LGBTQ+ & Sex Toys: Catering to Diverse Needs

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At Sexyland, we’re proud to stock a wide range of inclusive sex toys for everyone, whatever their genders, sexual orientations, and relationship status — after all, everybody deserves pleasure, no matter who they love!

LGBTQ+ sex toys are on the rise at Sexyland as gender diversity and non-heteronormative relationship dynamics become more common in society, though there are, of course, plenty of adult toys for queer couples and singles that aren’t marketed as such. If there’s a particular toy you like the look of but are hesitant because it isn’t aimed at someone of your gender or with your anatomy, don’t let that stop you if you think you can still enjoy yourself with it! Certain shapes can be quite versatile in terms of where on the body they can be used, and even toys designed for specific body parts can become gender-neutral sex toys with some creative thinking…

Finding the Right Toy for You: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Many of the factors that cisgender and heterosexual singles and couples take into account when picking a sex toy for themselves are the same as what queer folks should consider too, such as:

  • what body part(s) you want to stimulate (G-spot, clitoris, anus, penis, prostate, nipples, etc.)
  • what sensations you want to feel (vibration, suction, thrusting, rotation, warming, etc.)
  • whether the toy will be used solo, with a partner, or both
  • whether the toy will be anatomically correct (which can help with gender euphoria) or have a non-gendered/non-realistic design
  • general considerations like user-friendliness and material quality

The only thing that’s really different is that in the case of using the toy as a couple, you’ll need to take into account what body parts your partner wants stimulated and whether their genitals are similar or different to yours. Pansexuals and bisexuals, you have double the sex toys to explore! 🥳

So with these things in mind, let’s explore some of our best sex toys for queer couples!

Gay Pleasure: Essential Sex Toys for Him & Him

Masturbators & strokers

For penile pleasure, most masturbators are better suited to solo use as they tend to encompass the penis fully, which doesn’t leave much for another person to see or do. However, a few masturbators have open-ended designs that make it easier for partners to get involved. A stroker with a handle like the Fun Factory Manta lets you see all the action, and anyone can hold the handle to move the soft, silicone wings all over the user’s shaft and head for awesome stroking pleasure! Otherwise, super-compact designs like the Fleshlight® Quickshot™ Vantage Masturbator are perfect for stroking the shaft while a partner uses their mouth to tend to the tip, which is a great way to enhance a blowjob.

Cock rings

These stretchy rings trap blood flow in the shaft to keep erections harder for longer and intensify the wearer’s orgasm — after all, who doesn’t enjoy an ultra-explosive finish? Cock rings are great for people who find it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection during sex (also known as erectile dysfunction or ED), and they can also provide extra pleasure for both partners if you pick a model that vibrates. Cock rings can be used during masturbation or sex, and even after a penis pumping session to prolong the results!

Anal toys & prostate stimulators

When it comes to insertable gay sex toys, prostate stimulators and other anal toys like beads and butt plugs are excellent choices for internal stimulation. Remote control and app-compatible anal toys are great for solo use or partnered play since anyone can  take charge of the toy via the remote or their phone. It also means there won’t be any awkward fussing about with buttons once the toy is in place, meaning you can focus on the fun! The Edge 2 Bluetooth Prostate Massager by Lovense has been a massive hit with Sexyland’s customers due to its multiple functions and adjustable arm to guarantee a perfect fit for anyone’s body. The toy is easy to control via the onboard buttons or the Lovense Remote smartphone app for hands-free setting adjustments as the vibes rumble through your inner walls. Prostate orgasms feel different to penile orgasms, so even if you’ve never tried anal play before, it’s well worth giving it a try just for the experience!

For maximum stimulation and pleasure, a cock ring and anal penetration duo will give you the best of everything. There are multi-function toys like the Running Wild Cock & Ball Ring With Anal Plug that can take care of both ends on their own and are great for tops or versatile players who enjoy being penetrated while penetrating a partner!

