legs wrapped around his waist. She can then impale herself onto his erection and move up and down or rock back and forth for the desired method of penetration.

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text revered to be the Bible of sexual fulfilment. Written as a guide to living well, maintaining a healthy love life and other pleasure-seeking aspects of life, it covers a multitude of other fascinating topics, including eroticism and sexuality. It is often referenced as a guide on sexual positions but it’s more than that. Kama Sutra is a historical piece of art with roots that go back many centuries ago. While many people busy themselves with the 20% of text that involves sexual positions, there is far more to this valuable piece of literature.

Kama Sutra Guide

We suggest starting with the Kama Sutra Mini Book and learn new ways to reawaken your desire. Petite and portable, this new edition of the Kama Sutra is great for discovering passionate positions, anywhere! It is the perfect quick reference guide to a passionate lifestyle, featuring 64 erotic positions from the sacred art of Kama Sutra. This take-anywhere mini-book is sure to bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams!

Sexual Position Games

If reading isn’t your thing, maybe try a game? A Year of SEX! Card Game offers you over 50 different Kama Sutra positions for an evening of kinky fun. Use the Karmasutra game cards as positional references or play one of the three SEX! games to build your fantasy. There are 365 different sexy positions included, and three ways to play the game. It’s an exciting way to introduce new sex positions into your sex play while making it fun.

Bump your sex play up a notch and throw in some BDSM. The 50 Positions of Bondage Card Game features playfully kinky sex position cards, perfect for the couple who loves a bit of BDSM and needs a little playful inspiration! You'll probably want to grab a Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling to make game night even more enticing! It provides ultimate leverage to help you reach positions that were impossible before.

Living Well

Part of the Kama Sutra is living well and incorporating other techniques of foreplay and intimacy. Make the most of your sexual rendezvous by including a sensual massage. We carry a tempting selection of Sensual Oils & Creams, perfect for indulging yourselves in a bit of sensual foreplay. Stimulating the senses and relaxing the muscles sets the mood for an erotic evening of intimate lovemaking. 

Sex Toys

Changing sexual positions isn't the only way to spice things up. Adding in some sex toys is always the next best thing! We have Couples Sex Toys that cater for all couples. Whether you're looking for something for His & HersHis & His or Hers & Hers, there's always something that will make your sex play even more fun and exciting.  


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