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Masturbation has long been considered an activity reserved for singles or times where your partner isn’t around, but really, what’s stopping you from sharing the love and doing it together?sex position - Two For the Road - Pleasure for Us

While some couples prefer to make a beeline for sex, there are plenty of folks who enjoy taking the scenic route, or even making mutual masturbation the final destination! After all, Masturbation May is a time for everyone to celebrate their right to self-pleasure, whether they're riding solo or taking the O-train together.

How to perform the Two For the Road mutual masturbation position

Get comfy in bed and lie on your sides, facing each other. Start pleasuring yourselves while letting your eyes roam over your partner's body, observing their technique and movements as they get themselves off. There's plenty to take note of, like whether they prefer short strokes, slow circular motions, penetration, more or fewer fingers, the list goes on — these are great to save for your list of future things to try when you're in charge of pleasing your partner, or even right then and there if you decide to swap and pleasure each other!

If you have a hand free, you can slowly caress other areas of your partner's body lovingly, like at their waist or in the crook of their neck. You can also hook a leg over theirs in a natural resting position to increase the connection.

Want a close-up of the steamy action? Consider flipping one person upside-down so you can both be face-to-genital. This could even lead to some hot sideways 69-ing if you just can't resist the mouthwatering sights in front of you!

Why face-to-face masturbation is great

This face-to-face masturbatory position is incredibly intimate and puts both parties on an equal footing as your bodies are both open to each other. You can gaze deeply into each other's eyes, or deepen your passion with a sensual makeout session — it's super hot when you can tell when your partner is getting close by changes in the way they kiss, whether they get more nibbly or become more liberal with their use of tongue...

Best adult toys for sexy mutual masturbation sessions

Whether you're pleasuring yourself or your partner, the Vibroman® Better Sex Kit by Screaming O® is the perfect set for versatile play! This kit comes with 3 petite but powerful vibrators in the form of a tongue ring, a finger vibe, and a cockring that can also be used on a dildo. The stretchy design suits couples of all shapes and sizes, and the toys are disposable after use for the easiest cleanup ever: none!

If you've never masturbated in front on your partner and feel weird about it, that's okay! It takes a certain level of comfort to let someone see you do something you probably learned should only be done in secrecy. If you take anything away from Masturbation May this year, let it be that you are free to love yourself and share that self-love with the people you trust. Enjoy yourselves and take pleasure in what you can together!


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