Lesbian Love: Top Picks for Her & Her

Strap-ons (harness & strapless versions)

If you’re planning to use a penetrative toy together like a strap-on, the versatility and convenience of a hands-free sex toy can’t be understated since nobody wants to interrupt the fun by having to fiddle around with the toy’s position or controls once it’s in place. This is especially true for any toy that penetrates multiple people, like strapless strap-ons, which resemble L-shaped dildos and are a fantastic option for vulva-having couples who enjoy mutual penetration!

Traditional strap-on harnesses use a series of straps that wrap around some combination of the wearer’s waist, hips, and thighs, and the straps are adjustable for a secure fit. The dildo or probe that goes with these strap-ons sits at the front of the harness around the wearer’s genitals and can either be built into the harness or a separate toy with a flared base that can be attached or removed as you please.

Strapless strap-ons have a short, insertable end that the wearer holds with their pelvic floor muscles (AKA ‘kegels’) while the longer shaft extends from their body. This makes the strap-on feel more like a natural continuation of the wearer’s body and also delivers some penetrative pleasure as they thrust into their partner.

Both variants come with a variety of stimulation options like vibration and clitoral suction, and can also be used for non-lesbian sexual encounters like pegging.

Dual vibrators

These C-shaped vibrators are often touted as some of the best sex toys for couples who have differing genitals since that’s what they were originally designed for, but like we said before, don’t let that stop you! The curved, flexible shape of these stimulators cups the wearer’s body comfortably, with the external head resting on the clitoris while the insertable head puts pressure on the G-spot. The G-spot head is often flattened to leave room for a penetrating partner or toy, but these stimulators also feel amazing on their own due to the dual stimulation, which can lead to blended orgasms! Many of them are also app-compatible or remote-controllable for convenient hands-free play, solo or with another person.

Trans and Non-Binary Choices: Inclusive Sex Toys for Everyone

Suction & air pulse stimulators for trans men

For FTM folks who have been on testosterone (T) and experienced bottom growth (which some people in the queer community lovingly refer to as ‘T-dick’), finding a suction toy that fits over your newly enlarged bits may be a bit of a struggle, but worry not! There are toys out there for everybody, and every body. They will often be marketed as ‘clitoral’ toys, but again, don’t let this put you off — you deserve pleasure on your gender expression journey after all!

For people with smaller bottom growth or who aren’t on T yet, the We-Vibe® Melt™ will fit the diameter of a AAA battery snugly within its nozzle and delivers 12 suction intensities, as well as custom patterns that you or a partner can create through the We-Connect™ smartphone app.

For medium to large bottom growth, the LELO Sila can fit the diameter of a AA battery with room to spare inside its chamber and has 8 modes of sonic waves to stimulate you. This particular model we’ve linked has LELO’s automatic Cruise Control™ function to ensure the toy’s power stays the same instead of reducing when you’re pressing it hard against your body, perfect for helping you conquer your peaks of pleasure uninterrupted!

FTM strokers

Not into suction? No problem. These days, there are masturbators being designed with T-dicks in mind and follow the same principles as masturbators for cisgender men, just on a smaller scale. The Boundless™ FTM Textured Silicone Stroker is made from stretchy silicone with a ribbed texture inside to surround your bottom growth with soft yet oh-so-stimulating sensations that will have you coming…back for more that is!

Wand vibrators

For non-penetrative and gender-neutral sex toys, the vibrating wand is the undisputed top pick. You can use them anywhere on anyone, with or without a partner, cordless and rechargeable or plugged directly into a wall outlet for maximum power. They’re super-versatile and almost always have non-anatomical designs for discreet, distraction-free play. Some offer multiple stimulation types on top of vibration like suction, thrusting, and warming, but for fuss-free pleasure that works for everyone, vibration is where it’s at.

No matter how you like to play or who you like to play with, Sexyland has the sex toys to suit all of our LGBTQ+ patrons. Our diverse crew of Fun Specialists is always ready to help out with personalised advice for your needs, and you can talk to us at any of Sexyland’s adult stores or online via our Live Chat!


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