On Your Knees - Pleasure for Her

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What better way to celebrate Masturbation May than with a brand new set of sexy self-pleasure positions just for you?

On Your Knees - Pleasure for Her

The next few Sex Position of the Week posts will be focusing on positions that are great for anyone and everyone, whether you're flying solo or have a co-pilot by your side.

This week's edition of SPotW is all about pleasure for people with vaginas, and we're taking it back to how lots of folks first learn to masturbate: dry humping!

It's quite common for young vulva-owners to discover completely by accident that brushing their genitals against things feels good, especially around their clitoris. This can lead to an interest in stimulating themselves by increasing intensity and experimenting with grinding surfaces and mounting positions. Favourite objects often include pillows, stuffed toys, the edge of a bed, and the padded arm of a couch or armchair in a cowgirl-style position. This is one of the little-known ways women masturbate, with plenty thinking they're the only ones who do it like this, but don't worry — you're not alone!

How to pleasure yourself On Your Knees

To enjoy this position, pick somewhere comfy with a decent amount of give and springback to take the strain off your knees, like a bed or couch. Get into a kneeling stance with your upper body upright and your legs spread to a width that feels comfortable for you, and away you go!

Masturbating On Your Knees by hand

With one hand, start massaging your clitoris in rhythmic circular motions, or build yourself up by running your fingers up and down either side of your inner labia in a V-shape, squeezing them together ever so slightly as you come back up. Your other hand has a lot of options; you can use it to steady yourself by leaning forward or grabbing something sturdy like a headboard, or it can roam your body and stimulate other erogenous zones like the nipples or neck...

Masturbating by grinding against a pillow or stuffed toy

Let your body weight drive you as you rock your hips back and forth or round and round. For even more sensation, grab the upper ends of your chosen soft object and position it between your legs, then start rocking your hips back and forth. Pull it up towards you as you grind down for more intense stimulation and vice versa for decreased stimulation. You can also try folding the object in half or stacking multiples to make the surface more dense.

Masturbating On Your Knees with an adult toy

Your clitoris gets a lot of attention when you use your hand or a pillow, but why not get the best of both worlds with simultaneous internal and external stimulation? With a wearable vibrator like the We-Vibe® Match™, you can!

This couples vibrator cups your vagina and delivers 10 tantalising vibration patterns straight to your clitoris and G-spot for incredible blended orgasms! It also comes with a handy remote control so you can switch your settings easily without interrupting the fun.

Using a wearable couples vibrator on your knees is also a great way to practice getting off when you're on top of a partner, or even to make performing oral sex on someone else more exciting for you. Your imagination is the only limit, and if you weren't already on them, this position would be sure to bring you to your knees with pleasure!


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