Sex Toys & Accessories You Need In Your Goodie Draw

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Sex Toys & Accessories You Need In Your Goodie Draw

Who doesn’t love getting more bang for their buck? When it comes to sex toys, it’s great when you find something that really works for you, and even better when you find satisfying bedroom gadgets that work for you and a partner. After all, there are so many things to try in the bedroom, and you never know when there’s going to be two (or more) people doing the horizontal hokey-pokey under the sheets… 😉

Choosing the right couples sex toy for you & your partner

While there are plenty of gender-neutral sex toy options to choose from, lots of adult toys are made with anatomy-specific usage in mind. Consider what you and your partner are working with, and what you want to achieve when you use a sex toy together. Is it about supplementing one partner’s efforts to make the other person feel ultra-special, enhancing what you both already enjoy together, or are you trying to achieve simultaneous orgasm?

For couples where the main toy-user has a vulva, a C-shaped insertable vibrator like the We-Vibe Sync 2 is an excellent choice. These are designed to sit on the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, buzzing against both to bring on a blended orgasm for the wearer. The underside of the internal arm has a flattened shape to leave room for a penetrating partner (either with a penis, fingers, or a strap-on), or it can be used by the wearer on their own!

Alternatively, for pairings where the main toy-user has a penis, an open-ended stroker is the perfect choice over a closed-ended masturbator if you want to get both people involved. Something like the Fun Factory Manta is great as it gives you a wide variety of ways to play, solo or together! It has a flexible winged design that wraps around the shaft of the user’s penis without completely encompassing it, which leaves plenty of room for their partner to tend to the head with their hands or mouth. You can either stroke the ribbed wings up and down along the shaft (with the help of some water-based lubricant) or turn on the vibration and hold it wherever you like against the shaft, such as near the balls or under the frenulum for some extra sensation!

Tips for incorporating couples sex toys into your sex life

If you've never used sex toys in your relationship, it may seem daunting and awkward to broach the topic of using sex toys as a couple. Fear not though — Sexyland’s resident love and relationship expert Dr. Lurve has this to say on the matter:

“Everyone starts at zero, so it’s important to slowly introduce sex toys into the bedroom routine and make sure you’re comfortable with what comes next. If you’re introducing sex toys with a partner, this starts with communicating about your likes and dislikes, plus what you might want to try and how to keep the communication lines open! Creating a safe space for each other to explore your sexuality is vital before any toys are introduced...Choose toys you’re both comfortable with and let the fun begin!”

It’s best to be open and direct about your desires, but also willing to compromise based on what your partner wants so you can find something you’ll both enjoy. You can also look for couples sex toys together to ensure you both get what you want, or check out some couples games if you want to spice things up in the bedroom without a toy. Remember to check in with each other during and after play so you can see how you both felt and what you liked about using the toy. This ensures you can both keep improving on your toy experiences together!

Safety considerations for using couples sex toys

The most important principle of sex toy care 101 is to clean 👏 your 👏 toys, before and after play. No exceptions! This is especially important if more than one person’s bodily fluids are coming into contact with the toy — after all, sharing is caring, but not if you don’t take proper care of what you share!

Most sex toys come with instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean them properly, though if you’re at a loss, a good-quality toy cleaner (like this antibacterial foaming cleaner from Wicked®) and a warm water rinse will sort out most toys. For a full guide on how to clean and store sex toys of every material, check out our handy table in our article on how to care for your adult toy collection!

If you’re sharing your toys with more than one person, you can also use condoms to cover any part of the toy that goes inside someone to help prevent the transmission of STIs and general diseases or infections. During use, it’s also important to note that if something is insertable into both the anus and vagina (whether it be a body part or a sex toy) should never go directly from the anus to the vagina. Everybody’s rectums are naturally full of bacteria, but for the health and safety of all players, the rectum is the only place where that bacteria should be. Clean your toy thoroughly before swapping orifices, or if you’re using your toy with a condom, don’t forget to switch out the condom for a fresh one. 

No matter whether you’re indulging in me-time or we-time, we’ve got something real sexy for everyone to enjoy. Come visit one of our adult stores near you and browse Sexyland’s range of couples sex toys, or shop online and enjoy 2-hour delivery on bestselling couples adult toys!


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