Best Sex Toys for Queer Couples

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Couples of all genders and sexual orientations use sex toys. Sounds like a simple enough concept, right? That’s because it is, and at Sexyland, we’re proud to stock a wide range of the best sex toys for couples, queer or not! 🥳

While there are still plenty of adult pleasure brands that have a definite heteronormative and cisnormative tilt to their marketing (whether it’s intentional or not), it’s important to remember that sex toys don’t discriminate — they’re made for anyone who wants them. Even if a particular toy you’ve got your eye on isn’t aimed at someone of your gender or anatomy, if you think you can get some enjoyment out of it, then we say go out there and get that enjoyment! Here are our recommendations on the best sex toys for couples, as well as what our most popular sex toys for queer couples are, just in case you were curious about what the rest of our customers are buying… 😉

Sex toys that are specifically designed for same-sex couples

Before this article turns into a pile of products that reads like a big ol’ shopping list, let’s talk basics for a sec: why do queer couples use sex toys?

The most obvious reason is pleasure, but sex toys can also enhance intimacy as well as pleasure in queer relationships by:

  • Helping both people get to know themselves and their bodies better, both as individuals and as a couple
  • Improving sexual satisfaction by showing them what types of pleasure are possible
  • Overcoming sexual difficulties (such as people affected by ED using hollow strap-ons)
  • Boosting positive self-image and body confidence, which can even result in gender euphoria
  • Keeping you both curious and open to exploration to see what else you can experience together

Of course, these can apply to all couples, so it’s handy to know what challenges and obstacles queer couples may face during sex, such as:

  • Having similar genitals that perform differently to hetero-normative genital pairings
  • Insecurities about a same-sex partner’s body or genitals looking, feeling, and/or performing ‘better’ than one’s own
  • Feeling more pressure to satisfy a same-sex partner due to having first-hand experience with one’s own similar anatomy
  • Gender dysphoria attacks (or feeling triggered by a sense of unease about the mismatch between one’s assigned gender at birth and their gender identity)

So with these things in mind, let’s dive into what some of the best sex toys are for queer couples!

Best gay sex toys (for couples where at least one person has a penis/prostate)

The Sexyland Fun Specialists are big fans of remote control sex toys since couples can give each other power, and you can use these toys solo too. Something like Winyi’s Bruce Remote Control Vibrating Rimming Anal Plug is great because it offers multiple functions and can be controlled via the onboard buttons or the wireless remote (so great, in fact, that it sold out within a few weeks of us stocking it for the first time). When the rotating beads in the neck of the plug are active, they make the wearer feel like they’re getting a ‘rim job’, which leaves their partner’s mouth free to tend to their penis for double the oral sensations!

If you pick something whisper-quiet like the We-Vibe® Bond Vibrating Cock Ring, you can even put your poker faces to the test and play together in public with the discreet smartphone app as your remote…🤫

For the best of both worlds, a cock ring and anal penetration duo is the perfect pick. There are cock ring and butt plug toys that take care of both ends on their own, or you can enjoy a partner anally penetrating you with something like The Vibe Perineum & Prostate Vibrator With Cock & Ball Ring from Rocks-Off®! It has a unique design that provides all the benefits and feeling of a cock ring while also vibrating against the perineum and inside the anus. The insertable anal arm is flattened to make room for a partner to penetrate the wearer, and the penetrating partner will be able to enjoy the vibrations as well!

For FTM folks, non-penetrative sex toys like strap-ons with a harness, underwear-style strap-on harnesses, realistic penis packers, and clitoral suction toys (which can enlarge the clitoris or ‘girldick’) can provide gender-affirming benefits too. Tabooless has a handy review of the best air pulse/suction sex toys for trans men — from their list, the ever-popular We-Vibe Melt, the LELO Sila™, and the Satisfyer Curvy are all available to buy from Sexyland.

Best lesbian sex toys (for couples where at least one person has a vulva)

Again, the versatility of a remote control sex toy can’t be understated, particularly if it’s a penetrative toy. Once it’s in, nobody really wants to have to fuss with adjusting the toy’s position or fumbling for awkwardly placed controls, y’know? This is especially true for any toy that penetrates multiple partners, like strapless strap-ons — if you’ve ever been forced to do that team-building game where you have to untie a knotted rope without letting go of anyone’s hands, imagine that but 10x more awkward 😅

Still, strapless strap-ons are a fabulous choice for vulva-having couples who enjoy mutual penetration! These L-shaped toys don’t use a harness to support them against the wearer’s body, so there are no unwieldy straps to deal with. Instead, there’s a short, insertable end that the wearer holds onto with their kegel muscles while the other shaft extends from their body. This makes the strap-on feel more like a continuation of the wearer’s body and also offers them some penetrative pleasure as they thrust into their partner.

One of Sexyland’s favourite strapless strap-ons is the Evoke Inflatable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On from Strap U®, which also has a remote control to make the setting adjustment a seamless experience. The contoured insertable bulb has a tapered tip for easy insertion and then inflates to fill the wearer and put the perfect amount of pressure on their inner walls. There’s also a textured grinding pad for their clitoral pleasure as they thrust the longer, phallic shaft into their partner. There’s a motor in both heads with 10 vibration modes for both people to enjoy too!

For non-penetrative options, just about everybody from cis to enby folks can appreciate sex toys that deliver the dual relaxation/pleasure dynamic of a massage, whether it’s around erogenous zones like the clitoris or just wherever your sore spots need it most — what better tool to use than a wand massager? A multi-speed vibrator like Bodywand’s™ Midnight Black Plug-In Vibrating Wand is a fantastic choice since you can easily tailor the stimulation intensity to your body’s desires at any given moment. Otherwise, if you know you want maximum stimulation, you can’t go past Pretty Love’s hyper-intense Super Power Vibrating Gun Massager! The fact that this waterproof massager is rechargeable and doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall is also seriously impressive, considering how powerful it is. Use it on your genitals, a partner’s, or anywhere else on your body in bed or in the bath!

No matter how you like to play, Sexyland has something real sexy for everyone this Pride month, and there’s a heap of bestselling adult toys that are part of our end-of-financial year sale right now. Pop into one of our adult stores and see Sexyland’s range of LGBT-friendly sex toys for queer and straight couples, or shop online and snag yourself 2-hour delivery on bestselling couples adult toys!


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