On All Fours - Pleasure for Him

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While there's nothing wrong with a routine, there's also nothing wrong with wanting to spice up your solo sessions.

Sex position - On All Fours - Pleasure for Him

Many people with penises learn to masturbate under the pressure of family members walking in on their private time, which often develops into rushed self-pleasure habits that don't give you enough time to truly relax, enjoy, and appreciate the experience. This can include never straying from your go-to moves, but why deny yourself the eroticism of experimentation?

If you're bored of always getting yourself off standing in the shower or in your desk chair while surfing the internet for porn, get ready to try something new!

How to masturbate On All Fours

To enjoy this position, pick somewhere comfy but supportive to take the strain off your joints, like your bed or the couch. Start in a kneeling stance and bend forward with your hands supporting you, spread out to a width that feels comfortable for you. Then get ready for the show...

Masturbating On All Fours by hand

Keeping one arm in place, use the other hand to stroke yourself, or you can even thrust in and out of your fist to imitate your body's movements during sex. For an extra smooth glide, don't forget to pick up some lube! For a super sensuous solo sesh, you can't go past the Wicked Creme - Stroking & Massage Cream thanks to the way it melts luxuriously into your skin, moisturising you as your body heat warms it. The oil-based formula is suitable for users with sensitive skin and vegans so absolutely everyone can enjoy it!

Masturbating On All Fours with a toy

After more stimulation than your hand can offer but not in the mood for overly complicated or bulky toys? No problem. There are plenty of male masturbators on the market that are compact, discreet, and easy to use, like the Satisfyer Men - One Masturbator!

This is your standard stroker with some intuitive extras, all wrapped up in a sleek and sporty design that would look right at home in a gym bag. The interior sleeve is made from super soft Cyberskin, lined with a nubby texture for even more stimulation. An innovative air cushion regulates the internal pressure for a variety of suction effects, and the unique squeezable side pump lets you add or release air during use so you can tailor the tightness to your liking. Pair it with a bit of water-based lubricant for an unbeatable glide!


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