What's Your Sex–Life Balance? Couple's Sex Habits Revealed!

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What's Your Sex–Life Balance? Couple's Sex Habits Revealed!

If you’re wondering what a healthy sex life is and whether you’ve got one, you’re not alone. It’s common for people of all ages and relationship stages to be pondering how they stack up in terms of how often other people and couples have sex. Whether you’re single and enjoying casual encounters or are keeping your sex life active after marriage, it can seem like there are too many variables to stay on top of to have what a healthy sex life is ‘supposed’ to be. Add in the stress of work, keeping up to date with family and friends, childcare commitments, and today’s endless stream of media demanding to be consumed, and it’s no wonder that so many people report that they’re having less sex. With sex frequency on the decline overall, it might feel like your bedroom activities are dipping too, so the Fun Specialists are here to assuage your worries about your sex life, as well as recommend a few of Sexyland’s best couples’ sex toys to inject that spark back between the sheets!

How often should you have sex for a healthy sex life?

This is something that only you can answer for yourself. Everyone’s lifestyles and relationships are different, and what’s considered a ‘normal’ sex frequency should just be however much you find fulfilling rather than trying to match other couples’ sexual appetites. Across Australian singles and married couples, sex happens between once and month and a few times per week on average according to this big Australian sex survey. However, unaligned schedules and moods, plus general life commitments can make it even harder for married couples to maintain a sex life, so to enjoy a healthy sense of sexual fulfilment, couples can always supplement their own satisfaction with some good old-fashioned masturbation.

That being said, it’s always better to err on the side of quality rather than quantity, but surprisingly, the majority of Aussies rate themselves at just a 6/10 in the bedroom! If you’re keen to score some extra points on performance, some shiny new couples’ sex toys from Sexyland could just be the perfect way for you or your partner to boost your self-reported marks… 😏

Sexyland’s best couples’ toys to enjoy a healthy sex life

At Sexyland, toys for couples is one of our bestselling categories (especially over the various lockdowns we’ve all endured), and that’s really no surprise. After all, what couple doesn’t want to spice up sex with some toys? Here are some of our customers’ and Fun Specialists’ favourites that are sure to increase how often you have sex:

The Lovense Lush 3 Bluetooth Vibrator

Who says you need to keep your fun behind closed doors? If you’re both leading ultra-busy lives while also trying to balance a healthy sex life, why not take your fun on the go with you and up that sex frequency with discreet couples’ sex toys? Sexyland customers can’t get enough of the Lovense Lush 3, which is a wearable vibrator that offers precise G-spot stimulation when inserted into the wearer’s vagina. It’s compatible with the Lovense Remote smartphone app so either of you can control it from your phones, long-distance or right across from each other under a candlelit dinner table in a restaurant if you’re feeling frisky! There are unlimited custom vibration patterns you can create via the app so you can enjoy a different sensation , or you can sync the vibrations to your favourite songs and vibe to the beat of the music like never before…

Eve’s Vibrating Strapless Strap-On by Adam & Eve®

If both members of your couple enjoy sex toys that offer penetration, this strapless strap-on can please you both at the same time! The curved shafts are great for G-spot or P-spot stimulation and the ribbed external portion rubs against the wearer’s clitoris for dual stimulation. The insertable shaft sports a tapered plug shape that enters easily and stays securely in place, especially if the wearer squeezes their inner muscles around it. Eve’s Vibrating Strapless Strap-On is made from silky-smooth waterproof silicone for versatile fun in the shower or tub, and it’s rechargeable so it’s always ready to go when you are!

The Bodywand Rechargeable Massager

Going the extra mile to make your partner feel catered to does wonders for couples’ sex after marriage, so why not treat your partner to an ultra-sensual massage? This rechargeable wand vibrator from Bodywand is sure to leave their whole body more relaxed than ever before and is perfect for clitoral or perineal play! In addition to taking care of all those knots and sore spots, vibrating wands make great sex toys for couples, and this Bodywand is no exception. Sexyland’s customers have left rave reviews for this cordless buzzing beast, with one saying it was “responsible for a 50% increase to [their] sex frequency” and others saying it took 45 seconds or less to have a toe-curling orgasm! Even if you’re strapped for time when trying to balance a healthy sex life and other life commitments, surely you can find a minute spare to pamper yourselves…

Whether you’re concerned about how often you should be having sex on average per week compared to other couples or you’re just looking to boost your sex frequency for the fun of it, it’s important to remember that your fulfilment is just that: your fulfilment. The things couples need to feel sexual satisfaction can evolve, particularly when it comes to sex after marriage, so don’t be afraid to ask the Fun Specialists at Sexyland for couples’ toys advice! We’re always happy to help, so chat to us while shopping online or in-store and we’ll point you in the right direction to what a healthy sex life is for you and your lover!


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